Armaldo (GP 2/2)


-Great offensive typing in Rock/ Bug
-Very high attack of base 125
-Above-average mixed bulk
-Uses Rapid Spin and doesn't suck at everything else
-When not used on a Rain team, it can never be critted
-Wide support movepool
-measly base 45 Speed
-Weak to SR
-Is a prehistoric Scyther, and by relation a prehistoric Scizor

Set name: Offensive spinner
Move 1: Rapid Spin
Move 2: Stone Edge
Move 3: X-Scissor
Move 4: Earthquake/ Stealth Rock
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Battle Armor
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 HP/ 252 Atk/ 4 SpD

[Set Comments]
-The given set and EVs give Armaldo a massive 383 Attack stat, as well as 354 HP and 236 Defense
-Its Special Defense, however, is somewhat lackluster, at only 197.
-Armaldo is one of the very few viable spinners in NU, and it can usually spin hazards away at least once a game.
-Stone Edge gives Armaldo a very nice STAB, and will be its primary attack
-X-Scissor is Armaldo's weaker, yet more reliable, secondary STAB, being able to slaughter Psychic types
-Since X-Scissor is not always necessary coverage, it can use the moveslot for Rocks
-Earthquake completes the famous EdgeQuake combo, hitting the majority of pokes for at least neutral damage.

[Additional Comments]
-This set can fit into almost any teamstyle, be it balanced, semi-stall, etc.
-This set, like most Armaldo sets, enjoy Trick Room, and works amazingly inside of it with its tiny Speed stat of 126
-Swords Dance can be used to boost Armaldo's Attack to even higher levels, but it does have difficulty setting up and spinning together
-Taking 44 EV's from Attack and dropping it into Speed allows you to outspeed uninvested base 50's like Lickilicky and Regirock, or 124 EVs to outspeed uninvested base 60's like Tangela

Set name: Support
Move 1: Rapid Spin
Move 2: Stealth Rock
Move 3: Knock Off
Move 4: Rock Slide/ X-Scissor
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Battle Armor
Nature: Impish
EVs: 252 HP/ 4 Atk/ 252 Def

[Set comments]
-Rock Slide is chosen over Stone Edge for its accuracy, as this set is not made to dish out a lot of damage
-whether you want Rock Slide or X-Scissor depends mainly on personal preference.
-Rapid Spin is a must on this set, as it is one of the best support moves in the entire game.
-Stealth Rock allows Armaldo to put up some valuable hazards for the team
-In a metagame filled with Choiced mons and Eviolite walls, Knock Off is absolutely incredible.
-Battle Armor makes Armaldo impervious to critical hits, so it has an easier time as a wall

[Additional Comments]
-Like the first set, this set is not made with one playstyle in mind, and fits on many
-Rock Blast, while normally weaker than Rock Slide, is able to break Subs, making it harder to set up on Armaldo.
-If you do chose X-Scissor over Rock Slide, Armaldo has to be a lot more careful with spinblockers like Misdreavus.

Set name: Double Dance
Move 1: Swords Dance
Move 2: Rock Polish
Move 3: Stone Edge
Move 4: Earthquake
Item: Life Orb/ Leftovers
Ability: Battle Armor
Nature: Adamant/ Jolly
EVs: 12 HP/ 252 Atk/ 244 Spe

[Set Comments]
-With this set, Armaldo tries to sweep rather than break a wall or support like the other sets
-If you do not wish to carry either of the boosting moves, replace it with X-Scissor for the most coverage
-Stone Edge and Earthquake create the awesome EdgeQuake, and will hit everything very hard

[Additional Comments]
-If you do not wish to use one of the boosting moves, you can use X-Scissor over the boost you do not want
-Unlike the other sets, this set is much better on a more offensive team than any other,
-If you decide to opt out of Rock Polish, use Jolly
-With an Adamant nature and 244 Speed EV's, you'll have enough Speed to outpace Adamant Swellow

Set name: Choice Band
Move 1: Stone Edge
Move 2: X-Scissor
Move 3: Earthquake
Move 4: Superpower
Item: Choice Band
Ability: Battle Armor
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 252 Atk/ 4 Def/ 252 Spe

[Set Comments]
-Choice Band Armaldo forgoes the needed turns of setup of Double Dance and the low Speed of the supporter/ offensive spinner set
-Stone Edge is amazing as always
-X-Scissor is, as always, a nice STAB move for Armaldo, but Stone Edge will be your primary attack
-Earthquake is another strong move for Armaldo to abuse
-Superpower actually hits as hard as X-Scissor, but hits some pokes that X-Scissor can only dream of hitting (while admittedly having redundant coverage with EQ)

[Additional Comments]
-Aqua Tail sounds like a usable option, but it does not offer much coverage
-This set is better paired with a Spiker like Cacturne to turn OHKO's into 2HKO's

[Other Options]
-Armaldo can use Cross Poison, although the coverage is redundant with X-Scissor
-Brick Break is usable for coverage and if the opponent has a Dual Screen team
-Armaldo also has access to Curse, but you're normally better off using Swords Dance/ Rock Polish

[Checks and Counters]
-Armaldo, when not on a Trick Room team, is easily outsped, and is easily dealt with once it reaches lower health
-A few physically bulky pokes like Weezing and Misdreavus can come in and burn Armaldo, while other pokes like Amoonguss can put it to sleep.


<p>Long ago, in the ancient time known as ADV, Armaldo was able to walk with the big shots in OU. Over time, however, the prehistoric bug's niche was taken over by Scizor, and the fossil was banished to NU. While the Pokemon itself has not changed much since DPP, the metagame around it has, and Armaldo gained a reason to see the light of day again. With a mighty base 125 Attack stat, great STABs in Rock- and Bug-type attacks, as well as access to the useful Rapid Spin, it can perform as a great tank or sweeper. However, it's not all bright for Armaldo, as its Stealth Rock weakness and pitiful base 45 Speed will always hold it back.<p>

name: Offensive Rapid Spin
move 1: Rapid Spin
move 2: Stone Edge
move 3: X-Scissor
move 4: Earthquake / Stealth Rock
item: Leftovers
ability: Battle Armor
nature: Adamant
evs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD


<p>With a simple spread like the one above, Armaldo reaches a massive 383 Atk. It certainly is no glass cannon either, with 354 HP and 236 Defense. Sadly, it's not an all-around tank, as it is let down by its somewhat lackluster Special Defense. Armaldo is one of the few Pokemon in NU with access to the move Rapid Spin, and can actually utilize the move well. Stone Edge and X-Scissor are reliable STAB moves, which can hit the majority of the metagame for at least neutral damage. Earthquake makes its coverage even more spectacular, by completing the EdgeQuake combination. If you do not have another Pokemon on your team that can set up Stealth Rock, the coverage provided by Earthquake, as well as X-Scissor to a lesser extent, can be dropped to supply your team with a valuable entry hazard.<p>


<p>The given EV spread gives Armaldo more than a fair amount of physical bulk, as well as enough Attack to put massive holes in the opponent's team. Leftovers is the default item for this set for increased survivability. Life Orb should not be considered due to Armaldo's low Speed. Armaldo can use Swords Dance to boost its Attack, becoming even more offensive, but it will rarely have time to both set up and Rapid Spin. Alternate EV spreads are also viable. By placing 44 Attack EVs in Speed, Armaldo gains the ability to outspeed uninvested base 50 Speed foes, such as Lickilicky and Regirock. If you choose to place 124 Attack EVs into Speed, you can outpace uninvested base 60s, specifically Tangela.</p>

While Armaldo's main job is to remove hazards on your side of the field, putting hazards on your opponent's, with teammates such as Cacturne and Camerupt, can be beneficial as well; when Armaldo goes on the offensive, it will be harder to check. In terms of type synergy, the likes of Alomomola help by taking moves such as Scald for Armaldo. Gorebyss and Magmortar are the best offensive partners to Armaldo. They are able to utterly demolish physical walls that Armaldo can't break through, while Armaldo can batter the special walls that wall Gorebyss and Magmortar. A great plus point for this Armaldo set is its ability to fit on just about any team, as Rapid Spin benefits just about every playstyle, and the offensive presence Armaldo brings means momentum won't be lost for long. As with any Armaldo, this variant enjoys Trick Room support, due to its measly Speed of 126, making Duosion and the like excellent partners.</p>

name: Support
move 1: Rapid Spin
move 2: Stealth Rock
move 3: Knock Off
move 4: Rock Slide / X-Scissor
item: Leftovers
ability: Battle Armor
nature: Impish
evs: 252 HP / 4 Atk/ 252 Def


<p>Unlike the first set, this set is designed to have more staying power and support options than attacking power. As one of the few NU Pokemon to have access to the move, Rapid Spin is without a doubt the crux of the set. Stealth Rock is as always a great support move, and allows Armaldo to support the team even when it is not on the field. Knock Off is an interesting option, which allows Armaldo to take away important items, such as Choice items or Eviolites. Rock Slide should always be preferred over Stone Edge on this set due to its superior accuracy. Of course, X-Scissor can be used as well, but it is really all up to personal preference. This set also capitalizes on Armaldo's ability, Battle Armor, which ensures that Armaldo's staying power will not be cut short by a critical hit.<p>


<p>The given EV spread gives Armaldo impressive physical bulk to take on the majority of the physical attackers in NU, but it sacrifices attack power. Leftovers is always the default option for a fully-evolved Pokemon that is functioning as a wall, and Armaldo is not any different. Armaldo can also utilize Rock Blast to break Substitutes and deal damage, making it hard for anything to set up on Armaldo. Of course, if you do decide to run X-Scissor over Rock Slide, you have to be cautious of spinblockers such as Misdreavus and, to a lesser extent, Haunter, who can easily come in and ruin Armaldo's fun.</p>

<p>Much like the first set, this Armaldo can be put on a wide spectrum of teams; with one exception. As it is more defensive, it sacrifices a lot more momentum, and should not be used on hyper offense teams. Since Armaldo does not have recovery of it
s own, Wish support from the likes of Lickilicky is much appreciated. Once again, teammates such as Alomomola help to take super effective hits, such as Scald, that would hit Armaldo hard. With Knock Off removing defensive items, Sawk, Swellow, and Gorebyss make great partners; these offensive juggernauts would love to go against walls lacking Leftovers and Eviolite. Choice Scarf Sawk in particular loves the loss of an opponent's Leftovers the most, as it has the least power of the three (given Swellow has a Guts boost and Gorebyss has a Shell Smash, of course), and it turns many 3HKOs into safe 2HKOs. Pursuit trappers, such as Absol, make great partners for their ability to easily dispatch spinblockers, but they still must be wary of being switched in on a Will-O-Wisp.</p>

name: Double Dance
move 1: Swords Dance
move 2: Rock Polish
move 3: Stone Edge
move 4: Earthquake
item: Life Orb / Leftovers
ability: Battle Armor
nature: Adamant / Jolly
evs: 12 HP / 252 Atk / 244 Spe


<p>While the other sets listed before are made to break walls and support the team, this Armaldo goes straight to sweeping your opponent. If you choose to only utilize one of the boosting moves, replace the other with X-Scissor to gain the most coverage. Of course, Stone Edge and Earthquake already have great coverage together, and Armaldo does not really need X-Scissor to be effective. Having both Rock Polish and Swords Dance gives Armaldo the ability to either become a highly offensive juggernaut or a fast offensive threat in one turn, and will have easy means of sweeping if both stat boosting moves are used.</p>


<p>If you decide not to use Rock Polish, running a Jolly nature over an Adamant one is usually the better option, to gain as much Speed as possible. However, Rock Polish does give you a tremendous amount of Speed. With an Adamant nature and 244 Speed EVs, Armaldo can outspeed Adamant Swellow after a boost, one of the fastest Pokemon in the tier, and destroy it with Stone Edge. Life Orb is the most obvious choice for the power boost, but even before a Swords Dance it already has tremendous ripping power, and the added bulk given by Leftovers can be very useful, making it incredibly hard to simply stall Armaldo out while it kills itself.</p>

<p>Unlike the other variants, this Armaldo fits better on offensive teams, but can be used on balance and semi-stall teams as well
. As with any offensive Pokemon, it adores hazards, so having a hazard-setter is always a good idea. One that really stands out is Camerupt, who is not only able to lay down Stealth Rock, but can absorb random Will-O-Wisps aimed at Armaldo. Gorebyss is probably the best ripping partner to Double Dance Armaldo, as it can set up and proceed to sweep the remains of the opponent's team as well. Dual screen support from the likes of Mesprit and Gardevoir is also much appreciated, as when bolstered by dual screens, Armaldo's natural bulk makes it very easy to find at least one turn for set up, allowing the sweep to come more easily.<p>

name: Choice Band
move 1: Stone Edge
move 2: X-Scissor
move 3: Earthquake
move 4: Superpower
item: Choice Band
ability: Battle Armor
nature: Jolly
evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe


<p>By simply equipping a Choice Band, Armaldo forgoes the turns of setup the Double Dance set needs,and gains the ability to hit much harder than the support variants. Of course, Stone Edge and X-Scissor are excellent STAB moves, but Stone Edge will normally be the attack it will be spamming the most. Earthquake, as always, gives amazing coverage alongside Stone Edge. Superpower deals around the same amount of damage as STAB X-Scissor when at neutral effectiveness, but adds great coverage, and is a good hit-and-run move.<p>


<p>Aqua Tail is an interesting option for Choice Band Armaldo, but it unfortunately does not offer much added coverage. Like any offensive Pokemon, this set is best paired with a user of Spikes, such as Cacturne or Garbador, to turn key 2HKOs into OHKOs. Another partner worth considering is Gorebyss, who can take out many key Pokemon that Armaldo cannot, such as Miltank, Misdreavus, and other physically defensive Pokemon,clearing the field for Armaldo to easily clean up. Pairing Choice Band Armaldo with Swellow can overwhelm an opponent in a different way than Gorebyss: the two work together to finally take down the physical walls of your opponent. Finally, Cryogonal makes a very good partner to Choice Band Armaldo, as it can Rapid Spin while Armaldo breaks walls.<p>

[Other Options]

<p>Armaldo has a few options up its sleeve, but these are wildly inferior to the listed moves. First, Armaldo has access to Cross Poison, but as it offers no added coverage over X-Scissor, it is a waste of a moveslot. Brick Break is another option, but if the opponent is not utilizing dual screens, it will usually turn out to be a useless move. Armaldo has access to Curse, but Swords Dance or Rock Polish are better boosting moves. Armaldo's Dream World ability, Swift Swim, gives it a free Rock Polish in rain, but the likes of Gorebyss are better abusers of rain. In fact, to make matters worse, Swift Swim Armaldo does not get access to Aqua Tail, its only useful Water-type move.<p>

[Checks and Counters]

<p>As Armaldo is a very hard-hitting Pokemon, it is difficult to wall; but not impossible. Threats such as Misdreavus, Weezing, and Miltank can sponge most attacks Armaldo can deal out, and the first two especially can burn Armaldo with Will-O-Wisp. Amoonguss can also check Armaldo thanks to Spore. Armaldo's low Speed also means it will be checked by many faster offensive Pokemon, such as Sawk and Swellow, once it has been worn down a bit. There are some threats, in particular Gorebyss, that will always OHKO Armaldo even before Gorebyss sets up a Shell Smash.<p>


Your Worst Nightmare
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slash swords dance over earthquake in the offensive spinner
earthquake doesnt provide much coverage
klinklang can maul armaldo regardless
+2 stone edge can really hurt most spinblockers


cardiac cats
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that double dance set looks ugly, just mention x-scissor in the ac. will give a full check after i get some food.

edit: ok

So you slashed a lot of stuff in the first two slots in a set which really shouldn't happen. The changes you should make are:

Offensive Spinner: SD to AC, Stealth Rock slashed with Earthquake. Swords Dance is represented on the Double Dance set anyway, its not the main point. Stealth Rock should be slashed with Earthquake since I think Bug STAB is a huge draw of Armaldo, especially in this metagame where it can wreck things like Slowking and Mesprit (esp. the leads).

Support: Rock Blast is AC material 100%. You shouldn't slash things on the first item in a set. The order should also reflect that it is a support mon, so i think the order should be Spin/SR/Knock Off/Rock Slide. X-Scissor should be slashed with Rock Slide because depending on your team it could be more useful.

Double Dance and CB are good, Aqua Tail on CB should be AC though since it doesn't hit anything harder than Rhydon.
Mention a faster EV spread in the AC for the first set, and you can call this,


also the order of EV's should be HP / Atk / Def / SpA / SpD / Spe

The order is incorrect on your second and fourth set

Edit: yes, i meant outspeeding base 50s


Your Worst Nightmare
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it might not make a difference but
i have to disagree with you on the x scissor slash
spinblockers are hit with a resisted move so they can spinblock for as long as they want
rock slide can hit spinblockers for neutral damage even hitting drifblim and lampent for super effective damage
x scissor doesnt deserve a slot especially when armaldos main roll is to spin
By faster, do you mean outspeeding base 50's, just putting the 4 in Speed, or running 252 speed? (added part about outspeeding base 50's)

And the order thing comes from habit, fixed.
Maybe Aqua Tail deserves a mention? Is his strongest attack against Rhydon and Bulky Grounds. It's illegal with Swift Swim though.

Also 124 speed evs allow you to outspeed tangela and other 60 base uninvested pokemon.
Maybe Aqua Tail deserves a mention? Is his strongest attack against Rhydon and Bulky Grounds. It's illegal with Swift Swim though.

Also 124 speed evs allow you to outspeed tangela and other 60 base uninvested pokemon.
Troll Freak strikes again...

Will add note about 124 EVs

@ water warrior
any chance of you removing x scisslr ln the support set?
I didn't remove it, but I did add a comment about spinblockers in AC.


sorry to pseudo-necrobump this, but I've been having some fun with rain on the ladder. I've just been running Stone Edge/EQ/Rapid Spin/SD with enough speed to get dugtrio and it's been working rather well.
Before anybody attempts to GP check this, the Additional Comments need some serious work. You need teammates listed for every set, and explainations of why they're helpful. Mention Wish support on the defensive sets (Leafeon, Audino, Lickilicky), and also Pokemon that can switch into Armaldo's weaknesses(Alomomola, Klingklang, Meganium). Furthermore, on the offensive sets, mention Pokemon that set up entry hazards(Omastar, Scolipede, Cacturne), break through physical walls (Taunt users, special attackers, Perish Song, Toxic Spikes users), and those that can switch into Will-O-Wisp(Flash Fire/Fire-types, Clerics, Natural Cure Pokemon). These are just a few examples of what I need from you, but there's plenty more that can be considered. Please think carefully about what teammates to consider, and actually test them as well. Once all of these changes are made, you can proceed with GP checking, but until then, no can do. Good luck, and thanks :D
lul, wut's a timely manner?

Revamped AC, although I couldn't exactly give you what you asked for, as many of the things you asked for are either not in the tier (Klinklang, Omastar/Scolipede/good selection of Spike-setters in general) or kind of suck (the only Flash Fire poke that sees any usage is Flareon, TSpikes is almost useless in NU)



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As a general guideline you should dedicate a paragraph in AC to 4-5 teammates, some offensive and some defensive. Just glossing over them isn't enough, and this still looks a bit skimpy. Sorry to keep hassling you about this!
Why is there no scarf set. I have used it to amazing success and alot of people in NU have been burned by it at some point.

It gives you a very fast hole puncher as well as a speedy rapid spin.