A Tale of Dragons: a rather odd 1K thread


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Once upon a time in a far away land lived a powerful, ancient dragon. The dragon was so powerful and so ancient that no one could remember a time before it existed. The dragon felt lonely, so it created two smaller dragons in its own image. Because the ancient dragon was a powerful heavenly dragon, he had dominion over land and water, and so he created one dragon-child to belong to the land, and the other to belong to the sea. Yet the ancient dragon's heart was not satisfied. He felt that his nature could not be satisfied with such pure expressions of his power, without reference to his free spirit and airy domain. And so, in addition to his powerful dragon-children, he created a simple bird. As each of his children grew, the ancient dragon noted with pleasure that each of his children had a very different personality. The water dragon-child had a gentle and quiet personality, full of curiosity. One day he came before his progenitor and humbly requested permission to ask a few questions.
"Papa, how did you create us? Do you even have a gender?"
The ancient dragon was very pleased with the water dragon-child. In time, the child came to learn how to control and change the weather, just as the ancient dragon could. He accepted his domain, and was happy.

The land dragon-child however, was a bit of a problem. One day he too came before the ancient dragon.
"Papa, I have a question."
"Papa, why did you create three children? Why not create one, to express your full power and freedom? Why must I be confined to the soil, while you dwell up in heaven? You are terribly difficult to visit. In fact, this bird you have made is much more like you than I am."
The ancient dragon was perplexed. It did not know how to fully answer the land dragon-child's question.

The land dragon-child was distressed in spirit. He could not accept this answer. He was filled with anger and jealousy. Whenever he saw the bird soaring through the air, he was filled with an intense longing. In his angst, he would cast himself from a cliff, flailing his stubby arms as if to fly, but each time gravity and his fate pulled him crashing back down to the earth. Determination filled his heart. One day he would live where the ancient dragon lived up in the heavens, one day he would soar, free like the bird! And so the land dragon-child filled his heart with determination and anger. His body grew and grew, and increased in power until he could barely contain it. As his nature grew more focused, so did his body, and so he formed a hard chrysalis to protect him as he grew and transformed.

The ancient dragon observed its two dragon-children with interest. In its completeness, it had never realized that such determination to change as the land dragon-child's could exist. As each began to change, it began to realize how each mirrored its own nature. Like the ancient dragon, the water dragon-child completely accepted himself and his surroundings. As a result, he was very gentle, fitting in well with others of his age. On the other hand, the land dragon-child was very withdrawn and focused, yet his strength and conviction were undoubtedly that of the ancient dragon.

All this time, the bird whistled cheerfully, bright and free.

One bright morning, the ancient dragon looked down upon its children and its joy shone like the sun in its glory, for he found that each had reached maturity. In his maturity, the water dragon-child had emerged from the water, powerful and bright, watching over the sea to rescue endangered ships. His calm and dignity mirrored the ancient dragon so completely that its venerable heart swelled with pride. His powerful wings made him a creature of the air, just as the ancient dragon was, and yet he was perfectly at peace with his watery home. The land dragon-child, on the other hand, had burst powerfully from his shell, strong and free, and flexed his mighty, new wings. He soared up into the sky, higher than the bird could fly, leaving the ground far behind.

The dragon that had once been a land dragon-child quickly found that his bodily transformation had not changed his heart. Although he was free, just as the ancient dragon and the bird were free, he could not erase the anger and violence that had driven him to change to begin with. He began bullying the bird, and the residents of the world. In time, the ancient dragon called to the angry dragon, and he ascended high above the clouds, to live with the ancient dragon far above the grateful citizens of the world.

The dragon that had once been a water dragon-child was sad to see the other dragon leave, yet he rejoiced in his own happiness and continued to watch over the sea. The bird, however, was concerned. He had come to realize that he lacked the strength of the two dragon-children, and felt suddenly vulnerable, even in the midst of his joy and freedom. He too decided to change, but he lacked the quiet strength of the sea dragon and the pure drive of the land dragon. He too became a dragon in the sky, but his heart was always that of a bird, care-free and unconcerned.

I have always aspired to be a "Dragonite" here at Smogon, happy with my role in the community and willing to help others. I have always wanted to be the "reasonable one" here. I hope I have had some measure of success in that regard!

I would like to say, however that I have tremendous respect to the "Salamences" of Smogon, the users who through sheer drive and determination have made Smogon what it is now. These users tend to be controversial and unpopular, yet without them Smogon would not function as well as it does. I would especially like to shout out to Tangerine in this regard. I can't say I miss the drama that swirled around him, but I miss his commitment to improving the community.

Finally, I would like to encourage all the users that aspire to improve. Every Dragonite or Salamence begins as a Dratini or Bagon, and even something as pointless as Swablu can one day at least become an Altaria!
Little cup players might disagree with your encouragement. Some players actually appreciate NFE's for what they are, not for what they have the potential to become.
only liked by casual pokemon players and everyone hates you once you start making a name for yourself but they all come crawling back in gen v?
and there I was thinking it was Groudon and Kyogre.

Happy 1k.

EDIT: Now I get it, it's cause Bagon's dream is to fly in the Pokedex, and Dratini lives in water.
Very cool story. I had no idea you were talking about pokemon. I simply read for the aspect of seeing a dragon story. I liked that shock though I do wonder what the other dragons were doing.

Congrats on 1K btw.


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Finally, I would like to encourage all the users that aspire to improve. Every Dragonite or Salamence begins as a Dratini or Bagon, and even something as pointless as Swablu can one day at least become an Altaria!

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From the sidelines, I feel privileged to have witnessed your "evolution" in this community.

I'll add that I genuinely enjoy reading pretty much everything you write.

Congratulations on the 1K.
as we shared kingship of uu last gen i would like to say you're an awesome dragonite but dragonite sucks and i'm rayquaza and congrats on 1k but seriously who is reachzero

why does he have mods he has like 40 posts?

but yeah running uu with you was great i hope we get to do it again in gen 5, you're always awesome on metro, you're probably going to heaven which is sweet. you're the total package. also i always appreciate an xk topic that isn't a shoutout thread.
this was really good. most people lose me when i see large blocks of text like that, but this kept my interest the whole way. this feels like a bible story in pokemon form. if you wanted, i would love another one

congrats on the 1k
I thought of Kyogre and Groudon at first, but then suspected the land dragon to be Salamence because of the whole wanting to fly and shell thing, but what's the original dragon?

and Hydreigon is cool

Either way congrats on 1k


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Congrats on the 1K reach, you were a great tutor to have in Battling 101 and still continued to help me after, and I hope you'll stick around should it re-open and continue to help aspiring competitive battlers. So, thanks for being there to talk to, and again congrats on 1K.