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Last Activity:
Aug 6, 2014
Oct 8, 2008
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from NJ

NjSoccer was last seen:
Aug 6, 2014
    1. Bryanakin
      you were scared? of my Fearow? lolol
    2. h81abz
    3. Mulder
      Uh... GG?

      You forfeiting after five turns was a little wack imo.
    4. WispaH
      I Watch Your Vids All The Time Im Gonna Sub Now :D
    5. Saikyou
      gives you pleasure on a wifi battle?
    6. LucarioLegend
      Always supportin u sir.. I have even had a pokey nicknamed nojnp on PO ever since i retired :)

      I suppose i could make a team or 2 and see how much i suck now xD
      Do u mind making a few pokeys for me?
    7. LucarioLegend
      I have hknestly been thinking about getting back into it but i have 1 huge problem. When i quit it a year ago i restarted my white version on purpose with all my pokeys to stop me battling.... It shouldnt take me too long to get pokeys from gen 4 and below as i still have my plat but gen 5 is a pain :/

      Glad u enjoy doing the vids, i think ive watched everyone uve done since u started :3
    8. LucarioLegend
      Dont know if u will ever see this but how on earth are you doing dude?

      Thought i would pop on here just to see if i could find a few people i know :)

      Its nice to see your still battling stong too, watching ur battles almost make me want to play again..especially as i have the time now
    9. MikeDecIsHere
      nub, post you live in the metro area in your WCOP signup post <3
    10. yOblo
      If you did not want to battle you could have just said so!! Thanks for wasting my time!!
    12. Mr_br_kill
      I think it's 50% but not sure. (70-20 (sand veil) =50)
    13. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      sure, could you link my channel if you do? yeah I run scarf kojondo with High jump kick, u-turn, stone edge, and hp for gliscor switch ins
    14. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      gg I made a bad play in going for hp ice should have u-turned. I went for power whip predicting taunt or reuniclus switch
    15. Freddi Guntair
      Freddi Guntair
      Sorry I just found someone, but I will battle you afterwards if you are willing to wait
    16. LeftiesWillRule
      Nintendo Worlds is down, so I was hoping you'd be online here.

      My FC is 0561 6097 4110.

      I'll battle you after I'm done with aoki.
    17. RevinTrevin
      Back out and come back in
    18. BetterEdThanSmeg
      GG :) Completely forgot about Gliscor which i couldnt touch so thats why i dragged it out with Alomomola. If i knew i woulda ran XD
    19. Lord zero
      Lord zero
      I'm already ready to stay in the waiting room
    20. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      yeah, me too. I know kwando and shofu (not personally) and that, especially shofu, is impresive. I beileve it though. I defeinatley want a rematch sometime :)
    21. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      Imo crit didn't matter. believe what you want as I don't record all my games to prove it, but it wasn't a crit that knocked me out. I can't PROVE it but I didn't
    22. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      damn it DCd. I swear I didn't. I went for t-bolt hoping for a crit or a para. I think you would have won anyways. you are probably one of the best players I've faced that wasn't a highly known youtuber.
    23. Raging Delibird
      Raging Delibird
      sorry, I ended up being busy
    24. Chicou_s
      omfg.. i thought i had it won.. fucked up somewhere nice use of that ability tho
    25. Chicou_s
      it didnt even show spore on my screen just stayed at communicating..

      il meet you back online
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    Diamond (Trading): 4768.5088.7120
    Soul Silver (Battling): 2622.8795.0267
    Black (Battling): 1076 6763 1969

    Youtube Channel (NoJNP)


    DP Friend Code:
    4768 5088 7120
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    4768 5088 7120
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    1033 3502 7696
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    4513 6702 9253
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    4513 6702 9253
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