Gen 2 A Growth Espeon Team


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I got bored with my Jolteon team, and attempted to redesign it to use Espeon instead. What I got was something completely different than what I intended.

Ooparts (Forretress) (M) @ Leftovers
- Spikes
- Rapid Spin
- Explosion
- Reflect

Because I'm just dumb enough to lead Spikes vs Zapdos/Raikou's Thunder.

Dead Batteries (Raikou) @ Leftovers
- Rest
- Sleep Talk
- Thunder
- Hidden Power [Ice]

Purple Marionette (Espeon) (M) @ Leftovers
- Growth
- Baton Pass
- Psychic
- Morning Sun

Primal Light (Tyranitar) (M) @ Leftovers
- Fire Blast
- Pursuit
- Earthquake
- Crunch

I prefer Rock Slide but this is the only guy who really hits Raikou for any damage, so to hit Zapdos, I'm relying on Growth passes.

Blue Beating (Suicune) @ Leftovers
- Surf
- Roar
- Rest
- Toxic

Ice Beam would be cool, but I have ways of handling Eggy, and it's easier for me to force Zapdos to Rest by using Toxic.

Dr. Killinger (Gengar) (M) @ Leftovers
- Thunderbolt
- Explosion
- Giga Drain
- Hypnosis

Got stuck on this moveset. For one thing, I figured Rhydon gets too much room to switch in, so Giga Drain would help as a deterrent. As far as vs Tyranitar, a Growth pass would help out there as well, in conjunction with Hypnosis. Mostly trying to kill opposing Raikou so my Raikou can get set up with Growths.



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Kinda janky, but it could work. No Lax makes it interesting, definite cool points for that.

I was gonna say I didn't like the Forr set because it can't keep Spikes on Starmie, but access to Reflect is kind of necessary for your team to handle Snorlax and strong Ground-type attackers and Explosion is necessary to actually deter the likes of Drumlax, DrumQuag, and Marowak from behind a Reflect. And you have Gengar to try to spinblock anyway, so it's not like you have nothing to keep Spikes on Starmie, who, by the way, puts you at 0/0 at worst in the Spikes game.

Giga Drain Gengar is silly, Rhydon fears Ice Punch plenty, you have Suicune anyway and, furthermore, you don't give up Egg or Zapdos coverage with Ice Punch. Plus without Giga you lure in Ttar better to Hypnosis it, which helps out your Espeon immensely.

Your preferred Rock Slide on Ttar would also probably be better than EQ. Gengar can Boom Raikous for you and Rock Slide does plenty to Raikou anyway unless it's packing Reflect, in which case EQ really isn't doing enough to warrant its use anyway. Zapdos is a big deal, you don't want to be forced to go ST Raikou all the time when it switches in because that just leaves you open to Lax punishments.

Seeing a pattern with my comments? Overall this team's success depends almost entirely on Gengar's ability to do work. And even then it handles, at most, two things when there's three main things stopping your sweep: Raikou, Tyranitar, and Snorlax. (Actually Quagsire stops you pretty cold, too). Having Zapdos would get past Snorlax much better than Raikou after a boost so that Gengar only has to deal with two targets. Plus Zapdos can stay in on most Grounds, which is nice. However, Zapdos should not go over Raikou, since you need your own Zapdos counter. Maybe put it over Suicune and make Raikou your Phazer, although that does make defending against Curselax and Grounds (particularly DrumQuag) trickier.

Other than that I guess a Heal Beller would be handy so that Espeon could afford to stay in on the Raikou Thunders, Starmie Thunder Waves, and random Body Slams it needs to in order to be effective. A paralyzed Espeon is as good as a dead one, and with it being the crux of your offense, no Espeon means you lose. However, there's really no room for a Miltank here, except maybe over Suicune or Forretress, and even then you lose out on a lot without getting that much in return.
This is another one of the Snorlax-less teams you're trying?

Couple of immediate problems. There's very little you can do to stop standard EQ curselax, even with a full team. That's not a good thing. And last poke lax wins outright every time.

I'm SURE you can find room for Snorlax in there.

And I reasoning for giga drain is weak. Rhydon isn't switching into Ice Punch, and Gengar isn't switching into Rhydon. There's no reason to give up coverage on one of the biggest Gengar switches in the game, Zapdos. Having said that, this is the most logical spot to drop for a Snorlax of your own.

I'm not 100% certain what Tyranitar is doing on this team?

I'd play something akin to dual electrics, snorlax, espeon, steelix, cloyster.