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Last Activity:
May 5, 2015 at 2:04 PM
Oct 11, 2010
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Atlanta, GA


Male, from Atlanta, GA

TheCommadore was last seen:
May 5, 2015 at 2:04 PM
    1. Kl4ng
    2. The Reptile
      The Reptile
      Hello! We've been paired up to fight for the AAA invitational thing. I'm GMT -8. I probably can't play today but who knows
    3. Zewwok
      So, OMPL? When are you available?
    4. Kl4ng
      When fite
    5. Monte Cristo
      Monte Cristo
      I can be on 10 am - 3 pm gmt -5 iirc (since I'm on 7 am - 12 pm gmt -8)
    6. Zewwok
      Hey, we are paired for the OMPL wk 3, when are you available? I'm GMT +11, let me know.
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      2. TheCommadore
        Also I do indeed use the name Kumiromi on PS.
        Jul 31, 2014
      3. Zewwok
        Unless I was a day early, I believe I may have missed our time, sorry :/

        I'd love to arrange another time, but I understand if I end up having to cop the activity.
        Aug 1, 2014
      4. Zewwok
        It shouldn't be too late there, so if are still around in the next few hours, let me know.
        Aug 1, 2014
    7. Pikachuun
      I'm apparently fighting you in AAA while Adrian fights Lance :c

      Anyways what times are you available throughout the week blablabla etc
    8. PlatypusVenom
      iirc you wanted to change your Smogon username. Well I hear there is some sort of name changing request forum now. I don't know much more than that, but you could ask Ranger mike (who is now Seismetoad).
    9. Lost Soul
      Lost Soul
      Hey we are matched up fr week one of OMPL my time zone is gmt-8 and i'm on most afternoons/evenings.
    10. PlatypusVenom
      [18:51:32] Oiawesome has nominated Kumiromi for auction
      [18:51:35] <Tsunami> who

      [18:53:26] <Tsunami> buy the kumi dude
      [18:53:28] <Tsunami> cuz cool name
    11. Peef Rimgar
      Peef Rimgar
      Hey we're matched up for the AA minitour. I'm available almost whenever so whenevers good with you is good with me
    12. Pikachuun
      i am a pikachuun. i haev a bad play style and i jerk people to death like mjb w/ my stall. if you don't repost this comment on 10 other pages i will make a mess of your balance and ho.
    13. tennisace
      when fite 4 AAA????
    14. Adrian Marin
      Adrian Marin
      you learn can me teach hackmon right need learn how batle
    15. The Immortal
      The Immortal
      hey, we have to play for ompl. i'm free all day at gmt+4. message me on irc or ps when you are on.
    16. Imanalt
      so uh weve talked on irc but havent gotten this game going... will you be open about 2 pm eastern us time tomorrow?
    17. TheCommadore
      Probably not, imposter can do so many crazy things with the scouting and the pp stalling, but it is one of the few things that holds back sweepers. If imposter did not exist then contrary pokes could run taunt or gastro acid instead of sub and would be very hard to stop.
    18. Redless
      If you had the power to ban it right now, would you ban imposter?
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    Kumiromi of Harvest
    Ehekatl of Luck
    Lulwy of Wind
    Itzpalt of Element
    Opatos of Earth
    Mani of Machine
    Jure of Healing
    Yacatect of Wealth


    Atlanta, GA
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