ASB Battle Factory Tournament - Round One (Important Post #41)

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Orcinus Duo

Banned deucer.
Also, with the massive number of byes, its somewhat unfair that in Round 2, 15 people will have 6 less MC to work with per mon against their opponents, so will the byes be receiving MC between now and Round 2? Maybe getting all 6 might not be fair to the people who did battle, but we should still get something, right?
It's somewhat unfair that we have to fight to avoid being DQd.

And besides, 40 MC is more than enough to max for most relevant moves. At that movecount, skill matters much more than 2, 3 extra moves.

Also, how strict are DQs, can we call DQs on opponents?

Orcinus Duo

Banned deucer.
Can we pretty please add a function where we can swap items but not pokemon please damnit

Under the current rules, since mostly everyone is going to have a decent team of pokemon by the time they reach semis, if you had good items you have a big advantage

Proposal thus:
-You may choose to swap pokemon, but items are retained
-You may choose to swap equipped items
You may only choose one of the two

This gives people an inkling of control over their held items


Just to explain a bit more (I'm not very good at explaining)

21:40 orcinus guys
21:40 orcinus
21:41 dogfish44 chances are the better teams will also have the better items, so you will have some control over your items if you win
21:42 orcinus it still doesn't make as much sense as allowing people to choose
21:42 dogfish44 as much as I'd like the ability (RageCandyBar looks gorgeous to have), it's not something the normal factory does and I don't think it's warranted :\
21:42 orcinus esp. with "chances are" being at the start of the sentence
21:42 orcinus well i mean
21:43 orcinus the way things are right now
21:43 orcinus if you have type relevant +4 dmg items
21:43 orcinus you get a huge advantage because all teams are going to be around the same skill come semis
21:44 orcinus sorry
21:44 orcinus all teams are going to have roughly the same power come semis where pokemon are concerned
21:44 orcinus (hate it when i read something and i type what i read instead of what i meant)
21:44 dogfish44 Eh, I'm neutral
21:45 dogfish44 I'm reasonably happy with my item pool I guess, so I'm probably not the best to comment :\
21:45 orcinus yeah i mean like this is in the interest of fairness to those who ended up with shitty items
21:45 dogfish44 I suppose it'll bring new strategy in
21:45 orcinus a bad starting pool of pokemon doesn't matter that much because you can swap em out
21:46 orcinus items, you're stuck with em
21:46 Canis_Majoris ^
21:46 orcinus and it's pretty unfair tbh

21:55 orcinus in factory, pokemon actually had relevant items
21:55 orcinus so it was okay
21:55 orcinus in this, we don't
[11:36] <EspyOwner> no

I want a bit more randomness in this, if we ever do this again I'll assign items to each Pokemon instead of letting people choose from a pool.
heres the plan - somebody does all the calcs and formatting for me since i cant do that on phone, i write a bunch of flavor (perhaps even multiple posts do to phone char limit), and then a mod so kindly merges them all prettily because i love them

EDIT: err it just occured to me i could pm flavor to the subref...bottom line we need one pm me
To help speed things up for the Battle Factory Tournament, I am offering my (sub)reffing services. If there's any matches that need to be taken care of, send them my way. I can take up to 1-2 right now, but I'm pretty quick with them.

And don't worry about flavor - I got that handled. :]
If your match is not finished by May 1st at 11:59pm EST I will be enforcing a strict DQ time of 3 days. We need this tournament to move. If you are a battler and you do not give orders within the 3 day period given to you, you will be disqualified.

Just for clarification, the requirements are that you ORDER WITHIN DQ. If this round extends into June, I will be lowering the DQ to two days. Please don't make that happen. :>
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