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Sep 20, 2014 at 12:30 PM
Jul 22, 2010
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pink wingull, Female

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Viewing thread CAP 19 - Part 8 - Art Poll 3, Sep 20, 2014 at 12:30 PM
    1. Ununhexium
    2. justinjiaxinghu
      Just saying, lovely avatar!
      1. paintseagull
        Thank you!
        Aug 16, 2014
    3. Integer Mova
      Integer Mova
      Does a submission in the Collaboration Thread at Smeargle necessarily have to be related to Pokemon? I just wanted to be cautious before posting.
      1. paintseagull
        Nope! Whatever you want! As you can see the thread is quite old, so anything to get it going again would be cool!
        Aug 7, 2014
      2. Integer Mova
        Integer Mova
        Well, I'm glad to find that out! I may post something regarding original work sometime.
        Aug 7, 2014
    4. wh0sy0urpapa
      I thought I deleted my first submission...
      1. View previous comments...
      2. paintseagull
        The point is that if everyone was allowed to delete their concepts when they realised they weren't popular or feasible and post new ones instead, the concepts thread would be impossible to follow. You should think your concept through thoroughly before posting it.
        Jul 18, 2014
      3. wh0sy0urpapa
        Ah. Did not see that section. Makes sense now; won't try to appeal this.
        Jul 18, 2014
      4. paintseagull
        Okay, thanks for understanding!
        Jul 18, 2014
    5. Kingriolu
      Hello, thank you for notifying me, however, I read it after the poll started ;-;. How should I link the picture next time?
      1. paintseagull
        Use [IMG] tags and use the Direct Link address on imgur. Make sure your image is no bigger than 640x640 pixels.
        Jun 28, 2014
      2. Kingriolu
        thank you paintseagull :) I will pay attention to details better next time
        Jun 28, 2014
      3. Kingriolu
        thank you paintseagull :) I will pay attention to details better next time
        Jun 28, 2014
    6. Hoping4megasceptile
      While I agree that I forgot the comma, the first part couldn't fit on one line, and I followed the 13 character limit
    7. pushpaa
      Hi there! I'm extremely new to Smogon, and so, I don't know how much stuff really works. So I've posted 3 WIPs for Volkraken's Pokédex entries, I can do no more now, even if I delete one of the old ones, correct?
      1. paintseagull
        That's correct! Welcome and thanks for contributing :) If you have more questions feel free to start a private message with me and just post em all there
        Jun 3, 2014
    8. Eol

      I was just about to post my final submission for CAP!

      The file is ready, pretty sure it's legal, too!

      Is is it really too late ? i worked very hard on it :(

      EDIT: woh i just saw the voting thread.... i guess it IS too late hahaha...

    9. Billy the Alrune
      Billy the Alrune
      Can you help me with the CAP section's art submission? I want to know when the deadline is and when I'm allowed to post my first WIP for my idea, since I already posted once asking for questions, then I posted again thinking I forgot to post the first time only to find out it was deleted so I ended up deleting that post.
      1. paintseagull
        Read the OP in full and the stickied threads at the top of the CAP forum - I'll send you a PM tomorrow with more info :) Bottom line is that you can post again 24 hours after your original post that was deleted and that you have lots of time before submissions end.
        Apr 9, 2014
    10. HollowRidley
      Quick question. In the OP of the art submission thread, it says you can post once every 24 hours. Is it alright if I delete my original submission in that case? I'd wait to post a new one of course.
    11. devilry
      Shoot, I was typing my idea when the CAP thread was still open, and you closed it before I was done :(:( Can you please allow me to post it? Or can I PM it to you, and you post it on my behalf?
    12. sandshrewz
      I'm glad someone noticed Flareon was jumping into snowman xDDD!!!
    13. Hollymon
      Hey could you tell me when the art polls will open because I am wondering if I will be back from my holiday in time?
      1. paintseagull
        The art poll will go up a couple days after the Secondary Ability Poll is finished. Last CAP, the art sub thread was open for 25 days. This can vary but it's probably a decent estimate.
        Aug 16, 2013
      2. Hollymon
        Okay thank you for this. I won't make my final submission just yet then :)
        Aug 16, 2013
    14. Porii Sames
      Porii Sames
      So I had a question. If I want to submit a CAP set (or rewrite an analysis) would that go in the CAP section or would it go in the "Other Metagames" section? Thanks.
    15. fryfrey
    16. Level 51
      Level 51
      Congratulations on mods!
      yeah you don't know me that's right I forgot
    17. RitterCat
      Congrats paint! <3 n_n
    18. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      May or may not remember me from #capasb, but I would like to say congrats on your new promotion. Hope the next CAP makes asb proud ^_^
    19. Jukain
      your bold looks cool :)
    20. Lady Salamence
    21. Silvershadow234
    22. cbt
    23. Eol
      Hey man your CAP was like

      some serious hit

      probably the best shit out there

      I don't understand
    24. inanimate blob
      inanimate blob
      I think the head's a bit too big on your art for CAP5, but besides that I like it a lot. :)
    25. LightWolf
      Thank you for the great Leonardo da Vinchi dragon!
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