did everyone have fun clicking on that dot?

ok so since making art threads seems to be the norm around here i'll go ahead and make one too

so here you go:

>=[ ] gyarados!

doodly banette too lazy to make it neater

luxray to be sprited

buncha sprites for the pokemon amethyst project

thxx :D
by corel i assume you mean corel painter and not corelDraw, but no. everything here is done by photoshop. nothing is as wonderfully flexible as good old photoshop. :)
edit: lolreddit

thanks everyone :D
here's a gyarados WIP

one of my fav pokemon and i wanted to draw an epicccc pokemon pic
Damn, youre really good. That gyarados is very damn great, luxray looks classy and Absol is as cool as ever, good job.

Edit: Pika.... Pirika? -ri =... PIKA! Yep no wonder this guy is good.


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Wow! The Gyarados is great. You could draw some thunders in the background to cause more impact.

Nice job!
aight i'm finished, the thunder in the background really did help :)
(its on the first post)

>=[ ]
>=[ ship ]
>=[] nom
thx for the comments everyone! ;D

@pirika: lol no i dont have a deviantart. im not a serious enough "artist" to have my own gallery rofl. in fact i hesitate in applying the label "artist" at all. i would much rather be a draw-er xD
@NiLink: no no take your time :O
i guess i kind of screwed that lombre up huh...


i wanted to draw cynthia since she's super badass, and of course i wanted to include her trademark pokemon, garchomp.

so here is cynthia (who looks a little funny but i cant quite work out why)

here is garchomp

here is cynthiachomp

wait wtf? they look like they have absolutely nothing to do with each other. cynthia is just looking goth-emo/umbreonish as she always does and garchomp is just loitering in the background. i might as well just draw them as two separate pics. what do you guys think?

hey what about this!

it looks a bit like some bizarre human-pokemon interspecies relationship.


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I totally agree that they both look strange together in the same pic, but what if you turned garchomp's head so that it was looking at the viewer? That way it would bring some unity to the picture!
this sounds about right; it was my first thought when you raised the complaint that they didn't sit well together in the same image. cynthia looking aloof seems fine by me since she is the trainer so long as garchomp seems engaged

the gyarados seascape is incredible, i love the dark, broody colour scheme. positively chaotic!

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i think that maybe if you had some more character interaction the picture would look much nicer! they both look great man, you have some really fantastic talent, but i think its always interesting when there are two characters responding to one another in the same image