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Apr 16, 2015
Nov 10, 2007
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Credits to Wyverii


from Credits to Wyverii

-Marcel- was last seen:
Apr 16, 2015
    1. lolnub
      Jij bent PDA van AWF toch? Welkom terug! Ik las in de mansion thread dat je weer een Trickscarf strategie ging proberen. Trickscarf strategie├źn zijn moeilijker geworden vergeleken met gen4. In gen5 (dus ik neem aan ook in gen6) was het sowieso al dat je Pokemon niet kunt trickscarfen in supportmoves (de pokemon switcht dan gewoon). Entrainment Durant met de ability Truant is nu eigenlijk de beste cripplestrategie.
    2. Delko
      Kmoest een maandje weg, dus ik ben gestopt :/
    3. Delko
      Oh, verloren? :(
    4. Amell
      hey bro, i'm sorry but i can't wait no longer

      i know u're only 30 mins late, but my notebook's battery is running out and i'm with no charger, so I really can't do nothing

      tomorrow(friday) or saturday is good for u? i'll be on pretty much the whole day
    5. Amell
      Thursday, 9 or 10 PM, your time, is fine?
    6. Amell
      We're opps for ST8 R3, VM me with your timezone so we can schedule our match.

      i'm gmt -3
    7. Delko
      Yep, mijn tegenstander heeft deze week nog examens, dus volgende week pas.
      Succes in de volgende ronden, misschien komen we elkaar nog wel tegen ;)
    8. Delko
      Gewonnen tegen AZ, nice ;)
    9. az
      oh, and apparently we have to wait 48 hours after the round was posted (yesterday) to allow for predictions before battling anyway, so that kinda works out

      anyway, will be in touch!
    10. az
      sounds great!

      i'll try not to keep you waiting :)
    11. az
      hi, thanks for your vm!

      i'm in gmt, and i keep some pretty crazy hours

      i can certainly do those though

      i'd prefer something toward the later end of the time window if that's np, and i can do pretty much any date you'd like, starting immediately, with the exception of the fifteenth

      your call!
    12. SuperChillarmy
      Oh good, your on, sure, I'll PM you in a minute or so.
    13. SuperChillarmy
      No, I had to go... I told you I can't get online for more than an hour straight
    14. SuperChillarmy
      I'm on PO as Zippy. Message me there.
    15. SuperChillarmy
    16. SuperChillarmy
      I generally can't get on for more than an hour straight, but tomorrow afternoon/evening is open for me provided something doesn't pop up.
    17. SuperChillarmy
      Alright. Yeesh, somehow I keep on missing you :P
    18. tennisace
      sure i'll be on the cap server if you wanna battle
    19. Optimusje
      "wut wie ben jij" :P
    20. Optimusje
      Erg late reactie, maar graag zou ik dezelfde vraag willen stellen :P
    21. Chii
      eeeh what is Smt? lol
    22. Chii
      exams aah, when exactly? And what kind of graduation?
    23. Chii
      that sounds great, it's pretty snowy in Germany too ^_^
    24. Chii
      hey my old friend from official :D
    25. ZandgaiaX
      ^.^ Speel jij veel op Shoddybattle.
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    "You cannot discover new oceans until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."


    Credits to Wyverii
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