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Last Activity:
Feb 3, 2017
Aug 30, 2011
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from Spain

Ordile was last seen:
Feb 3, 2017
    1. lucariojr
      Hey, we're paired for the smogonvgc tournament. When can you battle? My timezone is GMT-6
    2. Aquarium1
      Hi! We're paired for round 3 of the Official Smogon VGC Tournament. When would are you available to battle. My timezone is GMT-4
      1. Aquarium1
        There's not much time left. When are you available to battle?
        Feb 1, 2017
    3. Cosmogmogburger
      hello! We are paired for VGC tourney. You available right now to play? If not, what is a good time?
    4. Finchinator
      when fite hpl gmt-4
    5. Cicada
      We have to do our CAP4 battle, vm me when you're here
    6. Birkal
      Hey please try to get your battle for the CAP tourney done within the next day or two. Otherwise the activity win is going to Cicada. Thanks!
    7. Aldaron
      i'm on showdown
    8. Cicada
      Hey dude, we're paired for cap tourney. Let's fix a schedule to get our battle done properly. I'm gmt+1
    9. Aldaron
      I've repeatedly told I can't play during that time; I work full time. 17:00 GMT is _not_ good for me. I work from 8 AM - 6 PM EST (which is 13:00 - 23:00 GMT). Tomorrow I can _maybe_ do 20:00 GMT on.

      Hopefully I can see you on then.
    10. Aldaron
      18:00 what? 18:00 EST? 18:00 GMT?

      Also no, I'll be playing on Showdown.
    11. Aldaron
      Again, I can play anytime this week between 11:00 PM and 4:00 AM EST, which is 4:00 AM - 9:00 AM GMT. If you are GMT + 1, that is 5:00 AM - 10 AM for you.
    12. Aldaron
      I can play from now to the rest of the day.
    13. Aldaron
      Let's play sometime in the next 6 hours. Get back at me.
    14. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      Just letting you know that your BW2 CAP4 Tournament opponent, Seco453 has given you the win, since I see no VMs between the two of you.
    15. FireMage
      Ok, Ordile I'm going to propose we play tomorow at 4pm (GMT) - I respond to IRC more than I do on here (all the standard channels) I'll be available up until 8pm (GMT) before I'll get distracted so catch me on there beforehand. I'll also be able to play on the 5th (I'll ask Django for an extension if needed) but that'll be mid-morning-early afternoon. (I've got other things to do) We'll be talking around 10am-2pm. Again, I'll be on IRC for the duration of this time, come find and ask me and we'll get it done
    16. Aldaron
      We can't start until the current OU suspect round as per the thread.

      Can you please clarify which time range, in GMT, you're available during Monday - Friday.
    17. FireMage
      Hey, Ordile. Sorry about not getting bacvk to you earlier. I should next be able to play on thursday. We're convientally placed witihn similar timezones (I'm GMT) So if you can get back to me with a time that'd suit you that would be awesome.
    18. Aldaron
      So what times can you play specifically, GMT?
    19. Aldaron
      Hi, we're matched for OST 9. I can't battle this weekend but I can do Monday - Friday between 11 PM - 2 AM EST.

      Get back to me to specify a more specific time.
    20. FireMage
      Don't think I'll be able to play the other two today. I'm not likely to have access to my other comp.
    21. FireMage
      Yeah, on as FireMage
    22. FireMage
      I can do BW now, this computer doesn't have access to PO - I reckon I'll be able to get the other two done in about an hours time.
    23. FireMage
      Ok, didn't see you yesterday best way to contact me is through IRC. I'm on everyday in a variety of chans. If I don't respond there I'm either away or in the middle of doing something with someone. Just hit me up with a message on there.
    24. FireMage
      I'll be sat on Grotto~
    25. FireMage
      I think I can get my BW2 NU match done, but we'll have to play ADV NU/DPP NU at a later date (No access to PO on this computer)
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