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Jun 5, 2010
Aug 25, 2008
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Jun 5, 2010
    1. Fear The Pika
      Fear The Pika
      Yeah, ignore everything from that, it isn't me.
    2. Fear The Pika
      Fear The Pika
      You disappeared...
    3. Fear The Pika
      Fear The Pika
      Lol. But that is the best book on punctuation that I've ever seen, and I actually enjoy reading it.
    4. Fear The Pika
      Fear The Pika
      Never mind, I found you. (You should know what I mean) I saw a few grammatical errors, and so I suggest this book that was so helpful to me; it's called "Eats, Shoots and Leaves". Link to it on Wikipedia Here
    5. Lightsabre
      hey Yellowfire. I finnished the Miltank :) I posted it in DMP if you wanted to see
    6. Lightsabre
      I don't care, since it'll be running a resttalk set. your choice, but breeding would be better in case one of us decides we want to use pain split
    7. Lightsabre
      hey Yellow. I came up with a project that I'd like you to do, and if I remember correctly you wanted to do it anyway. a Calm HP[fighting] spiritomb. I'm testing this over my other spiritomb variant, and it'd be helpful if you could do the breeding. I don't have the breeding slots to do it :/
    8. Lightsabre
      hey Yellow. When are you available today for me to call? is there any time that I shouldn't call? I won't for a while, since Lunch has yet to be served, but once I'm done eating I should be able to call you
    9. Lightsabre
      I need the 5 Adamant spreads that are above and the five that are below this METHOD TWO frame 36484. I'm having trouble syncing this one, and I don't know what spread I keep hitting(have gotten the same Admant spread 5 tiems in a row). btw, if you're open to me calling before 5:00 my time then go ahead and say so. I can call any time now
    10. Lightsabre
      Hey Yellow. could you help me out real fast? It'll involve using the RNG reporter.
    11. Lightsabre
      yeah. I've got MORE than a box of that stuff, but I can EV just fine. in fact, I'll EV some of your stuff if you do some RNGing for me. I won't keep a copy if they really hate the idea, but usualy Partner redis is fine anyway. ok, so I can call you after 5:00pm my time?
    12. Lightsabre
      I could care less whether it's shiny or not. in fact, it would happen that the time that I tell you what I want, someone actualy shows up with one lol. Sorry about that. Something else that I'm going to breed soon(unless you do it first) is a Machamp, and if you want to do that then be my guest. sorry about the telling you about somethign and not needing it now. btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR :) can I call you this weekend?
    13. Lightsabre
      Well, I've been looking for a Calm Blissey (with aeromatherapy) and there's been nobody who wanted to trade. orriginaly I wanted you to help me get a Spiritomb, but I've got one now. if you want to do the Blissey that'd be great. I almost had my first RNG the other day, but I accidentaly saved while hatching the egg, and it turns out I missed my frame by 1 X(
    14. Lightsabre
      hey Yellowfire7. could you help me out with a RNG project?
    15. Politoed666
    16. Politoed666
      Hey, I'm fine with trading now. I'll be waiting online. :]
    17. all4game
    18. all4game
      K, I'll go online.
    19. all4game
      K you know the EV'd one doesn't have DM right?
    20. all4game
      Sorry for the delay.
      First one please.
      And which jirachi, and EV'd or UT?
    21. all4game
      What exactly was our pending? DX
      And I can't clone atm.
    22. jonniewalkereal
      Ok :D

      Thanks for the trade and I'l wait for you online for the copy of Licky back :)
    23. jonniewalkereal
      Stupid Wi Fi :@

      Btw I'm again online hoping it will woks :)
    24. jonniewalkereal
      Yes :D

      See you online :)

      Remember I need the copy of my pokemon back :)
    25. Eppie
      did I ask for a hariyama? o.0
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    Trade thread -- I don't know if I will ever seriously come back to competitive pokémon.
    If I do, it will only be after I graduate on June 1.


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