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Last Activity:
Jul 12, 2012
Mar 8, 2010
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from Anywhere you're not

RayquazaTheKip was last seen:
Jul 12, 2012
    1. Coroa-Loba
      Yes I did. Also, I've been inactive for over a yr.
    2. Pokethan
      Hey I haven't seen you in a while. Message me back when you can and we can continue talking.
    3. RayquazaTheKip
      To whom it may concern: I do not RNG often anymore. So, if there is old stuff I wanted, I do not want it anymore. Once I get back into RNG'ing, I will make a trade thread. End of story. Good day!
    4. IceArceus12
      RayTheKip Wants:
      Flawless One of these guys and I want it Timid
      Shiny or not shiny I really dont care I just want it Reward = 10 Credits for my side

      I have this Celebi Timid with Nasty Plot but with 31/30/31/30/31/30 HP Fire 70. Will that do?
    5. Phatty
      Ok thank you
    6. Phatty
      Hi. Um is this yours? And is it fully redis?

      116.0 lbs
      OT: Shadow | ID No.: 22289
      Nature: Timid | Ability: Pressure | Type: Electric-Flying
      Location: PokéTransfer
      Hidden Power: Ice 70
      IV: 30/15/30/31/31/31
      EV: UT | Level: 50
      Moves: AncientPower | Charge | Discharge | Agility
      Notes: Fully? Redis from RayquazaTheKip
    7. Coroa-Loba

      I'm sorry for not being able to get online, but I won't be available to help.

    8. Gothic Togekiss
      Gothic Togekiss
      Came here to see if you still want the Shiny Machoke. VM me when you're able to trade.
    9. Coroa-Loba
      Yes, I've been on & off from here.

      What can I do for you?
    10. xElite
      Do you have a flashcart?
    11. AuraSphere.
      Wow, congrats! ;D
    12. Coroa-Loba
      I have a very good friend from another site I'm part of, & I can ask her to make a banner.

      I need ideas from you though.
    13. AuraSphere.
      Couldn't find the offspring in the main window?
    14. AuraSphere.
      Okay, good luck.
    15. AuraSphere.
      so you need to find the frame you hit, that you advanced by one, and subtract one.
      That's your starting frame. ;D
    16. Coroa-Loba
      Sorry, I don't know how to make banners.
    17. Coroa-Loba
      I'm on all day today.
    18. Coroa-Loba
      I got my 3DS back this morning.

      So when you're ready, we can do the trade thread.
      I'll need my Pokemon cloned 1st though.
    19. Coroa-Loba
      I'm just trying to learn how to simply RNG. Don't know which one I'd be able to do.
    20. Coroa-Loba
      My dad took it from me last Saturday. He hates computers & games, so he gets mad easily b/c I play Pokemon a lot on my 3DS. Also, he has a drinking problem to make things worse for all of us.

      I really want it back b/c I'm behind on my trades.
    21. Charboy
      hey would you be able to distribute the shiny trio from exploits giveaway? i would be very greatful my friend code is 5372 0309 8639
    22. DankDawson
      Are you still distributing the shiny trio? If so I would love to have them please
    23. Coroa-Loba
      I apologize for that.

      I do have time.

      My dad is taking his time to get me my 3DS back.

      That's why I haven't messaged you back.

      I would when I got it back.
    24. AuraSphere.
      Spreads of eggs?
      Use the Shiny Egg Finder instead of Gift Pokemon, if that's what you mean.
    25. AuraSphere.
      It lets you know the exact IVs of your offspring.
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    Name: Shadow/Shadow/Hamza
    PT Friend Code: 2364 4684 7361
    SS Friend Code: 1849 4310 0817
    BW Friend Code: 2279 6315 8852


    Anywhere you're not
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    Something you don't know O.o
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    PT Friend Code:
    2364 4684 7361
    HGSS Friend Code:
    1849 4310 0817
    BW Friend Code:
    2279 6315 8852
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