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Jan 12, 2016
Nov 19, 2010
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Bad at mafia Aug 26, 2013

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Jan 12, 2016
    1. Darkhound
      hey bro will you please add my FC and give me yours to add, 2337-4159-9569
      I'm trying to build up my friend Safari and could use all the help i can get, Once I have a large repertoire of Perfect IV poks I will start doing give away's especially to my first FC friends who helped made it possible. My saffaris is ground not sure the mons tho
    2. YAYtears
      Bad at mafia
      1. ogasian
        Your a fuckin' mob boss.
        Oct 31, 2013
    3. Lamppost
    4. D4RR3N
      we have to play for PO wcop. how does next week sound?
    5. Furai
      Team made!
    6. Furai
      oof im GMT+3 with DST so it's going to be VERY hard to catch up.... perhaps on Friday?
    7. Dietcoke101
    8. complete legitimacy
      complete legitimacy
      I don't have a team right now, but I might be able to play later today.
    9. complete legitimacy
      complete legitimacy
      Hey, we're matched up for Eo's Proposition. I'm GMT-5, we can schedule a time later but for now if you see me online then send me a VM and we can play.
    10. yee
      What are you doing signing up for tutoring youre good at the game last I checked!
    11. BurningMan
      hey we are opponents in the forgotten OU tournament can you send me your online times and your time zone please?

      I am GMT+1 and can usually be online from 14:00-20:00 (sometimes as late as 1:00 but that can be somewhat difficult)
    12. DetroitLolcat
      ready for metronome battles?
    13. Chieliee
      ok let's do this quickly, i have to go soon
    14. Chieliee
      I'll be on SU till 2:30 -3 hours from now
    15. Chieliee
      When can you play?
    16. freedom2
      Hi!. We have to play for The Helping Hand Tournament. I'll finish my team today, so I'll message you again when I'm done.
    17. Chieliee
      Built my team. Give me your preffered times (that are manageable for me too).
    18. Chieliee
      Ok, I'm having holidays next week, so it should be no problem for me to be on at 10-11pm any given day. (unless something else comes in the way, but i haven't planned anything yet) What works best for you?
    19. Chieliee
      Just saying, i might not be there when you come on, depending on how long it takes you. My parents are being a bitch and demanding that i go off the pc, but i'm trying to stay on for as long as i can. If we won't be able to meet, we'll do it via smogon PM
    20. Chieliee
      I'll be on IRC (#benelux for sure, maybe #pokemon)
    21. Chieliee
      Can we pick pokes tomorrow, around this time (or a little later) ?
    22. Chieliee
      What about today to pick pokes? That'd be in 3 hours 40 minutes from this post (a bit later could work too, don't worry) However I will be studying english while checking the pc every now and then, so i might not reply immediately. Just saying
    23. Chieliee
      Yo, sup, counterpick round 1. When do you have time to pick pokes? I'm GMT +1
    24. Folgorio
      we should try for sunday or something cause those days seem extremely hard for me atm...
    25. Folgorio
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