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Last Activity:
Mar 18, 2014
Mar 29, 2010
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from Madtowne

Oberon was last seen:
Mar 18, 2014
    1. Biosci
      Read the last post in my thread
    2. YuseiFudo
    3. rubixlx0
      yeah but you got the parahax on my scizor and almost all my attacks did min damage
    4. rubixlx0
      i forfeited because hax is apparently on your side
    5. imperfectspider
      sorry dude :\, word from higher-ups said that we already have too many people in the room. i really hope you can find something somewhere else. sorry. if not, i think there is a super 8 that goes for like 25 night 1, then 10 bucks every night after that is like 10 miles away. idk good luck though dude, sorry again
    6. JRank
      Nationals or Worlds LCQ?
    7. pokeman42
      Hey,I was wondering if you would like to have a Practice VGC battle.
    8. Google Knight
      Google Knight
      what happened?
    9. quantumtaco28
      lol this was my first match using it
    10. quantumtaco28
      sorry about that crit... my gengar likes hax
    11. RockinX
      I NEVER get to flinch people with Iron Head + paralysis... Yet everyone seems to do that to me.
    12. RockinX
      GG. I can't believe I got through all that hax XD
    13. LORY993
      I'm on :D no chat please ;)
    14. LORY993
      which code I have to add?
    15. The_Asian
      Hey dude, I saw that you're gonna be at nationals... My friend Andrew and i were the guys in line with you and your friends, we'll try to find you guys again if we can.
    16. Feathers
      I can't even remember what moves I used, I'm so tired. D;

      I haven't been feeling well at all today. Maybe we could try again tomorrow? I'll see if I can find out where the other half of my TR team went and we can have a fresh match.
    17. Feathers
      wow, that was an awful connection. D:
    18. DJ Forte
      DJ Forte
      I saw that you have bred a Brave Metagross. Anyway you would trade that?
    19. Feathers
      Sure, let me grab my DS. I'll PM you my FC in a sec. :)
    20. ryuuzaki52
      Cool, thanks ^^;
    21. ryuuzaki52
      I hate to sound rude, but is the Metagross in your signature up for trade? :Q___
    22. Cyan-
      Thanks for the reply, Darkwatch! I was wondering if you or anyone you know has a Ditto from one of those giveaways? I just need to breed my team, as I recently found about IV's.....thanks for the help!
    23. andrea
      Well, I'll definitely be at Indy. Dubulous and I are roadtripping together ^_^ To be honest, Im so much more excited about meeting Smogonites than I am about competing, but... well... I suppose a DS would be a fun thing to win! =D
    24. andrea
      And here I was expecting to find another Smogon member that lived in the area.... XD That's soooo awesome that you'll be able to go to Newark! My family is going on vacation the day after Newark, so my sister and I will probably leave a day early to go there as well as the LCQ at Indy. ^_^
    25. andrea
      So, I saw in the Newark VGC thread that you're going there, but Indy is closer. If you don't mind me asking, what area of the country are you from? (The same pretty much goes for me- I'm near Pittsburgh.)
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    formerly darkwatch

    fc for all battles: 4727 7277 6943

    All he's got is a hammer and the clothes on his back.​


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    Strongly defiant
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    2493 4807 0745
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    1720 5358 6010
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