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Sep 17, 2017
Jun 21, 2010
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from Minnesota, of course

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Sep 17, 2017
    1. flash
      Hey, can you ev train in 5th gen yet? I need quite alot eved.
    2. flash
      Sorry for the late replay but sure let me know when. Did you try random wifi in b/w? The gamestop Raikou really dominates.
    3. flash
      Did you get b/w?
    4. flash
      Oh, I shouldn't have gave them life orb than. Anyway, I hope so. I have yet to try them on actual battle.
    5. flash
      Thanks for the ev training. I marked the one with the hp ice.
    6. flash
      They're both correct, do you want me to give a moveset for both of them?
    7. flash
      Sure, I will go on wifi now.
    8. sophies
      ok cool non redis are two creds as i said before
    9. flash
      Yeah, I still have one Raikou on my platinum so I am going to RNG that one separately for the lead set with flawless hp grass this time. It's going to take a while since I keep messing up platinum wondercard abuse. Anyway yeah. In 5th gen, I might change the life orb set to volt change, t-bolt, hp ice/grass, aura sphere.
    10. flash
      I am going for life orb actually. Extremespeed still has its uses. And sure, since you have ev trained so much for me, I wont charge an extra credit for the copy of the Raikous.
    11. flash
      K, please ev both raikous 4 atk/252 sp atk/252 speed.
    12. Trackman
      Ok sounds good, I'll be on my paltinum
    13. flash
      Alright I will be on in a sec. They are on different games so I will be on in both.
    14. flash
      I got my DS things back so vm me when you can pick up those Raikous.
    15. Warped Worlds
      Warped Worlds
      Yup yup. xD

      Smogon is where I am the most active. Also, thank you. I want to ban Drizzle myself.
    16. flash
      kk, I see. Oh and what moveset did you use for Christian's Raikou? Did you use a life orb set or something like an anti-lead?
    17. flash
      You can but I can't trade until next week. I have a friend who is going to download the Entei events for me on Monday so he is borrowing my games for the weekend.
    18. flash
      No problem, it's nest ball btw.
    19. flash
      Want to trade now?
    20. flash
      Wait, which Shaymin? I think I have one in BL and Uber. Sorry I took so long to reply.
    21. Shawk
      The spreads are right, thank you. :) You have four credits, just let me know when you want to use them.
    22. Winters Zombie
      Winters Zombie
      I probably will when I don't need C-gear delay seeds D:!
    23. flash
      I am only playing Ubers and Dream World Ubers right now but I will make a standard team soon.
    24. Shawk
      All right, and no, it's the same. Give me a second and I'll be on.
    25. Shawk
      Sure. I'll give you an extra two credits so you have four. Do you want to use any right now or do you want to save them?
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    EV Training: None atm. PM me if you ever want a battle (standard OU or UU)

    PT FC: 3138 0392 2145- Ev training
    SS FC: 2107 2540 6086- Battling and trading


    Minnesota, of course
    Favorite Pokémon:
    PT Friend Code:
    3138 0392 2145
    HGSS Friend Code:
    2107 2540 6086
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