August Emerald Project

Hey! Not sure if this is the right place for this kind of thing, but I followed a link to the CaP side of the forum and was blown away by the talent. So, forgive me for wanting in. :P

Anyway, those of you who frequent other Pokéforums might have taken an interest in fangames and might have come across August Emerald. It's a sequel extravaganza, with a new region and loads of other cool stuff. But that's probably boring.

So, I'm here because we have a whole host of varied fakémon concepts, but only one dedicated spriter. We're looking for anyone interested in contributing, or even working with us. If you're immediately intrigued or really bored, here's a list of the ones we have. We might not be keeping all of them, but that's mainly due to not having sprites and such.

There are more than that, by the way. Also, if you detest fakes but still want to help, we're hoping to repose the Hoenn dex, so if there's enough interest, that's a route we'd be going down.

So, there you go. If this is the wrong place, again, I apologise, but there seems to be one for Amethyst which is kinda vaguely similar, so it seemed fair.

Thanks for reading!

If anyone tl;dr'd, we want spriters for concepts in spoiler. kthxbai


It's Seed Flare time.
There are spoiler tags, you just type
[HIDE.][/HIDE.] (without the period of course ;))

I am not such a great scratch spriter, but i would just like to point out that the evos are waaaay too similar to the babies. Some of them are almost literally scaled up versions of their pre-evos. I think you just need to make them look a bit different.
Oh, I see. I've never seen it with HIDE before. Imma fix that now.

I know what you mean about the similarities. I especially dislike the Buffiro line for that. Still, we have a concept artist who's working on a new fire line, and possibly a new grass line, too. Koalas are overused in the fangame community these days.
No-one? D:

If anyone's looking at this thinking "lol noob", is there anything you'd like to see regarding progress to prove joining would be worthwhile? I'll do my best to provide it if so.
This seems pretty interesting to me. Hoenn is my fave region and the basic idea is fascinating. I sprite in my spare time and wish to advance in my skills so i'd be willing to lend a hand if you want.
I can help! I'll edit my post later today with Deprimidra

I'd also like to work on Un-named mask pokemon and some others

I'm assuming the 64 by 64 format?

Some of my previous works, all but dratini are for the Pokemon Amethyst Project.

We're going 80x80 to fit with the HG/SS and D/P/Pt sprites. Luckily we don't have to worry about ROM sizing, using RMXP, so we're going full size. Not quite Amethyst size, though, granted xD

It's not finished.. But I wanted to see if you like it before I continue.
I personally don't.. But to my defense its really hard fitting that much detail in 360 pixels :/
You picked a difficult one to start off with xD I think the pose in the concept art isn't the best for fitting him in, but defno can work on another if necessary. Still, I like what you've got so far. Head over to our forums if you like. Hope you won't be angry making you sign up to something else again.
It's been nearly a week. Am I allowed to bump?

Anyway, is there any more interest? If the info is too sparse, by all means ask! We'll be happy to oblige.