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Last Activity:
Mar 22, 2015
Jan 16, 2010
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Squirrel. was last seen:
Mar 22, 2015
    1. Kingler12345
      what an avatar
    2. Valentine
      wcop when play im gmt -7
    3. Nog
      Hey squirrel, we're playing for WCOP. I have work from 8-4:30 (GMT -6) and have basketball tournaments on weekends usually so I'm quite busy. Hit me up with a date and I can slot in our match
    4. TGMD
      Hey Squirrel, we're battling for WCOP. I'm GMT + 12 and I can play after 4 PM weekdays and almost any time on the weekends (I'd like a little more time to get teams and such finished, though) right up until the 3rd of July, as I may be leaving for a holiday. The deadline is only like 4 days after, though, so I don't see that being a problem. When can you battle? :)
    5. Nelson
      and squirrel gets back sleeping until the next wcup starts
    6. -Tsunami-
      kk tell me when ;o
      school started again for me today so
    7. sugarhigh
      nothing much mate srry wasnt on xD
    8. Iconic
      holy shit im so sorry for my stupid activty but i have returned so any time youre free ill be there
    9. AndViet
      Lol, bro I don't even remember how to...but seriously i dont see you on IRC.
    10. Neliel
      yeah whatever
    11. Neliel
      wanna play?
    12. Neliel
      tomorrow at mine 9pm (gtm+1) is it fine?
    13. AndViet
      Lol damn you still like playing this game, respect.

      N I just saw your message.
    14. Iconic
      i won't be ready for a few days at the earliest, but weekends work best for me in general. i'll catch you on irc soon
    15. Neliel
      yeah i do, just give me a day or two that i have an exam and ill be ready
    16. Neliel
      hello there, we have to play for the swc. im available at any time (from 2 to 12 pm) and everywhere.
    17. AndViet
      icu2 dogg, how the hell are you bro??? u playin diz game still?
    18. Harsha
      oh that's cool, you should seriously consider asia again though x) i still remember your match vs phil with the sun lilligant + wob + dug team, that was one of the biggest beatdowns i've seen haha

      tab and i kinda just spam each other with cute animals lol, some of the pages in our conversation have actually made my computer crash from too many pictures x_x
    19. Harsha
      oh yeah college :/ i used to play a lot of chess but i stopped haha, it's a great strategy game though (and there's no hax lol :p). you should definitely come back for wcop!!
    20. Harsha
      haha nah dude i think i've had the same set since like december, i got really busy with school and stuff but hopefully i can just earn tc soon; i might also apply to be an artist but who knows :o

      what about you man? you completely disappeared haha
    21. Harsha
      squirrel!! whats up dude (just saw you in my recent visitors so its not a coincidence i vmed xD)
    22. D4RR3N
      nmnm, u playing wcop this year?
    23. D4RR3N
    24. aim
      Been good 2 man haha i'm going to a college in NYC studying to become a nurse anesthetist haha. u still playing mons or u just hop on smogon every once in a while?
    25. aim
      nm mang how u been
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