2011-12 Football/Soccer Thread

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silly wenger. Van Persie likes the new signings, so decides to stay.. wengers takes him to one side and says if we get the cash you are gone..
We dont need a midfield.. we will win every game by scoring 1 more then you :P
Van persie to score a hat trick against arsenal anyone?
does anybody else think ferguson signed van persie predominantly as a fuck you to man city and to prove that man utd still have financial clout in the premier league and can sign whoever they want - in other words, not for tactical reasons whatsoever?

i just really really can't figure out why man utd would spend £23m on a 29 year old injury prone player in a position in which they are already loaded at a time when they have basically the worst central midfield of any top team in europe. it especially doesn't make sense to me considering they just signed kagawa for £17m who is 23 and is going to be a huge star (i believe) and basically plays best in the same position that rooney and rvp both prefer. so this means man utd essentially now have 5 players (rooney, rvp, kagawa, welbeck, hernandez) competing for 2 starting spots, meaning 3 of them will be on the bench.

ferguson has been talking about the 1999 treble winning season when he had 4 top strikers as justification for rvp's signing, but i actually think if anything he's more following his 2008/09 champions league winning model and might be playing something of a 4-3-3 this season, utilizing his deep and flexible strike force in a similar way to how he used rooney, ronaldo and tevez, meaning i could see something like this:

---------------De Gea--------------

the only problem is it becomes hard to figure when welbeck or hernandez will get a look in (until van persie gets injured in october and spends the rest of the season on the treatment table that is...)
So in one week we lose RVP, get ever closer to losing Song, and now we're about to lose Sahin to a mid table club and resign Walcott out of all people.

At least Wenger went out and bought 2 guys to replace RVP already this time, but he needs to reinvest the 24 mil fast. A winger and midfielder would do nicely.


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Sad day for Arsenal - not because they've lost RVP but because this is the day they concede that they're no longer genuine title contenders. Wenger has never sold a player to Man Utd because you simply don't do business with rivals. This deal basically confirms that they are no longer competing for the same trophies as Man Utd. The end of an era...


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It will take months for me to get accustomed to seeing RVP in a United shirt......And why do Barcelona want Song when they have Busquets and Mascherano......
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