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Ulyaoth Sultan
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Oct 27, 2012
Jan 29, 2012
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Ulyaoth Sultan

from All I know is that I know nothing

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Oct 27, 2012
    1. Orichalcos Owl
      Orichalcos Owl
      hey I'm playing you for No Johns
      When can I play you? I'm GMT-5. I'd like to play tomorrow if you can.
    2. wilson46
      My timezone is GMT-8, how about playing tomorrow (saturday) at around 1 pm my time? I can also do sunday at the same time (which I will be online for a few hours).
    3. Django
      When do you want to play for the All Generations tournament?
    4. MarceloDK
      can u play now? i'm on SU.
    5. Noodlez
      hi we gotta play for r2 of the tour of second chances im gmt -8
    6. ncsbert
      Sure. 4pm your time works for me too. I'll check back then.
    7. ncsbert
      Can we aim for Saturday the 7th (tomorrow)?
      How about 3pm your time. (10am my time) Would that work for you?
    8. ImperialD
      Seeing that you're 6 hours ahead of me, want to battle tomorrow 6 pm your time, that would be 12 pm for me.
    9. ImperialD
      Sorry I wasnt on the past few days. You want to try battle this weekend, I'm on easter break so I'm free whenever.
    10. ncsbert
      Hey, I am your opponent for round 2 of the VGC tournament.

      I'm in EST and will be submitting my team shortly. Do you have a preferred date/time for battling?
    11. Taylor
      my timezone is gmt+0 but im active throughout the day so we shouldnt have trouble meeting up and getting this done. all gen tour x
    12. ImperialD
      Hey, we are paired for round 2 of the Metronome tourney. Im GMT -5 and free mostly on Tuesdays/Fridays, and weekends. Let me know whats a good time for you to battle.
    13. Porengan
      We could battle tonight at ~ 7pm or tomorrow?
    14. Porengan
      How about tomorrow 4pm?
    15. lapras6666
      k should we fight this weekend?
    16. Chieliee
      did you get my PM?
    17. lapras6666
    18. lapras6666
      hey we gotta battle for tour of second chances. I'm gmt +1. What is your timezone and when do u wanna battle?
    19. Chieliee
      okay i advanced. are you familiar with IRC to pick mons or do you want to do it via smogon PM?
    20. Porengan
      Hey, we have to fight for the VGC Tournament.
      My timezone is GMT +1, what are your times?
    21. Chieliee
      yo, we're possibly going to be paired for counterpick. I'm writing this, so that, in case i advance, we will have an easier time getting the picks and the match done.

      I'm GMT +1
    22. Brammi
      You have first pick because your name came first in the matchups.
    23. Brammi
      Sup, we're matched up for the Counterpick tourney. Let me know when you will be available to pick our teams and then to play.

      If you see me online, just hit me up with a message.
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    All I know is that I know nothing
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