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Apr 7, 2017
Mar 29, 2011
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Apr 7, 2017
    1. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Hey, Romeert, remember me? The guy you gave Smogon's best avatar to? :P

      I have a couple of quick requests if you are still doing spirits. I have aquired some recently that need Transparent Backgrounds (the white is bothersome).

      Also, how have you been, my old friend?
    2. AOPSUser
      That's perfect!

      If you remove the Youtube stuff and resize it. I'd also really like the buffering symbol to be animated.
    3. Matezoide
      I think that one looks prety good,thank you very much for your help,Rom.

      Also,sorry for flooding your wall,i will start to send PMs from now on.

      Dont forget,if you ever feel like refusing one of my requests,feel free to do so.
    4. AOPSUser

      I noticed that you're really good at graphical art, so can you make me an avatar?

      I want one of those "Buffering" screens with the words "Every day I'm buffering" on it. Animated if possible.

    5. Matezoide
      The one near the ear just needs a bit more tweaking and it will be perfect.
    6. Matezoide
      the spot near the ear is better now,just needs to be a bit more round.
      The other spot looks way better now that it was increased....can you make it a bit more larger? I am not sure if it would look better,but i would like to take a look.

      Thanks for your hard work and patience,Rom.
    7. Matezoide
      Hum....just make the spot right below it's right eye a bit bigger.
      I still dont think the one on the right ear looks ''right''.....i dunno,i think it doesnt looks too much like a sphere when compared to the rest.

      I feel a bit bad when i say that i dont think it is quite ''right'' though,i know you are just doing a favor >_<
    8. Matezoide
      She looks prety cute,just needs the spots on the face itself and it will be perfect.

      Edit: I also feel the spot on the left side should look roundier...currently,it looks more like a rectangle imo.

      Spot on on the lass and the spot right above it,though.
    9. Matezoide
      hey Rom.
      Is it possible for you to make a custom Spinda sprite that looks like this?


      Without the blue background :P

      It doesnt have to look the same,just something close would be nice....enlarging Spinda`s mouth and making it a bit more red-ish (like the one in that pic) isnt necessary,but would be prefered.

      Thanks in advance,no need to hurry,ok?
    10. Matezoide
      Yay! Thats perfect,thanks again,Rom.
    11. Proto Man
      Proto Man
      Hay Rome! If your done with TRC, mind if i take ownership of ARE?
    12. Matezoide
    13. Matezoide
      Ok then,thanks again for your help ^^
    14. Matezoide
      Awesome! Now all that is left is Pansage :toast:

      Damn,i am spamming your wall....would you prefer if i sent PMs?
    15. Matezoide
      No need to apologize,your skills are awesome and it was my fault that you made that mistake.
      Thanks for the great work,Romeert,i am sorry if i am abusing or something.
    16. Matezoide
      I think i didnt explain myself well XD....i always get confused with the monkeys,i meant that Simisage just needed to be green (but still with clothes),same for Pansage....my apologizes.
    17. Matezoide
      Where are da clothes? D:
    18. Matezoide
      (Also,edit the Simisage so it's color is the regular one,that would be great)
    19. Matezoide
      Just make the Pansage it's regular color and it would be perfect.

      Amazing job,dude o_O
    20. Matezoide
      Hey man,i assume you watched Johnny Bravo in the past,right?

      Do you think it would be possible to edit Pansage's sprite so he would match Johnny's looks? Maybe even add the toupette :O

      What a.....wierd request/question o_O
    21. Matezoide
      It is.....

      It is............



      Thanks,man,i love it ^^

      PS: I will ask another edit once i evolve it on the ASB :P
    22. Matezoide
      That one is prety sweet,my only problem is that i feel the chocolate could be a little less symetrical,you know? Maybe make the cherry's leaf a bit smaller too....
      Other than that,it is prety awesome,great job.
    23. Matezoide
    24. Matezoide
      Hum....i always loked Vanilite,but it looks a bit too....bland for me.
      Is it possible for you to make it a bit yellowish and add a bit of brown to it's head to look like a chocolate topping? Maybe even add a cherry or small banana (Those 2 would be mostly a bonus though,feel free to ignore that part)
      Thanks in advance,this should be the last request for a while.
    25. Matezoide
      Hum.....i like that one,i will compare a bit with the other one to decide,thanks for your help,Romeer.
      IMO,the biggest problem was Ponyta`s size,maybe it would be easier on Rapidash
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