2012 Tournament Tour - FINALS [Won by dragonuser]

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Final Round - The Adherence Tournament
Originally hosted by MikeDecIsHere
Originally won by Ginku

Hosted by FireMage and Django
Approved by TD Team

2012 has been a whirlwind of a year, and the Tournaments haven’t disappointed. amongst them we have had tournaments that have stretched the imaginations and inspired the community to creatively team build using heavily set rules and restrictions and this tournament allows you to re-live just some of these moments. Each round will allow you to re-live a different tournament you might’ve missed/loved.

The Finals will follow the rules from the Adherence tour (Pro-Choice) Where every item but Choice Specs, Choice Scarf and Choice Band are banned. Will knowing what move your opponent locked themself into help make the decision easier?

Standard Tournament Rules

  • All Smogon Tournament Rules apply - they can be viewed here
  • All Individual Tournament Rules apply - They will each be posted each round make sure you read and have understood each ruleset any questions will be answered by the host of the round as best as they can figure it out.
  • All Matches are Standard BW2 OU Unless the Host Specifies otherwise
  • Keep track of all logs. You may be asked to present them
  • All Standard Clauses are on - these are;
Wifi Clause
Species Clause
Sleep Clause
Evasion Clause
OHKO Clause
Battle Timeout​

Any clause definitions can be found on the Tournament Rules page.

Tournament Special Rules

The only items that may be used are Choice Band, Choice Specs and Choice Scarf​

Lavos Spawn vs dragonuser

Deadline - No Deadline but play asap, please.
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