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I've been thinking of getting into the competitive RBY scene and am just about ready to build a team; however, I have one question that needs to be answered before I start building it. Does the RBY ladder on the PO server use pure RBY mechanics or the one from Stadium?


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Supremacy is just the most "recent" version of Netbattle (circa 2007/2008) that features DPP mechanics in addition to RSE, GSC, and RBY.

Speaking of NetBattle, you'd be better off using Pokemon Online for all your old-gen purposes now, including RBY. RBY on PO at this point is very playable and actually finally uses cart mechanics, not to mention people actually use PO, unlike NBS.


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The Pokemon Online sim can be found here.

Not sure about your question, Nexlvlvboss, but this forum is for past gens (RBY through DPP), so you should ask in Overused's SQSA >.>
Primeape Mixed Set

Hi. I might get Pokemon Colosseum, and i thought that I could use Primeape as a Counter to my brother's Sleep Powdering Butterfree. I need to know if a mixed Primeape is any good? He has T-Bolt and Overheat, and maxed out Sp. Atk is usable. Also I would have a Helping Hand Arcanine as a partner.

Moveset Name: "Butterfree Annihilation"
Primeape@Something (Idk what)
Ability: Vital Spirit (:D)
Nature: Rash/Naive
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk/252 Speed/4 Atk
Maybe I should cut some Speed for Attack???
~Cross Chop (Pwns Snorlax and nice STAB)
~Thunder/Thunderbolt (Power vs Accuracy, but Thunder also has good paralysis chance)
~Overheat (.....Uh....Kills physically defensive Pokemon and Grass types? *shrug*)
~Protect (Definitely a great move in doubles and stops allies from killing with WTF Boom & EQ)
Milotic Stuff

On my Ruby Version, I know where Feebas are and my battery is dry, so they are abundant. Thing is, I cant grow berries to make Pokeblocks. SpAtk+ natures are easy to evolve I know. But I found a bashful one and checked its IVs. It had over 22 on everything, except speed which it had 0-4 (Godawful). Should i stick with it or find a Modest one that can be evolved more easily.
BTW, i have 7 Chesto (Level C, so makes worse blocks), 1 Pamtre (Level A),
and 1 Wiki (Level B). i have a cornn berry too (Level B). Thanks.


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If it's really just Butterfree, you can just use Rock Slide. Thunder/Overheat can hurt a few select things, but in general, Bulk Up/Cross Chop/Rock Slide handles most things and draws from its main offensive stat.
Hi. I was wondering, do NPCs have a set secret ID like their set ID? If this is the case then you could possibly get rng abuse Pokemon from ingane trades. But i haven't been bothered to check if the IVs are the same predetermined. Sorry hardcore addicts who see my questions as unknowledgable and noobish, but I'm a lot younger and far less experienced than you-Bet u were like me @ one point :P Oh yeah ik nothing about RNG-makes no sense. I have dry battery ruby which apparently works like Emerald, but idk how to work that crap like I said.

@JimBob-No bloody idea
I'm pretty sure that Pokemon from in-game trades have pre-determined IVs and cannot be RNGed according to one of the in-game tier articles I've read. I can't be 100% sure though because I have no idea where it is... Can't seem to find it on-site so it's probably still a WIP or in OI.
Possible OU Charizard team?

Hi... I'm new around here and I've been playing Ruby and FireRed for a while. I'm not really a competitive player, but just for fun, I like to have competitive teams set, perfectly Natured, IVd and EVd, just in case I ever want to make some battles or even to battle with friends.

So, since my interest in competitive Pokemon rose around 4th gen, I was never really aware of 3rd gen competitive metagame, but I only play 3rd gen because I loathe Stealth Rock with a fiery passion, bacause of what it did to Charizard (which was never a top Poke, but at least it wasn't NU).

So... let's say I wanted to make an ADV OU Team with this Charizard:

Charizard @ Salac Berry
Lonely (+Atk, -Def); 252 Atk, 120 SpA, 136 Spe
Belly Drum
Fire Blast

I managed to breed this guy with 31 Spe IVs and nice Atk and SpA IVs so I chose him to be my Bellyzard, the set is pretty much the Recoil Abuser set from Smogon strategy page.

Well, I have some ideas, but what teammates would you suggest for him?
He really doesn't like Sandstorm, so I assume that I need Dugtrio (to trap and kill TTar) and someone that can set up Sun (possibly Exeggutor), but what else?

I'd appreciate some help...
What is the list of complex bans from previous generations? From what I'm getting, Ingrain Smeargle in ADV and PerishTrap in GSC are banned, but the rest I'm not so sure of. Help here?
So I've been trying to use RNG manipulation to get a shiny Scyther from the Celadon game corner. It isn't working out, and I was thinking about just going back to soft resetting a bunch of times until I get one. Problem is, from what I've learned from this game's number generator, I think I can't just button mash my way into one due to the whole timing issue. Is this true, or can I still get a shiny by soft resetting as quickly as possible?


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What is the list of complex bans from previous generations? From what I'm getting, Ingrain Smeargle in ADV and PerishTrap in GSC are banned, but the rest I'm not so sure of. Help here?
Good question.

In RBY, there really aren't any outside of the occasional Wrap + other partial trapping moves ban.

In GSC, it's typically just Sleep + Perish Trap. Often it's Sleep + Trap. There also used to be a Hidden Power Legend ban, but that's pretty much gone anymore.

In RSE, Ingrain Smeargle is a pretty recent ban, but one that's in place for now. I think at one point there was also discussion of putting a maximum (e.g., 3) number of Pokemon who could have Baton Pass on the same team, but usually it's just the Ingrain Smeargle ban.

It's not always obvious what the bans are. On PO ladder it's Sleep Trap ban for GSC and Ingrain Smeargle ban for RSE, and that's it. Outside of that (like in a tournament), it usually varies (typically within the range of things listed above) based on factors like the community hosting the tournament and the history of that specific tournament.
I just downloaded netbattle and it doesn't allow me on the main server after I make a team. I am wondering if this is standard, and what I can do about it / get advanced connection to other severs. Thanks.