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Team Amon Amarth
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Apr 27, 2012
Jul 2, 2011
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Team Amon Amarth

from Pillaging the coasts of Europe

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Apr 27, 2012
    1. Team Amon Amarth
      Team Amon Amarth
      I don't know, I don't know how the mods here react to things and I don't want to make them mad... :P

      I use Hail teams exclusively because that's my favorite playstyle, nothing else just seems to work for me, plus the underdog value is nice ;)

      That and Regice <3
    2. verbatim
      In your last warstory you said something about always using hail teams and since it got locked i'd just like to say that although nothing is wrong with only using one type of team, creativity is the spice of life. Also you may want to pm mien about reopening that warstory and closing another one (as that one was far and away your best).
    3. Chieliee
      Personally, I use PokemonElite2000 for sprites. I used to use Arkeis, but it's down for some reason :/
      To put the images into your post, use this BB code:

      Just posting this, because I think your warstory deserves pictures.
    4. Ashenlock
      I use this website for sprites:


      Just go to the Pokemon you want, click on it to go to its info page; there's a link near the bottom that leads to its sprites, so click on that and on the sprite you want. From there just copy it and paste it into the post. You might have to change the "mode" that your post is in to get the sprite to show up. Good luck!
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    Resident Hail user & Regice fanboy
    "The icy winter is creeping near, dark skies above us, biting frost is in the air, darkness surrounds us."


    Pillaging the coasts of Europe
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