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Apprentice Program - Round Twenty Five

Discussion in 'B101 Archive' started by Aeolus, Apr 6, 2008.

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  1. Aeolus

    Aeolus Bag
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    Sep 12, 2005
    We are ready to begin Round Twenty Five of the tutoring program, which will focus SOLELY on D/P OU standard battling; If you wish to get a tutor for this round all you have to do is post your profile in the format below. Tutors will be an excellent resource for you to learn Pokemon team building and battling strategies, as well as someone who can help "initiate" you into the Smogon Community. They are here for you...so take advantage!

    This round will last for the next 2 weeks ending on April 19th, 2008

    Shoddy Battle nick:
    Time zone:
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!):
    Experience level*:A little about myself:

    *You don't have to be good...just willing to learn. So, don't be shy; Sign up now!


    I will begin assigning all tutors to appropriate apprentices. If you are still looking for a tutor after all tutors have been assigned...you have the option of looking through the tutor roster and PM'ing a suitable person (one who is online during similar hours) to ask them if they will take you on as a second apprentice. It's as simple as that!!

    If at any point during this round you encounter a problem (difficulty getting together with your tutor, etc.), let me know and we will work to resolve the issue.

    Round Twenty Five Matchups:

    Aeroblacktyl - Wulfspade
    AJC - Pokemaster
    Slice n Dice - Pulse
    maddog - Blistex
    Calciphoce - Grimvoir
    the Lexx - OGBaLLiN
    Blue Kirby - Aquilae
    Spaniard - Ike and Tina
    Brawlex - Ragnarok
    Taylor - Sikh Assassin
    CaptKirby - L
    husk - umbriel
    StrangerDanger - balddemon, yungunr2
    Jackal - Frosty
    Yagami Light - Darkflow
    Max - Poliwaggle
    Gouki - Shellder
    Gormenghast - Rey Merin
    jrrrrrrr - cape
    [kd8]otome - Diesel
    Silver610 - weakestlink33
    IggyBot - ravi the peanut
    Havak - Clash
    Judgement - gaudetjaja
    MS - Servant
    JabbaTheGriffin - Ghandi1988
    Great Sage - Maji
    Maniaclyrasist - Abcd45678
    Tsurukawa - Hayate
    Xaio - yellowshark1130
    marrilpet - Agguro
    KinglerDude24 - micelands
    Blu - travisurfer

    Available Tutors:

  2. Pokemaster


    Apr 5, 2008
    Assigned to AJC

    Shoddybattle nick:Pokemaster2
    Time zone: Eastern
    Regular Hours: 1 to 9 PM, Saturday
    Expirience Level:I am new to the art of pokemon, and am willing to learn from some of the greats! Pokemon is really fun for me, and I want to test my Shoddybattle team out with the masters. My server is the Official Server, and so if someone is on that one, that would be okay. Anyone is okay, just a Shoddybattle genius.

    A Little About Myself: I like to play sports and other things but that dosen't interfere with my timing.
  3. Pulse


    Feb 10, 2008
    Assigned to Slice n Dice

    Shoddy Battle nick: .Pulse. , tesst
    Age: 18
    Time zone: Pacific
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!): All the time on Weekends // Monday and Thursday: 6 - 10 PM // Rest of the Week - 6 PM - 1 AM
    Experience level: I consider myself to have improved a lot since my last tutor visit. I've been working on team building and prediction in general, and I feel like I have elevated my game to a new level.
    A little about myself: I much prefer the Wifi Metagame as opposed to Shoddy, so hopefully I could be matched up with an experienced wifi battler. As for myself, I play soccer and basketball, soccer on Mondays and Thursdays, causing the time shortening on those days. I go to a very difficult school, and I mention this so I can bring up the fact that the available times I listed are just a rough period of time. I won't be on ever second of that time, as it will vary depending on my work load.

    As I stated, I'd prefer to be paired up with someone who is experienced in the Wifi Metagame. If not, I would love to pair up with someone who has experience with lesser used strategies. After my first round, I have plenty of faith in your judgement.
  4. Blistex


    May 27, 2007
    Assigned to maddog

    Shoddy Battle Nick: Blistex
    Time Zone:Pacific (GMT -8:00)
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern Only): 4:00pm - Whenever, Weekends 1:00pm – Whenever
    Experience Level: I would say I’m at a moderate skill level. On occasion I make really stupid moves. Prediction needs work and I would like to design a team in correspondence with the threat list. I am very interested in making mono teams right now. So if a tutor out there has a specialty in that area, I’d really appreciate that. I'm also trying to improve on both sides of the spectrum, WiFi and Shoddy Battle.
    A little about myself: I’m a senior in high school about to graduate. I’ve been playing Pokémon since I was a wee boy. Got competitive when D/P came out. A small pocket of people here play Pokémon, me and my friend struggle to play due to boredom. Our hope is tournaments, yet we can’t seem to enter any because they’re always closed. Other than that I plan in the next year or two to become a licensed locksmith.
    *Will not be able to be online tonight, but I will confirm my tutor ASAP*
  5. Grimvoir


    Mar 18, 2008
    Assigned to Calciphoce

    Shoddy Battle nick: Grimvoir
    Age: 22
    Time zone: Pacific
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!): 2:00 PM to 2:00 AM
    Experience level*: Amateur to Novice. I need alot of help with team building and predictions.
    A little about myself: I have been playing the games ever since RBY Gen 1. My main expertise is with Ubers, but now I'd like to move into OU and expand my horizons.

    Note: I would like to request Husk as my tutor if possible. I met him in #smogon, and he told me to go ahead and request him. If that isn't possible, anyone will do.

    EDIT: I am mainly interested in the WiFi metagame, as I don't really like Shoddy. I only use Shoddy for team testing. So if Husk isn't available, I would like someone who is knowledgeable in the WiFi metagame.
  6. Lakers


    Mar 9, 2008
    Assigned to the Lexx

    Shoddy Battle nick: 0GBaLLiN ( the 0 is a zero )
    Age: 15
    Time zone: Eastern
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!): 3-11 ( Some days i wont be on, but i will discuss which days with my tutor)

    Experience level: I am a pretty decent battler. Im also willing to learn, and wont be stubborn about things. I hope to get a tutor that knows alot about the game and a tutor that can teach me alot.
  7. Aquilae


    Mar 23, 2008
    Assigned to Blue Kirby

    Shoddy Battle nick: Corper
    Time zone:
    Regular Online Hours:

    Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays - 9pm to 10pm
    Tuesdays & Thursdays - 3.30pm to about 8pm
    Weekends - Any time
    Experience level*: I feel my prediction skills are okay, but i am not very good at team-building. As such, I have been using the same team for a long time, and it isn't very good. I hope a tutor will guide me through the finer points of competitive battling.
    A little about myself: I enjoy competitive battling as it gives me a thrill to win and has helped train my analytical and prediction skills.
  8. Ouro


    Feb 23, 2007
    Assigned to Spaniard

    Shoddy Battle nick: IkeAndTina
    Age: 17
    Time zone: -5 EST
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!): 4-12 PM (Not straight!)
    Experience level*:

    I am fairly experienced at battling but find that I stick to the same group of Pokemon. By now I have a decent understanding of the metagame but I find that with the insight of a knowledgeable individual I will understand it even further.

    Jackal was my master last round. He was a cool character and I would love for him to be my master this round. He has advised me to find someone else though. If possible I would like spaniard, I have encountered him many times on shoddy under my alt.
  9. Ragnarok


    Jul 13, 2007
    Assigned to Brawlex

    SB Nick: Ragnarawk (o yes i am very creative)
    Age: 15
    Time Zone: GMT-6; Central.
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern): 4:30 PM - 1:00 AM
    (What? I get home late. ._.)
    Weekends usually have a much wider time window, if I'm home.
    Experience Level*: I'm... okay. I try to fit things I like into my teams; Needless to say, many wins for a Pokémon usually put it on my "favorites" list. However, some of the ones I've grown to love get beaten easily, which makes me doubt my team-building skills and sometimes, even item choices.
    I'm not good at predicting opponent's Pokemon, and many times I use attack-first-defense-later strategies.
    (a terrible 2:1 win/loss record, so seriously, I need help. lol.)
    A bit about myself: I like nature and IV breeding. EV training is tedious but I do it, anyway.
    I do not battle often because I dislike the idea of defeat. :D;;
    I'm hoping I can get better at anticipation and using my own teams wisely...

    I don't much like Shoddy except for testing; If my tutor would be willing to use Wi-Fi instead, that would be appreciated.
  10. X-Trader


    Aug 9, 2007
    Assigned to Taylor

    Shoddy Nick: Ares Chaos
    Age: 14
    GMT: EST (- 5:00)
    Online Hours: 5 to 10 PM on Weekdays, 12 AM to 11 PM on Weekends
    Experience Level: High Middle-class
    A Little About Myself: I began playing competitively around February. I live in NJ, and I am a trader on the WiFi sub-forum. Currently I have a rating of 1170, still trying to reach around 1400 to 1500. I really want to learn battle strategies, and prediction. I also want to make my team stronger, what I’m sure my Tutor will help me with

    I would like to request Taylor as my Tutor; he really helped me out on the RMT sub-forum, and I think he is a great player and Tutor. He has also agreed
  11. Kira


    Jan 10, 2008
    Assigned to CaptKirby

    Although I said I wasn't going to sign up due to me being unable to contact my tutor last time, I can swear this time I won't neglect to contact my tutor as the tutor I want now is always available on the IRC, and Smogon.

    Shoddy Battle nick: OU_testing, L_Kira_smog
    Time zone:
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!):
    (4:00pm-11:00pm) - (anytime weekends)
    Experience level*:A little about myself:
    Well I feel that I have the general concept around team building down, but a little improvement in that are couldn't hurt. I mainly need to work on prediction skills.

    Requesting CaptKirby as my tutor. I battled him on shoddy and he was very helpful in helping me learn prediction. If he is my tutor then I can assume that I will get even better under his guidance.
  12. umbriel


    Feb 1, 2008
    Assigned to husk

    This is my third try at getting a tutor. I have signed up for the past two apprentice programs, only to find my tutor to be unavailable or ill-matched for me. If I can please get a tutor who's available and is knowledgeable about using UU/BL pokemon in their own environment (not OU), or even just UU in the UU environment, I would be extremely grateful. I have spoken with Max and he said he'd get me a tutor for this round, if possible.

    Shoddy Battle nick: Umbriel
    Age: Twenty years-old.
    Time zone: EST
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!): Online hours range for me:
    Mondays and Wednesdays: 3-10 p.m.
    Tuesdays and Thursdays: 2-10 p.m.
    Fridays: 12-10 p.m.
    Saturdays: 6-10 p.m.
    Sundays: 1-10 p.m.
    These are just estimated guesses.
    Experience level*: I know a bit about the metagame, but I'm afraid that I'm not that good. I'm really interested in UU and BL pokemon, because they aren't seen and used as frequently as those pokemon in the OU environment. I haven't had much experience battling, though, but I'm always up for learning something new and unique.
    A little about myself: I'm a junior in college, an English literatures major who is interested in reading, creative writing, nature, and intellectual/psychological conversation, among many things.
  13. balddemon


    Feb 25, 2008
    Assigned to StrangerDanger

    Shoddy Battle nick: balddemon
    Age: 16
    Time zone: CST
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!): 9:52 - 11:40 (third and fourth hour lol if this doesn't work, that's fine(btw, that's in CST, will convert tomorrow when I can think.))
    Experience level*: I am a good predictor, but my teambuilding skills suck.
    about me: a sexy 16 year old junior failing math and english.
  14. Frosty

    Frosty =_=
    is a Community Contributoris a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Mar 25, 2008
    Assigned to Jackal

    Shoddy Battle nick: Frosty
    Age: 19
    Time zone: GMT -3
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!): Time Zones confuse the hell out of me, but I think it is (presuming that EST= GMT -5):
    Monday&Wednesday: 9:00 AM-1:00 PM; 8:00-9:00 PM
    Tuesday&Thursday: 9:00 AM-1:00 PM; 6:00-8:00 PM
    Friday: 9:00 AM-8:00 PM
    Saturday: 7:00AM-12:00AM; 6:30-8:30PM
    Sunday: All day.
    Experience level*: I started playing pokemon competitively (as in, against real people) about 8 months ago or so. Since then I have been playing almost every day with some hiatus here and there. I still have problems knowing specific pokemons and their commonly used movesets. I can't just think on a list of counters when making a team and I have a lot of problems when trying to create a moveset/distribute EVs made specifically to counter a certain pokemon, mainly as far as damage calculation is involved. But I feel that I am getting better at this at a good rate, hopefully.
    A little about myself: Well, I am a law student on my third year (here, we study law for 5 years). I absolutely love strategy games and I am very competitive when I want to, maybe more than I'd want to. I am a quick learner and I really like to study new strategies, specially unusual strategies (which is why I prefer to stay away from overused pokemons, like the 600 BST dragons). And that is all.
  15. yungunr2


    Oct 18, 2006
    Assigned to StrangerDanger

    Shoddy Battle nick: IRNEW
    Time zone:
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!):
    mondays 5-9pm wednesdays 4-7pm thursday 5-9pm fridays 5-12 available all sat except from 7-9pm
    Experience level*:
    Well im a bit new to pokemon i have battled on shoddy quite a bit not so much at a competitive level i was told i have good predicting skills, but sometimes i over shoot them and cost me the match, team building is where i have the most problems so someone godly at that would be much help.:pimp:
  16. Darkflow


    Feb 24, 2008
    Assigned to Yagami Light

    Shoddy Battle nick: Darkflow-
    Time zone:
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!):
    6:00 p.m. -1:00 a.m. on Weekdays, 1:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m. on Weekends.
    Experience level*:
    Moderate, I’ve been on shoddy for a while, and I do okay, but I can’t seem to reach the next level.
    A little about myself: I’m a senior in High School, and I plan on going to college.
  17. Poliwaggle


    Jan 19, 2008
    Assigned to Max

    Shoddy Battle nick: got angst
    Age: 15
    Time zone: Eastern United States
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!): After 3:00 on all days of the week except Tuesdays and Sundays, when I am rarely on at all. Also, some Thursdays I am only on after 6:00.
    Experience level*: I am respectably good at predicting but I suck at finding weaknesses in my teams.
    A little about myself: I'm in highschool and hating most of it and I'm a history geek. I have only played Pokemon for about a year. I am an intellectual type who loves to learn so I am looking forward to this =)
  18. Oxygen


    Jul 14, 2007
    Assigned to Gouki

    Shoddy Battle nick: Cloyster (or Shellder, both are mine)
    Do I have to tell you? :(
    Time zone:
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!):
    7:00 PM to 2:00 AM
    Experience level:
    I win more than I lose, but I really stink at teambuilding. It's almost like I depend on chance for my team building, but I keep practicing, building a new team about every three days, and testing it. I almost completely rely on the element of surprise, meaning that rematches are much, much more difficult for me.
    A little about myself:
    I haven't really played Pokemon until D/P. I started off with a Mono-Ice team, which surprisingly won a lot of battles for me, but that was Wi-Fi. It worked in the beginning of Shoddy, but now that most teams on Shoddy are completely original, I've been having trouble with winning with it. I've also built a new Sandstorm team, which I like at the moment.
  19. Rey Merin

    Rey Merin

    Dec 12, 2007
    Assigned to Gormenghast

    Shoddy Battle nick: Rey Merin
    Age: 19
    Time zone: EST
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!): Most hours of the day, lol. Nights a lot, and Friday to Sunday is pretty much anytime.
    Experience level*: Not that much... Just recently got into the competitive scene. I play wifi more than Shoddy, but can go either way.
    A little about myself: I am going to college for art and with the rest of my time I'm probably playing some sort of game.
  20. cape


    Apr 4, 2008
    Assigned to jrrrrrrr

    Shoddy Battle nick: Cape / Cape_testing
    Age: 14
    Time zone: GMT (England)
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!): As I'm of school for Easter holidays, anytime that's good for my Tutor really.
    Experience level*: Beginner, I've been playing for about 6 weeks~ but I have already unearthed some of the aspects of competitive battling that I struggle with, they include: Long term thinking; I can keep track of all the games happenings early on in the battle but at mid to late game I will start to do some rather randoms things and end up losing. Team Building; I find it extremely hard to build a team with an "underlying team strategy" and "synergy" and finally ( I could go on so much longer, but I won't as not to bore you") Keeping it together once the battle seems to be swinging in the opponents favour, I usually panic and desperately try to set up sweepers that which more often than not seals the loss as I will do stupid sacrifices to get said sweeper in >_>

    A little about myself: Well I live in the maniac metropolis that is London, I enjoy football and Rugby, and have recently imported Brawl (which I'm awful at) and have a record of ( 1-12 ) on wi-fi, that's win to lose btw :p

    * If I could, may I please be paired with someone that has exceptional team building skills and knows many team startegies as I think that aspect of the game is the one I most struggle with.

    Anyway, thanks in advance. ^__^
  21. Diesel


    Aug 6, 2007
    Assigned to [kd8]otome

    Shoddy Battle Nick: Diesel
    Age: 18 (As of tomorrow anyway, lol)
    Time zone: Pacific Standard Time (-8 GMT)
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!): 6 PM to 11 PM
    Experience level: I'm pretty much a nov. I've done some battling on Shoddy, and I probably have above a .500 Win %, but that probably speaks more to my opposition than my own skill. I don't battle much at all, but I hope to start doing it more soon. I'm pretty decent with predicting, which helps a lot. My overall knowledge of movesets is growing, but probably not where it needs to be, which will lead to mistakes when trying to deal with an opponent's pokemon. I'm also not great with damage calculations.
    A little about myself: I'm a senior in high school, going to the University of Washington next year. In general I'm pretty fun-loving and accepting. I like jokes, sports, Halo, and shiny pokemon. I'm pretty quick to grasp concepts and whatnot, so I'd really like to learn some advanced stuff (don't baby me :P). I'd also like my tutor to help me make a team out of pokemon I can chain or have chained, given the time, lol.
  22. weakestlink33


    Dec 17, 2006
    Assigned to Silver610

    Shoddy Battle nick: weakestlink33
    Time zone:
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!):
    Experience level*:
    Played pokemon since r/b/y, but very little experience with the metagame/ competitive battling
    A little about myself: I'm in college and have a lot of work to do, but I also like to fool around with my friends playing video games.
  23. ravi the peanut

    ravi the peanut

    Apr 7, 2008
    toutor proggram

    Assigned to IggyBot

    Shoddy battle nick - ravi the king

    age - 14

    timezone - i live in india,

    online hours - i got vacations so all the time,i will be online in the morning full time ,morning here is night there! so i am guessing around....7.PM to ......(goes on)

    experiance level - i know the basic and i am good{i think}... my shoddy rank is 1200.so i am as good as any 1200 person(average player)=p.my first toutouring experiance.....hope i get a good tutour....:D
  24. Clash


    Jan 13, 2008
    Assigned to Havak

    Shoddy Battle nick: The Clash
    Age: 16
    Time zone: GMT (England)
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!): (GMT -5?) If so, 11am - 4pm. (Thats 4pm - 9pm in GMT). Though I can stay up late on certain weekdays and weekends should I get partnered with someone in a different timezone.
    Experience level*:A little about myself: I've been battling in a competetive way since Jun 2007. I've played every pokemon game since RBY Back in the 1990s so I know my way quite a bit. I just struggle at a few aspects, mainly team building. I like to use more original and less standard pokemon and I am a big fan of using UU/BL In OU.
  25. gaudetjaja


    Jul 14, 2006
    Assigned to Judgement

    Shoddy Battle nick: gaudetjaja
    Age: Age is a temporary thing that will fade away over time, so I will now state that I'm from 1992, and this will stay that way, Deo volente, eternally.
    Time zone: GMT+1
    Regular Online Hours (Eastern only!): On week days I'm on from 10:00 AM to like 12:00 AM, and I can also be on from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. On weekends I can also be on from 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM. Time, however, is an arbitrary and dynamic thing, which means, concretely put, that I can be on at any time that you wish me to be on, except maybe in the deep, dark shadows of the night. After all, we must realize that playing on a 'pokemon battle simulator' (that actually simulates a simulating game) in the middle of the night is the sheer epitome of preposterousness.
    Experience level*: I've played pokemon on battle simulators since the end of 2005. I was never really good at advance OU, though. I'm just mediocre. With D/P, the same threatens to be happening, although the fact that there are so much more options in team building does help me. I allways appreciated the lower tiers of the 'metagame', but being good at that is not what this tutor institution is all about. I'd like us to focus mainly on teambuilding (we did prediction the previous round).
    A little about myself: a/s/l: variable/transsexual/amsterdam red light district
    Anything else that is relevant is stated above.

    edit: Apparently Ike and Tina already want to have spaniard. What a lucky guy, he'll have two apprentices!
    Anyway, although I was supposed to have spaniard as my tutor again this time round, I wouldn't mind to get another tutor. Just make sure they're GMT +0, +1 or +2. Any larger difference will make it difficult to meet up.
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