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Sep 14, 2011
Jul 24, 2007
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Sep 14, 2011
    1. Acklow
      I know you haven't been on much for quite a while, but I wanted to note that in this battle, Shelder has a Naive nature. However, the stats you have posted there show that he has +SpDef and -Atk. I'm sure there is a mistake lying somewhere in there, so if Shelder really has a Naive nature, shouldn't he have +Spe and -SpDef? Just letting you know...(I was lurking about various battles, and I noted this small problem)

      Edit: I totally realized that someone had already found a sub-ref for this battle...
    2. Banryu
      Hey man, I don't mean to bother you, but I just wanted to see if we were still on for the 1v1 Seabreak Path match. If we are and you're not able to get on that much, I can go ahead and find us a ref for it. Otherwise, let me know when a good time frame for you to battle would be. Thanks and later.
    3. (makeup)
      hmm well something must be wrong. I don't even see a thread for out battle yet, do we have a ref? Sorry I seriously don't remember this =(
    4. Banryu
      I see. Well thanks for that, and as for the ref, it's still rather early for me, if nothing else I can get us one to start tomorrow then. Thanks for humoring me, I look forward to it. :L
    5. Banryu
      If you can find someone to ref our match, I can probably make a post here or there in it today. I already posted my conditions for the match.

      Also, I wanted to ask you if you'd be willing to do Water-VS-Water for our match. If I get stuck choosing my Pokemon first and you use an advantageous type against it, all the matchups are pretty one-sided from what I can see from your lineup... but like I can see Tentacool VS Feebas being pretty even. What do you say? (If we have other same-type matchups or something we could also do those) Thanks for your consideration and I understand if you say no.
    6. Albinoloon
      Oh, I've been debating that for a while. Thanks! :)
    7. Rolf
      Is keasbey paralyzed in me vs wikey?
    8. Rolf
      Sorry, fixed.
    9. Deck Knight
      Deck Knight
      Don't worry about it. The system is new. Things may be explained poorly in a list of 500+ Attacks worked on by 10+ people. People need to play with the system and then I can weed out errors or confusion.
    10. Kaxtar
      You said that magical leaf was only supposed to distract him, not circle around and hit him. Magical leaf only hits if it was intended to strike him in the first place (ie as no chance of missing through haze), and I interpreted your commands so that the move was only to confuse hitomoshi. Sorry for the confusion, though it's not worth going back and changing it (considering it would total to do like 2 damage).
    11. Deck Knight
      Deck Knight
      It has come to my attnetion you have been changing the type of Hidden Power in different battles. You much choose one type and Base Attack Power for Hidden Power. I'll make a note on Hidden Power in the Registration and Ref threads, although it is in the Attack Desciption I think.
    12. zarator
      Ice-eyes correctly pointed out that, by now, Stockpile boosts on the Hippopotas in Venser vs Acklow battle should be expired. You may want to edit the last bit of Round 2 to take note of this.
    13. Venser
      Oh, no problem. I just wanted to make sure you knew.
    14. Venser
      opponent and i have both posted so whenever you want to start reffing...
    15. Eraddd
      Can we battle now? My batteries running out for my laptop. Its DP first right?
    16. Aura Guardian
      Aura Guardian
      all right. I'll PM you with either your role PM or a mentions that you have no power shortly
    17. Toaster
      You have been reversed, enjoy!
    18. Toaster
      Coronis banned you because you were advertising Serebii in your quit message. I will speak to justinawe in this case to see if we could reverse your ban or not. Since Advertising is not a rule (although The rules are still in development).
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