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Last Activity:
Aug 10, 2016
Jul 23, 2007
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from Arizona

Novazero was last seen:
Aug 10, 2016
    1. Bobbery
      What time works for you?
    2. Ominous Fyre
      Ominous Fyre
      I sorta needed these guys cloned fast, so I got some1 else to clone them. but if you can get the guys in my wants post, ill be very grateful.
    3. pokeman42
      SOrry FC is 1764-2007-1661
    4. pokeman42
      Hey,I'll be int he Wi-Fi room if you wanna go and trade.
    5. Ominous Fyre
      Ominous Fyre
      Okay I just need 3 copies of one Pokemon and one of another, all dratini's. You can keep a copy of each of course. Anyway, what I need are foreign male Pokemon with a 31 in SpA and SpD. I am paying at 1/2 credit per Pokemon that meets the criteria + 1/2 credit per egg move/moves worth noting (Magcargo w/ Heat Wave etc.) Also, paying one bonus credit for these: Dratini w/ ExtremeSpeed, Murkrow w/ some Egg Moves, Magikarp. Sorry if that sounds a bit like a advert for my trade thread!
    6. Ominous Fyre
      Ominous Fyre
      Nova, just got two questions.
      1. Would you mind cloning a few Pokemon for me?
      2. Do you have a Japanese (Non-American) copy of the game? If so, I would be willing to do some massive trading with you for very easy to get Pokemon.
    7. Probopass Sausages
      Probopass Sausages
      Thanks! Enjoy your Pokemon!

      And don't forget to post meat in my thread!
    8. Probopass Sausages
      Probopass Sausages
      I'll be right back. Just a second!
    9. Probopass Sausages
      Probopass Sausages
      All right, that's sorted. I've got your FC, so I'll be seeing you online!
    10. Probopass Sausages
      Probopass Sausages
      Sure, just give me about ten minutes to clone 'em.
    11. Nebilim
      Gonna sleep now lets leave to another day.Byebye
    12. Nebilim
      Oh DW yay.Yeah,me love doing some UU DW.Well...would be cool if you provided me with a female DW with 31IV in both attack and speed.Would make my job fastar and easier.If too much trouble just one female with one of those is good enough.Specific HP?
    13. ooh_shiny
      Well, looks like I'll have to trade another time. I'll fix my connection tomorrow.
    14. ooh_shiny
      try reconnecting to wifi.
    15. Nebilim
      Crap...i should had gone for a hidden power no?It is 31/31/31/31/31/31
    16. Nebilim
      Glad to see you happy.Later
    17. Nebilim
      Gib me the er...Kaphotic's Shiny Thundurus
    18. Nebilim
      it is done :).VM whenever you ready.Flawless shiny timid and all that.Baww 30 min,im getting rusty
    19. ooh_shiny
      Alright, I can trade for that. Just tell me when you're ready.
    20. firestorm xl
      firestorm xl
      its cool if duosion isnt shiny :) going in wifi now
    21. Nebilim
      Oh wait i have give me 20 min top.does matter if it is shiny?
    22. Nebilim
      Well..i guess i can RNG one more today.Can you supply me with one timid and at least 31 in attack?
    23. Nebilim
      Thank you~
    24. Nebilim
      You dont seem to conect...try reentering.Are you seeing me online?
    25. Nebilim
      Nova...is there something that you really want badly?Timid rotom is good enough?I can do him in like 15 minutes for you.But it will be non-redi
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    VM me to clone your pokemon.
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    Black FC: 2021 9056 4410


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    2749 7777 2019
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