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Last Activity:
Jan 17, 2010
Mar 24, 2008
Trophy Points:
    1. yondie
    2. Sixonesix
      Starting at 3:00 GMT -6 I'm going to be logged onto shoddy all day, so just PM me when you see me.
    3. Tenzuku
      I got laid habibi.
    4. dr.shoe
      get laid.
    5. Sixonesix
      Yeah I know, I'm sorry...something came up this weekend and I've barely been able to get on Smogon, let alone shoddy. I'm pretty sure I'll be available at any time after Tuesday.
    6. Sixonesix
      Ok, I can't battle until the weekend after next though.
    7. tito
      lets battle, meet me on pokemonexperte
    8. Nauar
      Yeah but you were very mean to me x(
    9. Nauar
      Hey x)
      Do you remember that guy on the suspect ladder who haxxed and just writed "lol"?
      It was me :>
    10. tito
      i'm on holidays right now so i'm free whenever, or we could get it done right now if it's cool with you.
    11. Flamethrowa.
    12. bluewooper
      Thank you for the rate. I am still checking that Heatran set. Thank you!
      *Accepted friend invite*
    13. bluewooper
      Hello Tenzuku. I am going to ask you to kindly rate my team. I have received only one constructive post, and I put a ton of effort into making my Rate My Team. Could I have you look at OU Bulky Offense for me?
    14. -Mind-
      you can say
    15. bro fist
      bro fist
      Nigga you gonna bomb me too. (ONO)
    16. alamaster
      Okay I'm on the CAP server right now, so just drop me a PM there when you see me and we can get it done :)
      I did make some changes to my team so do you know if I need my team approved first or can we just battle now?
    17. -Mind-
      i'm gmt + 1 you?
    18. alamaster
      Okay, I'm going to test out my team a bit first though, and as far as I can remember we still have a fair bit of time for the battle. I'll confirm my team soon and we can get this done.
    19. dr.shoe
      ugh, fuck Ronaldinho
    20. alamaster
      Hey, I'm your opponent for the Blast to the Past tourney. Do you need a few days to get your team sorted out? I think maybe wednesday or thursday of this coming week should work for me. Let me know and gl.
    21. Negator
      now we really have to battle, contact me asap
    22. dfe
      hey man we have a match up for Apocalypse's tournament. let me know so we can get it done thanks.
    23. Negator
      the uber double tournament
    24. Negator
      hi, let me know whenever you want to battle
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    If You need me to rate a team message me.

    Highest position on the Smogon standard ladder: 28

    I love cake. what.:heart:


    Somewhere that's not known to men.
    Real Name:


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