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Jan 4, 2014
May 30, 2012
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Jan 4, 2014
    1. Alf'
      Go on showdown man, I'm waiting you
    2. Alf'
      Sorry but not today. I'm working tomorrow and I can't stay so late. But as I say, I can play when I'm back after work
    3. Alf'
      I'm your opp for unscrupulous tourney. When are you available ? I'm GMT+2 and can play the week after 6pm my time.
    4. Amell
      sorry, i think this won't work, will you be available 21:30 monday(your time)?
    5. Amell
      ok, so we're prolly going to play 15:00 or 16:00 your time, is monday a good day for you?
    6. Amell
      ok, i'm gmt -3 and i'll be available pretty much everyday at night, maybe not on friday

      what day is fine for you?
    7. Funkasaurus
      I won't be online at that time, but if you can do it tomorrow, we can.
    8. FelixMinamimoto
      It's all good. Just checking. Good luck in the rest! :)
    9. Espo
      I'm subbing in for the UU Open and were matched up. My time is GMT -5
    10. LUST
      Just VM me whenever you want to play.

      EDIT: Looks like you missed our scheduled time.
    11. FelixMinamimoto
      Are you taking the win? Just let me know so I can cross this tournament off of my list. I'm okay if you are, I just want some confirmation because I didn't see you last night.
    12. FelixMinamimoto
      Hey, you won a coinflip for BW2 but if you still want to meet tomorrow to actually play our match I would love that.
      I understand you might want a free tournament win instead of risking a loss for no additional gain but I would still love to play you.
    13. rairyan
      You can take win im to busy to battle sorry :(
    14. FelixMinamimoto
      sorry didn't realize I had to work today
      tomorrow? What are your play-times? Also, if you get on Grotto now-ish I can play.
    15. rairyan
      sorry could not battle then and dont think i can battle later today not sure
    16. FelixMinamimoto
      Ah, I won't be home then. Sunday?
    17. FelixMinamimoto
      hey sorry I was out all day.
      I'll be out today too but tomorrow evening I can play. same time, tomorrow evening?
    18. rairyan
      Hi there we need to battle for tourney so let me know what your time is, mine is gmt +1
    19. FelixMinamimoto
      Sorry, I did miss you.
      Let's play on PO sometime very soon. Like tomorrow or today. VM me the time that works best and don't bother staying in there for hours unless I respond to you and say that works. ok?
    20. ShadowFC
      I'm from Spain (GMT +2). I can play tonight at 22:00 (more or less, hour from Spain). I'm going to stay in Groudon's Grotto (Po's Server) ok?
    21. FelixMinamimoto
      so I never got in touch for BW2 but we do need to play asap. Can I catch you tomorrow? I'm sorry :/
    22. JabbaTheGriffin
      howdy. i'm gmt -5. i was a bit busy over the past couple days. can you give me a time next week (starting sunday), or a general time of day that you can play and we'll go from there?
    23. Sayonara
      I'm ready to battle. Am waiting at Groudon's Grotto.
    24. Sayonara
      I'll be on Groudon's Grotto at 22:00 GMT +2! I don't really have a favorite simulator, but I guess we can play on PO. I'll post my team in a couple of hours, since I'm leaving my house right now. See ya later!

      edit: no BW2 team please :<
    25. Sayonara
      Do you use PO / IRC ?
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