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Dec 26, 2014 at 10:50 PM
Mar 9, 2008
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Engaged in conversation, Dec 26, 2014 at 10:50 PM
    1. McMeghan
      sup dude! im interested in your friend parc so i added you to my friend code list
      if you dont mind adding me, here are my info: 2337-3959-5068; IGN: Meghan; Pkmns: Onix Boldore Rhydon
    2. Gothic Togekiss
      Gothic Togekiss
      I noticed you have a Petilil in your friend safari. I kinda need one so if you could add me that would be great.

      GT (IGN:Rinnenth) 4983 6227 3898
      1. PhoenixClaw
        Alright I've added you. My FC and IGN are in my sig
        Nov 29, 2013
    3. jle1076
      Im not used to the new smogon x.x would you be willing to tradea female harvest for some decent 4-5 IV parents? I have froakies with protean and a shiny 2 IVd ditto xD
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    3DS FC: 0533 4799 0816 IGN: Roby (both X and AS) Trainer ID: 01599 (X)/17330(AS)
    NOTE: I also broker for my friend's pokemon.
    His IGN: Lévy (X)/Katrene(AS) Trainer ID: 12021(X)/30795(AS)
    I use powersaves to clone, get items and get BP.
    cloning jobs done: 1


    My Characteristic:
    Often dozes off
    BW2 Friend Code:
    1679 2485 9877
    3DS Friend Code:
    0533 4799 0816
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