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Mar 28, 2014
Sep 25, 2010
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Mar 28, 2014
    1. Matrulez25
      ssraditz94 told meh to invite ya
    2. Ashley11
      Hello Mr. Mister, Team Rocket Corporation is conducting an Activity Sweep which it will get rid of inactive members.TRC has a large community and many threads and projects you can be involved in. If you wish to continue being a member of Team Rocket Corporation please post at the Trc continuity thread.
    3. Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Umm I gave it to PS due to my absence
    4. Professor Science
      Professor Science
      I'm glad to see we're on the same page. Welcome back to Team Magma!
    5. Professor Science
      Professor Science
      I know you're concerned about my new ownership of Team Magma. In truth, I did not ask to be the new leader. However, Maxie has gone very inactive due to internet problems and other irl issues. So, he requested that I take over until he is ready to lead Team Magma once again. As soon as he returns, I will be more than happy to transfer the group back over. But until he does, I see it as my responsibility to keep Team Magma running smoothly. Over the past few months, Team Magma has gone very inactive. I am trying my best to restore it to the way it was. If you do not like what I have been doing, then let's talk about that. I'll try to address all issues that come up. I hope you understand.
    6. BattleStar
      where did i say that again?
    7. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      Hey look! I found you!
    8. Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Ok, found the notes about it.
      I had a few ideas:
      Idea 1:
      I was thinking of games, like Kill The Magikarp and Truth Or Dare and whatnot.(Both games of Magma, even through the Magikarp was originally the Kill The Feebas Game in Team Neutral)
      Idea 2:
      I was thinking of an RPG or something about Team Nova, dont have much details about it through.
      Idea 3:
      Recruit some new active members. Pretty simple right?
      Idea 4:
      Have some realibe people to run in your absence.(So not me :P, I will be an advisor to such people)
    9. Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Team Magma Boss Maxie
      I forgot >_<
    10. TheChortler
      Attention Uber Agency Member!

      We are currently trying the revive the group and have heaps of fun games going on atm. We also have an Uber CCAT in the early stages which would use some contributation. You don’t need to know about ubers to participate, just giving some feedback and voting is what we need.

      Also, we are trying to get our intel network up and running so if you want to get an assignment and help us and earn merits at the same time that’d be great.

      Finally, if you have a great idea for a game or chat room then feel free to post it! I’m letting everyone post discussions over the next week so hopefully we can get some good games and chat rooms going.

      I hope to see you in the UA soon.

      ~Lugia Lt. TheChortler
    11. Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Ok I have an idea.
      But I need your permission first
    12. PokemonLeagueChamp
      The link says it's invalid. Good one.
    13. Team Magma Boss Maxie
      Team Magma Boss Maxie
      I will try something now then.
    14. Team Magma Boss Maxie
    15. BattleStar
      The court fell. TRC very active.
    16. jumpluff
      Ummm... honestly, no, I don't know anything about irrlicht, or know of anyone who does, sorry. Your best bet is finding a relevant forum and posting a thread there. ^^;
    17. Pippy
      Something tells me BS is going to try GFM and Silent for flaming, so that can be taken care of. As for you being a judge, sorry, but we already have our 3 judges. However, you would make a great attorney.
    18. Pippy
      They can't bring it up again unless he does it again. (no double-jeopardy) As for his opinions, I agree with you: everyone is entitled to his own opinion. The problem was how he stated it. If I thought you were an idiot (which I don't btw), does that make it ok for me to insult you and call you one?
    19. BattleStar
      I see. Also we should work on reviving nova soon. The nice thing is the punishment won't affect me. Also there is this nice guy/jerk at school but I will tell you more on Wednesday
    20. Pippy
      He was in it. (I let him back in) He also had his attorney to speak for him, and I made this very clear to him.

      Also, the case has unfortunately been closed. BS has been found guilty and we are now deciding his punishment.
    21. BattleStar
      Oh hi there! To much homework I heard?
    22. Pippy
      Because, if everyone talked about what they wanted in a court session then nothing would get done because of all the interruptions (we had that problem in BS's trial) Usually These topics are about the court itself and not the trial, and that's what the court discussion room is for.

      Does that help?
    23. Pippy
      Sorry Mr. Mister, but I must deny it. You're idea however was a good one, but it goes against the procedures of the court.
    24. BattleStar
    25. Game Fusion Master
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