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a twist on sand

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by phalanx, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. phalanx


    Apr 17, 2008
    a very experimental team using a couple of my fave pokes. of course there are probably plenty of flaws, the team can win games, lost a couple to hax and general rustyness, and not found anything that is a major problem as of yet.
    i Basically wanted to build a team and test a few pokes out, I already knew I wanted Aron and Stoutland in sand, so the other 3 are just there, Hetran to give me some Special attacking under sandstorm, and Techniloom to hit some threats hard.
    Tyranitar @ Air Balloon
    Sand Stream
    Dragon Dance
    Stone Edge
    Ice Punch

    the lead, mainly there to set up the sand, but TTar always packs a punch, and gives the opposition something to think about in terms of setting up entry hazards at the start, the Balloon is there to, of course stop all the Earthquaking, however i am considering going with Chople Berry and swaping Ice punch for Earthquake.

    Stoutland @ Chople Berry
    Sand Rush
    Work Up

    A one of my ingame favourates, and a rather differant aproach to sandstorm using, granted it could have a better movepool (work up only attack booster) but does have strong attack and speed wit a good bit of bulk. and facing a fair few Steel and Phychic types it can easily cover both, Chople Berry for now, although Leftovers or shellbell are loking appealing after playing this for a few matches, but otherwise something the usual teams do not expect and therfore a pain to counter.
    Aron (level 1) @ shell bell
    atk 116HP/44 spDef/436Def
    Body Slam
    Rock slde

    this is the twist or perhaps the sting in the tail, most if it is irrelivent, as it is level 1, basically we all know how this works, something hits it, it survives, Endeavors, and heals to full off shellbell, while sandstorm does the rest. not useful 100% of the time, but in the right time and place can be uncounterable, this pokemon could also function in trick room scenarios, due to low speed, and has moves to make use of it.
    Cloyster @ Leftovers
    Shell Smash
    Icicle Spear
    Rapid Spin
    Razor shell

    A pokemon i'm not familiar with in terms of this scenario but perhaps a very handy one, overcoat for the immunity to sandstorm, and a water type that can cover both aspects of a sun team is a plus. also has rapid spin for removing entry hazards, which is key for getting Aron in play

    Heatran @ Air Balloon
    Flash fire
    Hidden power Electirc
    Earth power
    Lava Plume

    hard to say currently how effective it can be, but i wanted a Special attacker with sandstorm immunity that can come in and do the business when an oppertunity comes, toxic has been the most useful move on here in terms of dealing with stallers, but where I am currently, Heatran is not been effective as i know it can be, but there are plenty of good aspects currently going for it.

    Breloom @ Life orb
    Mach Punch
    Bullet Seed
    Swords dance

    definantly a twist, wanted to try this poke out, and given its moves, perhaps something of a revenge killer or somethin to deal with stallers although using Life orb with no sandstorm immunity, the damage this guy can cause if the opposition is not careful is a risk worth taking, especially if it means a clear run from one of the above. and is of course, RESISTANT to water which in a sand team is very handy.

    To conclude, a team where I wanted to use differant things, i could easily go all out and use the Lucarios, Gliscors, Jirachis, Skarmorys and the Bulky steels, but that isn't the point, the point is to try something new with other pokemon who can function in this enviroment, as i have said surprising pokemon can win games, the main issues here are the items and if there anything better, because in terms of coverage and weaknesses its nearly covered (fighting perhaps the only glarer) of course getting rating to test it is tough, having had a couple of wins snatched by hax that would otherwise have put me where the stronger teams are, and where I can test it properly against the main things in the metagame, sand being out of my usual zone I wanted to see what those higher up thought as they have played the metagame more.
  2. tml


    Oct 5, 2011
    None of your pokemon have natures so you best change that right away. I do not think Aron is a good idea in the current metagame personally, the reason being is the vast amount of teams utilizing Deo-D hazard spammer with a Gengar, it is not so easy to spin, so Aron becomes essentially useless. Another point to make about your team is the fact that Breloom basically 6-0s you, all an opponent needs is a weakened Heatran and it can sweep you with Mach Punch + Bullet Seed, being able to Bullet Seed it's way past Aron's sturdy and surviving any single hit from a Stoutland. For me there is one simple solution to this, physically defensive Xatu, this pokemon of course provides a solid counter to Breloom, and with it's ability Magic Bounce it can prevent your opponent from setting up hazards, for me Xatu can fit over Cloyster, I don't think Cloyster is very valuable to your team because you are not short of physical power in your team already. This alone wont address the entire problem, but this is just a thought I wanted to share. Hope you found this helpful, good luck.
  3. tehy

    tehy Banned deucer.

    Aug 16, 2010
    Interesting team, but i can already see a few problems.

    Firstly, you lack an SR (Stealth Rocks) user. Even for the most offensive of teams, SR is helpful for punishing switches and getting enemies in KO range. I'd stick it on heatran instead of HP elec, but it could also fit on FEAR aron on a forced switch.

    Secondly, stoutland can run hone claws. This doesn't matter on PS, but on other sites, sand veil isn't actually banned, so the accuracy boost might actually come in handy once in a while. No harm in it, either.

    Thirdly, aron needs a massive overhaul, assuming you're even using it. (Consider getting rid of it entirely.) Any evs above 252 will accomplish nothing, so you may as well change those. You are also running body slam,rock slide, and automotize. The lowest speed of any pokemon used in OU will most likely still outspeed +6 speed max speed aron, and will certainly outspeed +2 speed max speed aron. Rock slide is pointless, except to hit ghosts, so a better solution would be a neutral attack like iron head and thunder wave, thus letting you hit and paralyse things. Of course, you're far better off just running toxic in the third slot, and whatever you like in the fourth.

    Shell smash rapid spin cloyster is just barely viable, but i'd recommend just putting rock blast instead of rapid spin. Also, the ability skill link lets all of cloyster's multi-hit moves always hit the maximum amount of times, increasing his power dramatically, so i would use that instead of overcoat.

    These are all minor things you need to fix, but your team is kind of problematic, with no real defensive core, but not enough revenge-killing or offensive pressure to make up for it. You may want to just stick a scarf genesect on there instead of aron, a quick fix that can help alleviate this problem, and let you revenge-kill even without SS up or a mach punch weakness on the other pokemon.
  4. Bluebanana


    Nov 17, 2012
    you desperately need a spinner such as forrestress due to the fact that if your opponent sets up spikes or SR your aron is absolutely screwed...

    Do note that that you should not be using a shell smash cloyster with spin as it is a waste of a move slot and will cost you a turn to use in which your opponent can switch to a counter or attack your cloyster
  5. phalanx


    Apr 17, 2008
    used it a bit more, it plays well actually, bar one sun team where I got haxed royaly, the problems with Breloom havn't raised thier heads but I can see the points raised, team is fighting weak I can definatly see that, brings me to that other poke I wanted to try, Xatu.
    team is capable of winning matches Stoutland I love, better then I expected. as I said sand is way out of my zone so wanted to avoid the normal generic sand stuff to try out new pokes (hence aron and Stoutland)
    Hidden power Electric i am considering changing, as I see far less water then expected, so all the advice given here can easily slot in.
    thanks guys
  6. youngjake93


    Sep 3, 2012
    Lvl 1 Donphan is legal on Pokemon Showdown and completely outclasses Aron. It has Ice Shard, Knock Off and Rapid Spin to set it apart.
    Moveset would look like:
    -Ice Shard
    -Rapid Spin
    -Sandstorm/Knock Off

    I'm pretty sure everyone else covered most of the other weaknesses of the team.

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