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4th gen moveset discussion/creation

Discussion in 'Stark Mountain' started by Shineygengar, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. Shineygengar


    Apr 25, 2011
    this is my 4th gen moveset discussion and creation thread.
    you can post your own, discuss smogons, or someone else's moveset, or rate someone else's moveset. please put a lot of time into your movesets.

    and please please no one is aloud to be mean here at all, you can say,
    hey, on your moveset maybe you shouldn't have blah blah blah and so on but nothing mean. this is my first or second thread so please be nice.

    thank you for following rules. this is defenatly the place to find costom movesets. that reminds me, if you can, recomend other pokemon to include on the team with the set.

    here is an example of what the desine should be, aka the standard moveset.
    here are some of my vespiquen movesets, (i think she is highly overlooked)

    name: fighting trap
    vespiquen @ leftovers
    ability: pressure
    impish nature (+def -spa)
    - defend order
    - substitute
    - rest
    - arial ace
    EVs: 100 hp/ 155 atk/ 255 def
    this is to trap and kill fighting types. just mean look them and baton pass. once baton passed, defend order and subsitute until you need a rest, by then you should have atleast +2 def and spd. you'll be asleep, but +2 d and sd is hard to hit, without a super effective move.
    its even better with a sub up. but once you have atleast +4 and a sub, you can easily arial ace to death and possibly even damage the rock type that switches in to you.

    here is a more specific moveset template, if you want to.

    name: d-order
    vespiquen @ leftovers
    ability: pressure
    impish nature (+def -spa) / careful nature (+spd -spa)
    - defend order |lv. 13
    - substitute |tm 90
    - rest |tm 44
    - toxic/attack order |lv. 27 / lv. 37
    EVs: 110 hp/ 200 def/ 200 spd
    here we go, this is my fav, the all time signature defend order set. we got defend order up there obiously, and with that its gonna be a pain to break those subs. and then rest to heal the hp from sub or something you switched in to. attack order is best, to take out dark, psychic, and ice, but toxic is possible.

    name: restalk/toxic spreader
    vespiquen @ quick claw
    ability: pressure
    impish nature (+def -spa) / careful nature (+spd -spa)
    - rest
    - toxic
    - sleeptalk
    - u-turn
    EVs: 155 hp/ 100 atk/ 175 def/ 175 spd
    this set is ment for spreading toxic. as soon as you come in, use toxic, and then u-turn if you didn't gain that much damage, switch if you think you can't take another. then as soon as that guys switched out or killed, go back in on the next pokemon. if your half hp or lower, use rest, then sleep talk. ok so hope it gets toxic on random, if it does, then use it again and hope for u-turn, if it didn't get toxic, then you switch and get some free damage.

    name: somewhat support
    vespiquen @ leftovers/rowap berry/nothing
    ability: pressure
    naive nature (+spe -spa) / careful nature (+spd -spa)
    - mud slap/flash
    - endeavor
    - rain dance/sunny day
    - theif/bug bite
    EVs: 155 hp/ 155 def/ 200 spd
    this is almost the only bug type support you'll find, yet still not the best support ever. mud slap would be the best option to break focus sash, or something. endeavor to eventually bring them down to size, with rowap berry, or nothing. rain dance and sunny day only if you need them, otherwise go for silver wind, to possibly boost all stats. and theif or bug bite to kill the opponents item or berry, although, you have to make the choice, bug bite if your going with leftovers or rowap berry, theif if your going with nothing.

    i will upload more of mine, but i also take requests.

    have fun!!! and remember this isn't only for mine or smogons movesets, its for all of yours, get advice, gain experiance, and create teams, now lets dominate the metagame!
  2. Shineygengar


    Apr 25, 2011
    wanted: garchomp enthusiests

    i am in need of a good garchomp moveset. here are the requirements,
    1. does not include substitute
    2. has good coverage
    3. no choice items

    i am ok with smogons, but am not outstanded.

    thank you
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