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An Extra Section for Analyses Involved in the Rain Complex Ban

Discussion in 'Archives' started by AccidentalGreed, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. AccidentalGreed

    AccidentalGreed Sweet and bitter as chocolate.
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    Jun 12, 2009
    I wanted to suggest some askew to what Rising_Dusk suggested for fifth generation analyses, which can be seen here.

    Personally, I'm a tad worried on how how analyses on Pokemon involved in Aldaron's Proposal, or more specifically, the Drizzle + Swift Swim Ban, are going to be handled.

    Newer players, or people waiting to get familiar with the Smogon metagame, will obviously question the ban, and will be confused as of why the ban is what it is. In GameSpot where I rarely lurk, I've seen people completely misunderstand the bans and reason that the bans are completely arbitrary (Blaziken is a hot topic right now, if you guys want to know). This would apply to newer players as well.

    I am currently working on both the Politoed and Kingdra analyses, and I don't particularly enjoy having to write an extra paragraph in the Overview explaining the ban, making the Overview longer than it should be. [1] Therefore, I would like 5th generation analyses for Swift Swimmers and Politoed to consider adding an extra section, explaining the ban and making the reader understand it better. This would decrease the amount of clutter in the overview, and surely some Pokemon analyses would not mind another section added (like the Hidden Power section in Magnezone's analysis last generation). In my idea, it would look like this:

    [An Explanation on the Drizzle + Swift Swim Ban]


    [2] Ideally, if someone does not like an extra section added to ALL Swift Swimmers need an extra section added (like Luvdisc), we can instead implement a link to an article or page explaining the ban. After the final paragraph of the Overview, there should be a link to such an article. In my idea, it would look like this:

    <p>For an explanation behind the Drizzle and Swift Swim Combination Ban, please click here.</p>

    If there is a better way of explaining the ban to newer players, do tell.
  2. Rising_Dusk

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    Dec 27, 2009
    Then the obvious place to put it would be in this forum! That said, when a super mod sees this, they can move it there.
    I don't like this idea at all. I don't see how it takes an entire extra paragraph to talk about the relevance of a ban to a Pokemon, nor do I like the idea of expanding analyses to talk about something that should be crystal clear when reading the discussed team options in AC for any given set. In the second paragraph of AC and in the overview for the Pokemon, simply write two sentences along the lines of: "While you might be tempted to run Kingdra alongside Politoed for permanent rain, the combined ban of Swift Swim and Drizzle on any given team prevents this. For this reason, you need to choose different teammates." See how smooth that is? Two short and sweet sentences and it's all explained so that no one will have any doubts or questions.

    If you think there needs to be an on-site article to discuss different bans in the metagame and how they came to be—which would, admittedly, be cool—then that's a whole different story and should be handled as such. That sort of article would be a pain to maintain given the less-than-stable current BW metagame, but would be a much better redirect for confused chumps than ++paragraphs in the analyses themselves.
  3. mehbear


    Jul 24, 2010
    I think there should be a disclaimer at the top noting that swift swim + drizzle is banned, or at the bare minimum a LINK to a forum post which lists all the rules of OU. (assuming the analysis is for OU.)

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