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Aug 7, 2014
May 4, 2009
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Wyncote, PA


from Wyncote, PA

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Aug 7, 2014
    1. KoA
      Exactly, take the swastika for example. It was originally used as a symbol for peace but the Nazis came and used it and it forever is associated with horrible things now, even though its origins were drastically different.
    2. KoA
      It wasn't that I thought it was a bad name, I just couldn't shake the connotations it brings up with the character Sephiroth, even though it's name only. I was actually bummed there weren't more Seraph related names brought up in the final poll.
    3. Yilx
      I mainly use Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI
    4. Dragonking700
      Also, maybe you could teach me some stuff about web design :P
    5. Dragonking700
      Dude that's awesome!!
      I'm currently working on learning html and css and stuff, so hopefully soon I will be able to do something about the site :P
      I'd love to be able to work with you or help you out sometime :)
      Stop by IRC when you can, I will be on more regularly now...
      (I thought summer would be my time to get things going with the site, but nooo...my summer was unexpectedly busy xD)
      Also, webs.com officially sucks...
    6. Dragonking700
      Hey! Long time no talk :)
      If you can, I'd love to talk on IRC about Bluefire stuff.
    7. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      I have time for a battle now if you want to battle. I have to go somewhere in about a half hour. I prefer flat GBU style battles to 6 vs 6 PO style singles.
    8. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      We ll like I said, I would be more than glad to have you in the group. I am curious, are you talking about Bald Accountant's Battle Arena, because I don't see you as a pending member invite? If I did accidentally invite you, it must have been when Smogon autocompletes the name of the person you invite.
      If you decide not to join, good to meet you and I hope we can battle wifi some time.
    9. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      Actually I dont remember inviting you but please give us a try then feel free to quit if you want.
      The original idea was to be a battle group and we have an ongoing king of the hill battle,but I also have family friendly spam. What aspects of pokemon do you like most? Wifi or PO?
      I also pokesav but if you are against that I understand
      I think this was a mistake but maybe a good one!
    10. Oglemi
    11. Oglemi
      Non-badgeholders aren't allowed images in their signature. Sorry!
    12. EspyOwner
      If you have more than one concept in the CAP thread, you won't be able to be slated. Please delete one of your concepts!
    13. TheMantyke
      I can't trade it to another 4th generation cartridge, but I can tutor or teach it whatever you'd like before transferring it to the 5th generation.
    14. Expert Evan
      Expert Evan
      I don't particularly have that one, as I know that's a DW extralink exclusive move.
    15. JRank
      I don't, sorry.
    16. RayquazaTheKip
      Long time no see!
    17. Dragonking700
      Okay, cool, I will look into that. I will also be active on the IRC channel from now on.
    18. Dragonking700
      Yes, that would be nice...so what kind of thing do you have in mind?
      There's that meebo app, but it's not incredibly sophisticated...I'm not sure if you can chat with multiple people at a time or not...
      But yeah, we could always have like a scheduled meeting on IRC or something.
    19. lucariojr
      naw, not going until spring because i have stuff planned for thanksgiving :p

      i do have a few working teams i have to pick from though
    20. mattj
      GBU means Global Battle Union (i.e. Random Wifi). Rain is the most common team because its so easy to use and there are so many good rain mons. I've seen a lot of Ttars to counter rain too.
    21. mattj
      GBU is the current metagame.
    22. Cassie
      Uh I don't think so. I'm really busy atm. Sorry.
    23. Chinchar
      Can you breed a tynamo and a trubbish a zorua and a axew to me?
    24. Cassie
      Alright. I can get them to you tomorrow if that's ok.
    25. Pokethan
      I need your modest Eelektross and Musharna plz.
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    Wyncote, PA
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    Ethan Buck
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    Often scatters things
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    2020 5900 0775
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    0303 2232 2784
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