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Wyrms Eye
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Jan 17, 2017
Dec 29, 2010
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    1. FailAtGTA
      If you've been wondering where I've been, I got banned from the chat again. I don't intend to go back though.
      1. Wyrms Eye
        Wyrms Eye
        I did get told, I must admit I've been pretty busy of late so I've not been using the chat all that much.
        Mar 1, 2014
      2. FailAtGTA
        I've also been pretty busy with real life things. I started working out a lot more to get back into great shape for my job that I've been off of for several months due to a bad injury so I havent had too much time for the chat.
        Mar 1, 2014
    2. craymond727
      Hey, could we exchange FCs? No one seems to be responding. Thanks! 4785-5731-4354 (ign: Christopher)
    3. FailAtGTA
      Hey, I think we should make a new chat or something. PumpHead really is a terrible chat owner. I really don't think a 14 year old (yes, he is actually 14) should manage the chat. Also he banned me from the chat simply because he didn't want to trade a Landorus for my Meloetta. Its sad, really.
    4. Age of Kings
      Age of Kings
      What would you like for the Ocean Vivillon? I posted the patterns I have in the thread.
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      2. Wyrms Eye
        Wyrms Eye
        Cool, my FC is 5284-2616-2011 (ign: Nigel)
        Nov 6, 2013
      3. Age of Kings
        Age of Kings
        Thanks a ton. Sorry I wasn't able to get it to you in hatched form, but that is indeed a Swirlix :)
        Nov 6, 2013
      4. Wyrms Eye
        Wyrms Eye
        No worries, hopefully you get your full Vivillon set! Ocean is definitely one of the prettier designs though in my opinion.
        Nov 6, 2013
    5. The Reptile
      The Reptile
      Nah, it's fine. It's really my bad for being lazy. Another challenge isn't that bad anyways. Also, thanks! :)
    6. TheMantyke
      Hi, thanks for posting in my thread. If you want, you can pick up the Vulpix you requested now. Speaking of which, what Vulpix exactly did you want? Neither of the two I have fit the IVs and nature you asked for.
    7. Ebondragonx
      Hey yeah I've been crazy busy, but it's all fun :)
    8. Ebondragonx
      Yeah, I fly back on Thursday (only two more days!) and classes start Monday.
    9. Ebondragonx
      Thanks for letting me know! Yeah, bad timing with this VGC stuff, I'm sure there will be some buzz around Smogon and all around higher activity, right before I go back to school >.>
      Any other mons you suggest I get? I'll be looking to secure them asap.
    10. Ebondragonx
      I just realized there's only 2 currently active trade threads more successful than mine, and it hasn't even been open for 3 weeks! O.o
    11. Ebondragonx
      Ok :)
      Want an HP Fire 70 Magnemite?
      UT level 1.
    12. Ebondragonx
      Haha anytime bro. Have you seen Lugia yet? ;)
      And maaaaaan, Modest Tornadus is nowhere to be found, quite annoying :/
    13. Ebondragonx
      Thank you :)
    14. Ebondragonx
      Well, maybe if I had actually hired you for it :)
      It's in my pendings as a normal trade and not really a BP.
      But trust me, I hire A LOT of people for many different BPs and I pay well according to the difficulty. So you'll be getting multiple credits in the future I'm sure ^_^
    15. Ebondragonx
      And since you're able to do BPs, I'd be willing to start paying 2 credits a piece, 3 if they're more difficult/take more time.
    16. Ebondragonx
      Ok :) There's supposed to be someone in here but he's not >.>
    17. Ebondragonx
      Meet me in the room in 10 minutes :)
      I got it for ya
    18. Wyrms Eye
      Wyrms Eye
      Don't worry, I was busy trying to do something that is meant to take ten minutes. In fact two hours later I am no closer to sorting it, so I sent a stiff email to the helpdesk XD

      And yeah, I have no issue paying the twice normal rate, I still have the one credit in hand from that Cobalion. :)
    19. Ebondragonx
      Let me see if I can get it cloned within the hour (I should be able to).
    20. Ebondragonx
      Hey yeah I just remembered that we had to trade still!
      I got caught up doing work around the house, then I got online and saw like 45978038457309 VMs and thread posts, so I had to address them >.>
      And my Trophy Case pokemon are going to be traded at twice my normal rate (to limit the amount that go into the community), but I will trade one to you! I just gotta find someone to clone it -_-"
    21. Ebondragonx
      Can you trade in an hour or so?
      I have a few things to do around the house.
    22. Ebondragonx
      You can nickname it Goku, I like it :)
    23. Ebondragonx
      Yeah I can return a copy later today. A friend does all my cloning.
    24. Ebondragonx
      Alright, good luck!
    25. Ebondragonx
      Wow, awesome job!
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    Fire type enthusiast since 1998
    FC: 5284-2616-2011 (Ground: Nincada, Sandshrew and Palpitoad)

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