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"The invitations have been sent, sir". BlueKirby could see a grin light up the face of Jackal, owner of this monstrous laboratory. "Good. They have no idea what's coming".

Jackal got up, walked halfway across the room and readied himself at a large switch. Peering into a screen monitoring the front entrance, he waits anxiously for the moment to arrive:

46 of Smogon's most nefarious mafia players will soon show up to his lab, all vying for the chance to win another mafia game. This, however, will be unlike any mafia game they have ever seen before...


BlueKirby returned to his office. He noticed a spare invitation left on his desk. He decided to look it over one last time. It read:

"Dear Smogon's Best,

You have been chosen to take part in the next great mafia game, hosted by Jackal at his lab. Bring nothing but your resolve to win. You will have to be cunning to do so.

Good luck, and expect the unexpected."

Satisfied, BlueKirby also monitored the screen, waiting for the users to arrive.


You step up to the door, a tad anxious but also confident that you will find success in this game. You ring the intercom, stating your name. You recognize the voice of Jackal on the other end. "Enter" is all he replies.
As you walk in, you hear a loud noise in the distance, and maniacal laughter. The floor vanishes from beneath you and you thump onto the ground below.
Surveying your surroundings, you are in a small room, and determine there is no way out. In the corner is a table, with an envelope on it. The only other thing in the room is a chair with some sort of strange device attached to it.
You pick up the envelope and take a deep breath.

"What have I gotten myself into..."

The envelope reads:

"Dear Smogon's Best,

Welcome to my game of mafia. This game will be played anonymously, by you and for you. You know your competition by their Smogon names, but all that is out the door.

You will play this game under an alias. Your alias is your protector. No one will know your true identity, and you will know no one else's. It can be woven into your strategy whether you want to reveal who you truly are in the game, but you may find your alias to be of more use to you than it may originally appear.

You may reveal who you truly are in private to someone or to the public at any time in the game. You may impersonate anyone and you may claim to be anyone, but you at no point are permitted to switch aliases with any user, ever. Doing so will result in immediate godkill, and possible banishment from mafia games forever. Do NOT do it.

Below is your alias for the game. The game begins when you sit in the chair, put on the virtual headset and enter your alias. The details of the game will be revealed once you have logged in. Prepare for one heck of a game.


Stunned, you check the envelope for your alias, sit in the chair and input it. Suddenly, everything goes black. You have been transported to Jackal and BK's virtual world...

To be continued...

-Check PM box for alias and forum link, should be there shortly-
- You will be instructed from there, so sit tight :) -

-Reference: List of players (5/46 alive)- **GAME OVER**

-Shiv (disco_stu) - Lynched Day 1 - Wise [Zelda]
-thunda (WHY_I'M_NOT_HERE_>|:-c() - Lynched Day 12 - Powerful [Barinade]
-dak (big_bigest_winer) - Lynched Day 11 - Courageous [Dampe]
-moot (Gobble D. Dick) - Killed Night 4 - Courageous [Anju's Grandmother]
-porygon3 (The Don) - Killed Night 3 - Courageous [Tingle]
-Toothache (stamps) - Killed Night 6 - Courageous [Navi]
-evan (Alpha Kennywan) - Kileld Night 8 - Courageous [Pamela's Father]
-Kumar (blooper) - Killed Night 9 - Powerful [Ganondorf]
-zerowing (no_blax) - Killed Night 11 - Courageous [Kafei]
-Captkirby (Azn Sensation) - Killed Night 5 - Courageous [Mayor Dotour]
-Vampy34 (doopers) - Lynched Day 8 - Courageous [Postman]
-AvatarST (Celia) - Killed Night 2 - Courageous [Stallchild]
-Max (prince_despotar - WINNER - Wise [Giant]
-StrangerDanger (teddy bear) - Killed Night 2 - Powerful [Kotake]
-aamto (Ernest) - Killed Night 7 - Courageous [Link]
-Shiney (Mr. Cool) - Lynched Day 7 - Courageous [Anju]
-Raikage (Acredula) - Killed Night 10 - Wise [Giant]
-Amelia (Diamond Ness) - WINNER - Wise [Giant]
-Doomsday (im_french34) - Auto-Killed Day 13 - Courageous [Postman's Apprentice]
-Brain (StreetPKMN) - Killed Night 9 - Courageous [Nabooru]
-Pillowrath (Hyena) - Killed Night 12 - Powerful [Phantom Ganondorf]
-Hipmonlee (SMalkmus) - Killed Night 4 - Courageous [Impa]
-Earthworm (icicle_knight) - Lynched Day 11 - Neutral [Dark Link]
Green Pikachu (MediCHAMP) - Killed Night 9 AND Lynched Day 13 - Wise [Moon]
-Obi (Oliver Klosov) - Killed Night 5 - God [Nayru]
-Sonuis (insane_gasball_wild_dog) - Survivor/Still Loses - Courageous [Darunia]
-GTS (branners) - Killed Night 1 - Powerful [Bongo-Bongo]
-Junior (Yaseen Mamuff) - Auto-Killed Day 4 - Courageous [Rauru]
-Andenken (Skye_Sweetnam_<3 - WINNER - Wise [Sakon]
-Venom (Mike Hunt) - Killed Night 3 - Wise [Jim]
-darkie (blackbragirl) - Killed Night 4 - Courageous [Curiosity Shop Owner]
-WishJirachi (xXx_Gerudo_PrincesS_13_xXx) - Lynched Day 9 - Courageous [Happy Mask Salesman]
-Puggy (Umbrella_Umbreon) - Lynched Day 3 - Powerful [Iron Knuckle]
-DeLorean (pineapple_exeggutor) - Killed Night 1 - Courageous [Ingo]
-imperfectluck (GreenKirby) - Killed Night 7 - Powerful [Morpha]
-gmax (darck charley) - Killed Night 11 - God [Din]
-Mr.Escalator (indiekid) - Killed Night 7 - God [Farore]
-Ghandi1988 (thebest) - Killed Night 10 - Wise (Tael)
-The Atheist (elie4bruno) - Lynched Day 5 - Courageous [Kaepora Gaebora]
-ControllerOfFlames (Krusty Haruka) - Killed Night 9 - Powerful [Volvagia]
-Gouki (dong) - WINNER - Wise [Skullkid]
-Fishin (karate_explosion) - Lynched Day 13 - Powerful [Koume]
-Aquirri (keenan) - Killed Night 8 - Powerful [Queen Gohma]
-Lawman (hazeybabes) - Lynched Day 2 - Powerful [King Dodongo]
-akuchi (fire_gym_leader) - Lynched Day 6 - Courageous [Shiro]
-Mr. 378 (Mr. Dodrio) - Auto-killed for being stupid Day 10 - Wise (Giant)[/color]


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I *knew* it was going to be on another forum. Neat idea, I'm really looking forward to this (SD and Doomsday have a lot to live up to).

Now, where's my pm >_>

I guess this'll act as an open discussion topic where we can throw ideas around? Since we can't really accuse each other given that we'll all be playing with alts heh.


I'm not retarded I'm Canadian it's different
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ok FUCK guys i didnt want this to happen, but ironing out the last few kinks took really long and my mom is about to pull my internet cause im still up this late, so I will have to finish sending the role pms when I get up.

BK will still send all the alias info PMs, but the forum URL will have to wait until tomorrow. sorry again ;(

shiv dont kill me

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Hahaha, oh man.

Some of you will have got passwords with
in them, because my clipboard is retarded and I didn't preview the PMs before sending them (when typing the PMs it was simply a small, blank "picture").

Just use the number after that mess as your password to log in. PM me if there's any confusion. Sorry to those who were effected!
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