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Apr 9, 2012
Jul 11, 2010
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Apr 9, 2012
    1. Wildfire
      I don't know if I was on at the time you vmed me. My whole development lost power when I was logged in. So I could have looked like I had been on at the time when I wasn't. Sorry.
    2. ShinySuicune
      are you still online D:?
    3. ShinySuicune
      hey Im new and dont have a thread yet :/ but I really like your shiny darkrai

      shiny flawless timid mewtwo
      modest kyogre flawless
      shiny flawless latias
      timid hp70 fire-movie celebi
      bold hpfire70 -movie celebi
      timid shiny hp grass 70 zapdos

      I understand its not much :) but Im willing to give more than one for darkrai, as its my favorite, vm me back please
    4. acetrainerzx
      I see that my Milotic is one of your wants, your Cress would be nice :)
    5. Wildfire
      I must have logged out before you said to be online. Sorry. Any way we can trade when were both online.
    6. Varment
      I do play competitively. Why else would people collect these pokemon (collecting for the sake of it would just be a waste of time)?

      I have shoddy, but I've only done 4 or 5 battles. I prefer WiFi tbh. What is this set? I might be interested in getting one for myself :3
    7. Varment
      Cool, it made TC. Its almost weird seeing my stuff in peoples threads. Gratifying :3
    8. Varment
      Of course, I did the project on your request. Only you and I can trade it, nobody else can. Thanks for the pokes. Too bad it took so long to get it to you . . . I had it done 2 days after it was requested XD. Talk to you later.
    9. Varment
      No problem. Be right there :)
    10. Varment
      Wow, you came back as I wrote the VM. Sure I can trade now. Meet you on the WiFi then? What FC do I use?
    11. Varment
      Damn, says your online but last activity was 20 mins ago. I'll hang around a while in case you come back. Otherwise, maybe we can figure something out time wise. I'm usually on around 11 and stay on until as late as 3 sometimes. (thats for the night) IDK what you do.
    12. Graham
      glad i could help! :)
    13. Graham
      sorry about the delay - im getting the pokemon in my party now, then ill be on!
    14. Graham
      yessirree :)
    15. Graham
      hey, im back :)
    16. Varment
      Its 7:01 PM here. I live on the West Coast of North America (PST, or GMT -8). What time zone are you in? We'll figure something out.
    17. Varment
      It still shows you as online, last activity was 20 minutes ago. If you came back, VM me.
    18. Varment
      No NN for Uxie thanks. Yeah, I'll trade with you soon. I'll check every once in a while when I'm online to see if you're here.
    19. Varment
      The list of pokes that I wanted is in the second to last page of my shop. Check there. BTW, the already migrated one does know Encore still. I'll trade with you soon, I had to go earlier.
    20. Varment
      I'm 90% sure that it knows Encore. If not, I still have a copy on Emerald that 100% does know Encore.

      Give me 5 minutes to get back to you, I'm migrating stuff anyway in a few minutes, so I could migrate that as well. I'll be ready to trade in a maximum of 10 minutes. I'll VM you again shortly.
    21. Varment
      Want to get your BP (Pinksta) now? I've finally caught you online xD

      BTW, it currently comes as a Clefable level 9 UT. I raised happiness in Emerald (remaining UT) so that I could do an easy evolution in Platinum with a moon stone (I can't tell if it gets Magic Gaurd in Platinum unless I evolved it, and this was the fastest wasy to check). If you are ready, then VM me so we can trade.
    22. acid_paradox
      no problem ;) enjoy
    23. acid_paradox
      okay im going on now
    24. acid_paradox
      0689 9893 7810
      I'll be online momentarily
    25. acid_paradox
      Hi there. Sorry it took a while for me to respond :S
      If you'd like a NN I can do that quickly now and then trade it to you ;)
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