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some hero
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Sep 3, 2015 at 1:59 PM
Aug 20, 2009
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A beautiful heart

some hero

from A beautiful heart

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Sep 3, 2015 at 1:59 PM
    1. Stone_Cold
      fwiw i like u a lot. ur just super fun to troll xD ^_^ <3

      gl to giants this yr, beckham gonna be a lord.
    2. all_right_gentlemen
      I like your image of Rarity :)
    3. Del Rio
      Del Rio
      is your smogon name and fantasy team name based off the elemental heroes?
    4. Stone_Cold
      nah i was just salty earlier lol. ill delete my last profile comment. but yeh i caught it late. nothing against you lol.
    5. Del Rio
      Del Rio
      aye y u aint set ur linup aginst me
    6. Killah
      your entire wall is full of purplesmart how does this make you feel
    7. Killah
      of course you'd know better than me whether brown or wilson will get most of the carries next year, most people are drafting wilson in like the 3rd and brown in like the 6th
      1. some hero
        some hero
        Murder :(
        Jul 7, 2013
    8. Killah
      you are starting Andre Brown as your 2nd rb, that's super risky

      I love bryce brown and kendall hunter as late sleepers but you don't need both romo AND brady and probably should have drafted another RB there

      also I don't like DT in the 2nd, imo the top WRs are Megatron >> Marshall ~ Dez > AJ > Julio >> DT/Cobb/Harvin
    9. Killah
      u predicted NOTHING
    10. Killah
    11. Killah
      I don't even play pokemon

      life orb is pretty tight though you should use it
    12. Killah
    13. Killah
      my last non-pony avatar was when I used angel bunny instead ~2 years ago

      don't think I used an avatar at all before that, hehe

      don't remember that song, going to go listen to it
    14. Killah
      talk to ck about it he has loads to say about divisions
    15. Killah
      u misspelled SAINTS
    16. Killah
      hey. HEY. FUCK YOU.

    17. Killah
      anyway you just like narrated my inner monologue about the whole thing so I agree with you (except you should try nintendo, master race)
    18. Killah
      dude I just got a freaking Untouchable (25 kill streak) in rumble pit slayer on halo 4

      ...only to die in the very frame that I got the last kill, thus showing my final score as 25-1 and denying me the perfection.

      SO MAD
    19. Killah
      man I got stuck in the desert again, same when I played white version in english (i had already beaten it in moonrunes sue me)

      idk it just takes a lot of focus and the text is small and the colors blend together. it's not the only game that does it either. it's awkward because I can play Skyrim just fine so I don't even know. I'll try it again sometime soonish I guess.
    20. Killah
      no, they're not that dumb, as they know it'll be ineffective when every walmart everywhere will stock them.

      pokemon looks alright but I still haven't beaten black 2 :c
    21. Killah
      honestly if I was going just on games, XBone probably has more that I'd want... but I can't get over that DRM/pricing. I'm not going to encourage that behavior by buying that console.
    22. Killah
      I was underwhelmed by nintendo, still a lot of the same old stuff.

      still want pikmin/obviously smash bros/bayonetta but aside from that I don't really want any of the other wiiu games they showed.
    23. Killah
      release is in november, as always.

      bethesda doesn't have it's own conference though.

      no info on the tv, but supposedly you have to plug your cable box into the xbox so it does not really help anything, just you can watch your tv through your xbox rather than... through your tv
    24. Killah
      don't forget, to, the drm means no sharing games or buying used games, something playstation was all too keen to make fun of today.

      it also requires always-on internet, so you can't even take it out in the boondocks where you're visiting for the weekend to play it (do they even have boondocks in cali?)
    25. Killah
      sorry for bailing for an hour I was afk

      no fallout 4

      xbox is $500, highlights as I remember them:
      -halo 5 teased
      -Metal Gear Solid V shown (looks badass)
      -Ryse (roman fighter) looks like a boring cross between AC fighting, pretty roman visuals, and scripted cutscenes. pretty meh
      -Sunset Overdrive looks like a cartoony tf2 open-world borderlands, looks pretty badass actually
      -Killer instinct looked really, really meh. I'm not a huge fan of fighters but it looked really bleak.
      -forza is gay, and they taught the computer to read your mind while driving and investigate your behaviors in order to replicate them so the game can play on its own. creepy big brother shit.
      -dead rising 3 looks alright, zombies and shiz
      -battlefield 4 was shown, looks badass but is multiconsole (the rest except MGSV are xbox exclusives supposedly? dunno)

      big one imo was Titanfall... looks like a futuristic CoD that plays like a cross between Halo, Call of Duty, and a mech fighter. some platforming action like halo, looks like call of duty, and you can summon down mechs and use them in fights. looks pretty balanced and like a lot of fun.

      xbox conference was pretty good, but $500... you have to be friggin kidding me
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