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You'll always be a part of me, from And I'm part of you indefinitely

is a Forum Moderator Alumnus
Ninahaza was last seen:
Nov 6, 2015
    1. alamaster
      NINA!!!!!!!!!! what's up bud?!?
    2. v
    3. Cola
      Stan for GODRIAH!
    4. froggy25
      Hey there, how are you ? :)
    5. SOMALIA
      Hows your gym progress going man, I'm curious as its been ages now?
    6. billymills
      I merged your posts because Kingpoleon's question was really silly. Feel free to edit your post as you see fit. (Thanks for keeping the thread on track.)
      1. Ninahaza
        Jul 1, 2014
      2. Kingpoleon
        Jul 1, 2014
    7. Kingpoleon
      My earlier question stands
      1. Kingpoleon
        P. S.: You should probs PM me
        Jul 1, 2014
      2. Ninahaza
        will respond, and via PM. Sleep first though, haha. its in the am's, man...
        Jul 1, 2014
    8. v
      negrohaza, evolved form of niggahaza
      1. Ninahaza
        You do realize that i still have one more incoming evolution and like 5 mega evolution stages after that, right? I hope your creativity is higher than anyone knows because you've set yourself quite the limitation lol
        May 9, 2014
    9. Oglemi
      1. Ninahaza
        I logged back on just for you, ogles
        May 9, 2014
      2. Oglemi
        :O :D
        May 9, 2014
    10. Oglemi
      lmao ninahaza your post was gr8 don't let the haters get you down
    11. HSA
      Hey I saw your awesome transformation in the lifting thread, any advice for me? I'm 5'8 220 and I've lost a lot of self confidence. I saw you shed off the weight and I was wondering what my best rout was?

      PS your fucking ripped
    12. Yeti
      Haha sorry to get you hooked, there's just something about it where you can't stop hitting play.. ever. Glad you like it though it's a fun song.
    13. VKCA
      Sorry didn't see this post and the thread has sorta moved past that soooo.
      Anyways, I just wanted clarify, my post was directed almost entirely at your 'well, it really fucks you up psychologically' (when talking about not having relationship experience). Which is a laughable assertion. I was just making fun with my murderrapist comment. Tldr you seemed to take my post much more seriously than I intended it to be. I shouldn't have quoted your entire post, just the line
      My apologies.
    14. junior
      i dont know sigh :(
    15. v
      "I do the first thing any self respecting ninja from the hidden leaf village would do, go for Kakashi's balls"
    16. Fishy
      yo jesus why do you take so much shit
      just turn everyone's blood into wine so we can all party
    17. cookie
      ok...i have the biggest crush on you >_<
    18. shade
      so wise jesus
    19. MikeDecIsHere
      Haha I figured
    20. MikeDecIsHere
      The site takes Pokemon way too seriously for my taste. Seeing all the posts in the OST finals thread made me realize that I just didn't want to be a moderator here anymore. Plus I've been so focused on things in real life that I don't really care anymore about Youtube or the Cast, so might as well let someone more motivated take charge.
    21. CaptKirby
      I am that I am
    22. Nosferalto
      yeah i'm not mad, just disappointed. a forum mods have to be witty/funny or intelligent, which you aren't but your qualities were supposedly that you were friendly and social. fair enough but you completely went against that when you acted like an absolute dickhead in the fitness thread.
    23. Nosferalto
      why would i be mad. i'm just genuinely expressing my opinion

      my opinion is also justified considering your inability to embed a picture (strong picture)
    24. CaptKirby
      I really am not even trolling!! Are you sure you were not called a sexual deviant for hitting on a white girl? I mean I do not know if you were actually DOING anything to anybody, this could be it if not.
    25. RitterCat
      While I do love a cute kitten, those puppies are oh my god so adorable :3
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