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Dec 1, 2016
May 4, 2010
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    1. Ryoken
      Sup dude, just made my account here, PM me whenever you have that battle we had up
    2. Noxe
      Sure whenever you have time let me know!
    3. V4Victini
      Care for an Autumn Frendly prctice bout?
    4. ~Golden Emp
      ~Golden Emp
      Oh, thank you Noxe ^^
    5. ~Golden Emp
      ~Golden Emp
      Hey Noxe! I was lurking the GTS Videos in Heart Gold and I found you have a battle against a guy I've been searching for since I first saw a video of his nice team...

      His ingame name is Joseph, and he leads with Hitmonlee AKA Hamburger and Shiny Latios AKA Minty, backing up with Pourage the Kyogre and Pete the Giratina....

      Can you please tell me who he is and where did you battle him?? Thanks xD
    6. orbwhisper
      Hey fun as tournement sad we both got knocked out but wootness for I think he was Michael did well ^_^ MikeJ something :p Anywho Thanks for serving and Hope ta pokemon it up with ya again soon.
    7. mingot
      It was nice to meet you!
    8. imapedarsag
      oh ya, i got it. long ass story and i don't think you want to hear it
    9. imapedarsag
      wait, you know how to make youtube videos from the battle recorder? can you do it from an actual cart?
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    Autumn Friendly Rank: 21st(1933) 75W-5L

    Dear Professor Oak,
    Nerf Charmander -Bulbasaur
    P.S. Squirtle is fine
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