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Jan 2, 2017
May 30, 2009
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NSW, Australia


from NSW, Australia

MrIndigo was last seen:
Jan 2, 2017
    1. Renosaur
      My fc is 4356 0645 6380
      let me figure out how to send nemisis
      1. MrIndigo
        It's in the rebuilding Norende menu. You select a Nemesis, and then select "Send" (and, if it's Mammon, Protect it).
        Jan 18, 2014
    2. jumpluff
      Good post explaining the power dynamics issues with incest. This is an issue I feel a lot of people trivialise when explaining the taboo.
    3. DM
      Yikes, none of those! Haha, I do estate planning with a focus on Medicaid and probate asset protection, and we also probate estates. The other half of our practice is residential real estate transactions, representing both buyers and sellers. I am doing exactly what I want!
    4. Eraddd
      cookie is still around, doesn't post as much anymore.

      Swag got forcefully demodded and doesn't post anymore though he goes on irc I think

      Brain never really posted a lot and now I think he's stopped. He's on irc also though.
    5. Eraddd
      Influx of new/terrible posters and a few people left and/or stopped posting frequently.
    6. Eraddd
      Hm. You're back. Your presence has been missed.

      Mainly because the forum is terrible now.
    7. kittenmay
      Haha aww well its cute I like it
    8. kittenmay
      Thanks! :)
      I love it too hey
      I can't tell what yours is though...
    9. TEA_DEMON
      MYSTERY SOLVED finally lol.
    10. TEA_DEMON
      are you the same mrindigo that's on the wizards forum? it's been bugging me for a long time. >_>
    11. Lanturn314
      That's ok. I only knew that because I used to have an unhealthy obsession with tube worms in 1st grade lol.

      And yayyyy, congrats! What kind of law do you think you're gonna practice when you actually become a lawyer?
    12. Lanturn314
      Actually, tube worms don't have any digestive organs of their own; they are in a symbiotic relationship with chemosynthetic bacteria, which oxidize hydrogen sulfide gas released by the hydrothermal vent for them. They use the bacteria to obtain all the nutrients they need for growth indirectly. /nerd rant

      As for grad school, I'll probably apply next year. I'm gonna take a gap year after college, because I'd like to experience the world as a normal person in my 20s before going on to medical school. WBU?
    13. Lanturn314
      RE: "It must be hard for this creature to find it's food, when it has no mouth or digestive tube!"

    14. His Eminence Lord Poppington II
      His Eminence Lord Poppington II
      i actually speak fluent english. i'm going to university of sydney to study a bachelor of economics
    15. Kojax
      I think you made a very thoughtful post in the global warming thread. It's a shame nobody continued with any of the points you brought up.
    16. Lanturn314
      actually, thermodynamics is part of what we're tested on on the MCAT. We have a physical sciences section, a biological sciences section, a verbal reasoning section, and a writing section. And I had to learn that mnemonic!
    17. Lanturn314
      Yup. I'm taking a year off before med school to get some sort of job so i can save up money to go. Admissions to medical schools depend on a number of things, including GPA, MCAT scores (the MCAT is a huge standardized test), extracurriculars, research, volunteer work, and interview. The application process is a bitch
    18. Lanturn314
      Well, even if you don't get a great job right out of school, there's no reason to give up hope. You can always keep applying for better things until you get the position you want!

      As for Morm's paleo stuff, he just discovered a new species of fish, and I was there with him when he discovered it! They're looking into it more now, and it looks like it could even belong to a new genus. It's one of the fleshy-finned fishes from a very important time in their evolution, so it's probably a progenitor of the tetrapods. The closest thing to it that has ever been found was in Nova Scotia, so this could be huge if they find more fossils like it!
      I'm pretty boring. I'm just about to start my senior year of college, and I'm going down to Virginia right now on vacation, and... yeah, I'll be doing the frantic job searching thing soon enough, but right now I'm just chilling.
    19. Lanturn314
      I'm sure you'll find something! I know lots of people who have had to fill out tons of apps to tons of places before they actually got jobs, but they all ended up fine. In any case, good luck, and let me know when you achieve success! :)

      As for me and Mormoopid, it's great! I just got back from visiting him in Canada, and I had an amazing time. We went hiking, collected fossils, and even climbed a mountain! Idk when I'll see him next irl, but it'll probably be sometime this winter.
    20. Lanturn314
      Thanks ^_^

      It's Doctor Cat, a cat who is also a doctor! I love that comic :toast:

      PS. How's life?
    21. His Eminence Lord Poppington II
      His Eminence Lord Poppington II
      thanks for the advice, i'll let you know what and where i apply for after i finish said process. who knows, i might see you there.
    22. McGrrr
      Why am I not top?
    23. Xav
      That's Andrew Hansen, you're thinking of Chris Taylor.
    24. Lanturn314
      So for my intro to fiction and poetry class, i was required to go to a poetry reading tonight. I actually ended up really enjoying it! The poet's name was Rosanna Warren, and I have no idea how well-known she is, but she did readings from her latest book Ghost in the Red Hat. Her poems are mainly free-verse and lyrical, so idk if it's something that someone mostly interested in Gothic poetry, but I just thought I'd throw that out there :)
    25. Lanturn314
      Wow, things are different in Australia. In the states, if you want to get a law degree, that's more schooling AFTER uni lol.
      I've always found quantum mechanics to be incredibly confusing. How anyone is able to understand that area eludes me lol. So could you maybe try to briefly describe what quantum computing even is? I'm kind of hopeless in that area lol

      Vision is fun to study. What I know about it comes from a few introductory neuro classes, though I'm taking a class next year specifically on the visual system :)
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