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Aug 20, 2014 at 4:44 PM
Jul 15, 2009
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Maxim was last seen:
Viewing forum ASB, Aug 20, 2014 at 4:44 PM
    1. Speed-X
      Heya, just wanted to inform you that the battle with IAR is ready to be started, just make sure you send me your Pokemon. I wasnt sure if you saw yourself tagged in my post or not. :>
    2. Arcanite
      You're up in our battle. :-)
    3. AWailOfATail
    4. Arcanite
      Oh Crap. XD
    5. deadfox081
      Since you're back now I was wondering if you were still reffing my Gym match vs Rediamond?
      1. Maxim
        Yes I am. I don't know if I'll have enough time today, but I will ref it tomorrow at the latest. :)
        Jul 19, 2014
      2. deadfox081
        Aggron's Stealth Rock should have failed without energy use since it was the first time it failed due to Taunt
        Jul 20, 2014
      3. Maxim
        Ah, I was wondering about that. Fixed.
        Jul 20, 2014
    6. Tortferngatr
    7. Tortferngatr
      EDIT: I've decided to call DQ--if you're going to be gone from the 4th to the 12th on an already high-length battle, with almost 120 hours since your last orders in a 48 hour DQ match, I'm going to use the battle slot on something more productive.

      If you have ADHD (like me) or medical issues inducing conditions like it I pity you, otherwise I am not particularly sorry about this.
    8. Tortferngatr
      You're up in our battle.
    9. namemaker
      made a mistake sorry
    10. namemaker
    11. Mowtom
      There was some stuff that I left up to you to decide in our battle. Look back at my challenge post please.
    12. deadfox081
      Just curious as to whether Rediamond has sent to you for our gym match?
    13. Psyco_Josho
      Maxim, you have a little more than seven hours to post on your Tournament match against waterwarrior.

      Not trying to breath down your neck, but I'm making sure that you know.
    14. Dogfish44
      Just a friendly reminder that Kanga currently isn't Mega Evolved in your TLR.
    15. Dogfish44
      So Zarator hates Azumarill. Catch me on IRC?
    16. Dogfish44
      Orders seem fine, though you could do with subs for untargettable Rev =\
    17. Dogfish44
      Hehe, our raid is going well. Since apparently it's both Trick Room and Anti Gravity that push Hammer Drop back, we might end up not running into it xD

      Anyway, I think we should continue the mass attacking... but perhaps with slightly more accurate moves =U
    18. ginganinja
      cmon man, we need you for a FBW combat
    19. Elevator Music
      Elevator Music
      just a note, when I took Drapion I took its Sticky Barb. You get the Flame Orb that my Machamp would have had, so I edited that into your team's OP.
    20. ZhengTann
      1. Maxim
        Each side gets one setting. Thus, there are always two in effect at any one time.
        May 1, 2014
    21. Dogfish44
      Disadvantages of our team setup: Not much to do vs our friendly Beldum.

      Still, I think we can pop 1 per round without hassle. Whipped up a test order set:

      [b]Hydreigon:[/b] Fire Fang (Beldum 1) ~ Dark Pulse (Beldum 1)
      [b]Cyclohm:[/b] Thunderbolt (Beldum 2) ~ Shock Wave (Beldum 2)
      [b]Scrafty:[/b] Power-Up Punch (Beldum 1) ~ Brick Break (Beldum 1)
      [b]Pangoro:[/b] Power-Up Punch (Beldum 1) ~ Crunch (Beldum 1)
      1. Dogfish44
        [b]Lucario:[/b] Aura Sphere (Beldum 1) ~ Blaze Kick (Beldum 1)
        [b]Gallade:[/b] Reflect [GLYPH] ~ Fire Punch (Beldum 1)
        [b]Blissey:[/b] Flamethrower (Beldum 1) ~ Shadow Ball (26)
        [b]Dusknoir:[/b] Faint Attack (Beldum 1) ~ Shadow Punch (Beldum 2) OR Shadow Sneak (Beldum 1)
        Apr 28, 2014
      2. Dogfish44
        This KOs Beldum 1 and Dents number 2, whilst getting the only needed screen up atm. Shadow Punch from Dusknoir to B2 means that Blissey tanks 2 hits - shouldn't be a problem with the "small" HP and screens.

        Apr 28, 2014
    22. Dogfish44
      I now have a Pangoro and a Scrafty able to fight in CPHM. If your team's ready, post the sign-up in the thread =)
    23. ginganinja
      ur turn in FBW
    24. Elevator Music
      Elevator Music
      hey, could you ref my tlr when you get the chance?
    25. Aura Guardian
      Aura Guardian
      Your turn in FBW.
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