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DAT said:
Teleport: The Pokemon glows white and then disappears, reappearing in another location several seconds later. Teleport has 2 distinct uses:
1. Teleport (Evasive)
Teleport can be used as a +1 Priority evasive attack. Teleport will evade any single target attack (other than perfect accuracy attacks and No Guard attacks) in a lower priority bracket and +1 priority combination attacks. If used evasively, the Pokemon does not gain any other benefits. This move fails if used successively, or after Protect, Detect, Agility (Evasive), or the Dodge Command.
2. Teleport (Switch)
[Switch = KO], Teleport can be used to briefly return to a Pokeball and reappear, resetting all of the Pokemon's stat changes and snaps it out of temporary status as well as other effects like Disable, Taunt, and Torment.
[Switch=OK], In a switch battle, the Teleport user is sent back to its trainer's Poke Ball at the end of the round. The Pokemon that is switched in to replace the user is chosen by the player from their remaining Pokemon, however the trainer that commanded Teleport must attack first. A Pokemon switched out with Teleport can switch without initiating a Switch Phase, but only Pokemon that used Teleport, U-turn or Volt Switch can be swapped out.

Attack Power: -- | Accuracy: -- | Energy Cost: 7 | Attack Type: Other | Effect Chance: -- | Contact: No | Typing: Psychic | Priority: +1 Evasive Action, 0 Switch Effect | CT: Passive
Can Teleport Switch be used while Taunted?
I have a question regarding the ability, Imposter.

DAT said:

Type: Innate

This Pokemon transforms into an opponent specified by the trainer immediately upon entry into battle.

Pokemon with this ability: Ditto.
I am battling in the library of abilities arena and the rules require 2 abilities to be RNG'd in NFE mons. My Scyther has Imposter as one of his abilities (The other is Minus). In this case, can I chose to not activate Imposter if I want?

I am highly confused here!! Please help before I go nuts D:
So I just read the newest update on Combos...

Deck Knight said:
Combinations minor update:

Combinations of moves that have the same CT and BAP, where either both or neither have STAB now result in a typeless attack. Where only one has STAB that takes precedent, where one has a higher BAP, that attack is selected.
Does this include same-attack combos, too?
Wasn't sure where else to put this, but I'm coming trying to log into the IRC channel through mibbit and im getting an error message saying I need to register an account for the channel. SynIRC #capasb. Anyway I can do this? or is the channel down?
It's not down. You need to register your name in order to join, to prove you're not a bot.

Type /help in to whatever client you're using.
When I search for #capasb, nothing comes up.
When I forcibly join it, it's as if I'm creating that chatroom.
I registered as a nick, (though the /help menu was rather useless), but even using /identify to log in doesn't resolve the issue.
Little help? (I'm using Mibbit)

EDIT: I've connected to #capasb through Mibbit before, but I'll try SynIRC.
two questions:

1) If a pokemon is holding a toxic orb, and they are sent out, when are they poisoned? before i do a1? and the end of the round? how will that work?

2) If there is a "If flamethrower, then blahblahblah" sub, does a Flamethrower+Flamethrower combo activate that sub?
1) I'm pretty sure it's just at the end of the round if it isn't already inflicted with Poison. (DAT description: "At the end of each round, the Pokemon is inflicted with bad poison.")

2) Yes, if you make a sub for a move, combos involving that move activate the sub.
Data Audit Thread said:
Counter: The Pokemon prepares itself for a physical assault with a strong brownish-red aura. Damage from a physical attack that hits the aura is absorbed and released back at 1.5 times its original strength with a charge at the opponent. This move can hit any single Pokemon on the field, regardless of position.
I'm a bit confused here. Does it only reflect the most recent physical attack, or all attacks from that action. Also, do you specify who you target?
Counter is calculated with all the physically-based damage taken before Counter is used that action, even if the damage came from an ally. Also, yes, you must specify who Counter is being used against.

Also, Focus Punch expends EN even if it fails due to taking damage, right?


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Counter is calculated with all the physically-based damage taken before Counter is used that action, even if the damage came from an ally. Also, yes, you must specify who Counter is being used against.

Also, Focus Punch expends EN even if it fails due to taking damage, right?
Incorrect. Counter will always hit the last Pokemon to deal Physical Damage to the user. And yes, Focus Punch uses Energy even if it fails.

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Actually, as far as I can tell, Counter only reflects damage based on the last physical attack that hit it; while Bulbapedia's pages on both Counter and Mirror Coat say nothing about this, Metal Burst's description says it reflects the last attack, not all of them. iirc the only attack that reflects based on all damage is Bide, and I'd say that Counter is more similar to Metal Burst than Bide.
Is there a final say I can get on this? I've seen four variations of the move counter and I want to be concise as possible.

Also, easier question. Are Accuracy drops and boosts calculated in the same format as stats such as Atk and Def, and if not, could someone please explain how? It doesn't clearly say in the Data Audit thread.
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