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Jan 24, 2013
Dec 6, 2010
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Jan 24, 2013
    1. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      Hello there :) Welcome to Smogon!
      I do want people to finish .savs for me, currently there aren't any that are needing done. If it says I do (I'll have to check on that) I'll have to edit it as I don't need any .savs done right now.
      Credits, 1 per Gym Badge, and +1 for the Elite 4.
      What credits are, are basically a "point" system. For instance, I can't trade you Pokemon to finish the game like I would if it was a Pokemon for Pokemon trade. So what credits are, is a way to give the person the chance to find Pokemon they want (from the shop) and use credits for that. Each Thread has a different value system for their Pokemon and credits. I always have 1 credit = 1 Pokemon.

      Also, not to be rude or anything. I don't trust just anyone with the .savs I RNG. So it would be a good idea to get well engulfed within the community. Help out with things, make a trade thread of your own. Learn to RNG, things of that sort. :)

      Good luck, and most importantly have fun! :)
    2. Herocross
      well, I would have given you more than one pkmn lol, thought that was obvius...but obviously it wasn't. Not really interested in other pkmn atm then sorry.
    3. Herocross
      what about those two projects? shiny timid mewtu in HG and careful shiny dialga in Pt? D:
    4. TheDragon
      Yes, you should have it.
    5. TheDragon
      no, they have no nicknames, they have german names
      one question: can youu 5th gen rng?
    6. TheDragon
      I haven´t got Goldeen in my Pokedex.
    7. TheDragon
      next is sentret Level 3 Male OT: Ace, my trainer name is SHADOW
    8. TheDragon
      ok, country is austria
    9. TheDragon
      You should have Axew now.
    10. TheDragon
      I found yours.
    11. TheDragon
      Pidgey Level 2 Female OT: Ace, my trainer name is SHADOW, I haven´t input the country yet
    12. TheDragon
    13. TheDragon
      ok, let´s try
    14. TheDragon
      the FC was correct
    15. TheDragon
      I can´t see you.
    16. TheDragon
      I don´t trade with GTS. Maybe we should trade on Gen 4 first?
    17. TheDragon
      I can trade in 15 min.
    18. safrizal
      no i'm indonesia
    19. AncienTLorD86
      are u malaysian..?
    20. Riski
      Hi, sorry. I don't remember the frame I used for that. I know I surfed this catch, so go for surfing. Surfing has the encounter slots listed for HGSS.

      Hope your holidays are being good to you.
    21. Fenix54
      if you want i can help you with breeding on emulators
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