Alt Deletion

There are a ridiculous amount of alts on PS!, it is extremely hard to find a new one because so many things are taken. It is really easy to switch from alt to alt so new alts are commonplace. This will become a huge problem in months to come with PS! gaining popularity. Would it be possible to delete alts (clear ladder ranking and unregister) that have very few games played on them and do not see activity for a week or so? It would also be cool to be able to reset w/l ratio for an alt, but that is a different matter.


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Zarel will have to give you the technical feasibility of this. However, it's not unreasonable for large sites to not remove usernames. Smogon doesn't remove the usernames of those who haven't logged on in years. Even a huge site like GameFAQs doesn't remove names.

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Smogon has removed user accounts in the past. In 2009 and 2010, Misty and I removed quite a few inactive accounts (it was in the tens of thousands, but I forget the exact number) specifically to free up more names for people to change to. The threshold for deletion was a lot more stringent than the week of inactivity proposed by the original poster here though.