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Back to the Basics- Remember the Eons UU RMT

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by Brass, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Brass


    Aug 11, 2009
    Back to Basics

    Welcome Smogonites to my RMT. It has been a while since I have battled or made a team. But after a break from Pokemon, I had returned. Gauntlet approached me with the idea of a team from just generation one and two in commemoration of Heart Gold and Soul Silver(Not nessacary that pokemon suggested are gen 1 or 2 but would be appreciated). We found that it wasn't to hard as many of the gen 1 and 2 pokemon have been sent to UU. After helping Gauntlet out I decided to take a shot at making a team. First I had to decide on a style. As I am horrible at while also find stall boring, stall was not my method of choice. Hyperoffense seemed cool but I wanted to utilise Umbreon as I just found out he had returned to UU during my time away. So I went with a balanced team. In this way the team will work to keep eachother alive with a BALANCE of Offense and Defense while also wearing down the opponent with the niches each pokemon brings to the team. ​

    At At Glance:


    What do you notice from just a glance? I build my teams usually in cores of pokemon specified for certain tasks. The cores are simply defensive and offensive. You will find a supporting tanks, a physical wall, 2 physical sweepers, a wall breaker and a lead / spinner. Although status can be healed t-waves and toxic absorbers are a must as prevention is key. You may also denote the water, grass, and fire core that provides coverage of weaknesses and a multitude resistances. ​

    The Defensive Corps


    Umbreon and Weezing form the defense base of the team. With their typings and abilitys allowing for the other to resists the weaknesses they have alone the dou form a close knit defense. Weezing's only weakness is an immunity to Umbreon, while Bug and Fighting type attacks are resisted by Weezing. Weezing can come in on physical attacks and threaten a burn. Conversely, Umbreon can come on special attacks and tank up through curses. This dou doesn't stop at walling but... also is key support to the team. As balance requires longevity Umbreon utilises wish and heal bell to keep statuses and Hp in good shape. Weezing utilises Will-O-Wisp to burn strong physical attackers. This allows others member to not have to worry about certain threats. ​

    The Offensive Corps


    With the bulk of the team taken care of the sweepers can come out to play. The sweepers work based upon an elemental trifecta between water, grassm and fire. This allows them to have great type coverage overall and the ability to eliminate eachothers counters. The primary sweepers are Leafeon and Kabutops bothing being sword dancers. Arcanine is the Wall Breaker. An example of how the type cycle works is that Arcanine is a good physical attacker and wall breaker. However Arcanine hates bulky waters. Where as Leafeon loves bulky waters as she can dismiss of them quickly. This inturn gives Arcanine a clean way to beat stuff up. On the other hand Leafeon hates the likes of Weezing who Arcanine can handles as he is unaffected by will-o-wisp. Kabutops works in a simalar fashion completing the trifecta helping the cover the weakness and amplify the coverage.​

    In Depth:​

    Elephunk- Break Dancing and Quaking his way on the stage


    Donphan @ Leftovers​

    Ability: Sturdy​

    Nature: Adamant​

    Evs: 52 HP / 252 Atk / 200 Def ​



    Stealth Rocks​

    Ice Shard / Assurance​

    Rapid Spin / Roar​

    What they do...Decided to start the balanced team off with a balance of offense and defense. With the ability to hit and take chunks out of most leads while also be hit Donphan makes a great lead. Earthquake provides the all powerful stab. Where Stealth Rocks gets some hazards. Ice Shard is only considered because of Krow as he is a beast with Brave Bird. Assurance hits ghosts and psychics for sizable damage. Rapid Spin rids of hazards on my side. Where Roar phazes. The Evs are a smogon standard. All I know about them is that they work. He provides a good typing with immunity to electric. ​

    Team Work... Donphan wears down opposing pokemon through placing stealth rocks and attackign directly with a very strong base attack. This allows the sweepers to capitalize on weaken opponents. He also provides Spinning to get rid of the spikes that have become very common lately. T-Wave absorber.​

    GreenBeret- Dancing Plant


    Leafeon @ Leftovers​

    Ability: Leaf Guard​

    Nature: Jolly​

    Evs: 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe​


    Sword Dance​

    Leaf Blade​


    Quick Attack​

    What they do... When starting this team I knew that I wanted Arcanine with his new toy morning sun. But then I wanted to find something that would work well with him. So looking around I came upon what I would consider the lost eeveelution. With fantastic speed, defense, and attack all while have good typing to take care of the things Arcanine needs done it was like Christmas for Arcanine. I use the Sword Dance Set to Get a boost and get clean KOs. Leaf Blade is for obvious stab which got a nice boost since the Ruby generation. Return is for coverage. And Quick Attack provides priority. The eevees are pretty standard to maximize attacking potential and speed.​

    Team Work... Lacking a healing move Leafeon relies on lefties and Umbreon.
    Leafeon's main task is to clear the way for the other sweepers. Part of water, grass, and fire combo.​

    Guinness- Fire Power


    Arcanine @ Life Orb​

    Ability: Intimidate​

    Nature: Naughty​

    Evs: 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe​


    Flare Blitz​


    Morning Sun​

    Hidden Power Grass​

    What they do...This has become my new standard for arcanine. Flare Blitz is the primary move dealing massive damage to most of the tier. ExtremeSpeed is for revenging and taking out weaken opponents. Ex. With Stealth Rocks Extremespeed KOs Alakazam. Hidden Power Grass allows Arcanine to beat several of the x4 grass weak pokemon in UU expecting to come in with no threat. While also allowing him to finish off weakened water types. Morning Sun is to help with recovery of recoil from Life Orb and Flare Blitz. With Intimidate and Morning Sun Arcanine becomes relatively sturdy. This allows him to last the whole battle and keeping dealing out punishment. The Evs are to give max attack allowing Flare Blitz and Extremespeed hit harder. While the Naughty nature maxes the attack while not detrimenting any of the specail attacker for HP Grass. Life Orb is used to get extra power. ​

    Team Work... Arcanine paves the way for Leafeon to have and easier time to sweep. In doing so dealing massive damage to unresisted pokemon. Furthermore he acts as a revenge killer through the use of extreme speed. Also utilising Intimidate to cushion hits. Part of water, grass, and fire combo. Part of water, grass, and fire combo.​

    PastTime - Slices, Dices, and Much More


    Kabutops @ Life Orb​

    Ability: Swift Swim​

    Nature: Jolly​

    Evs: 4 Hp / 252 Atk / 252 Spe​


    Sword Dance​


    Aqua Jet​

    Stone Edge​

    What they do...Kabutops has always interested me. With great stats and typing for the UU environment he can truly shine. The moveset is standard as he truly only needs the coverage provided by his stabs rock and water. Stone Edge and Waterfall become the primary moves. Aqua Jet provides proirity to pick off frail and weakened opponents. All these attacks are then boosted by Sword Dance and Life Orb. The Evs Maximize attack and speed. This places him at the current speed hotspot of the UU. With his ability he is able to take advantage of opposing rain and sand. Luckily for him he is a beast in both weathers.​

    Team Work... Helps against rain dance and sandstorm teams as he can take advantage of the weather. Clears the path for the other sweepers. Can revenge with priority. Part of water, grass, and fire combo.​

    BlueMoon - Cleric


    Umbreon @ Leftovers ​

    Ability: Synchronize​

    Nature: Careful​

    Evs: 252 HP / 6 Atk / 252 SpD ​


    Curse / Protect ​

    Wish ​

    Heal Bell​


    What they do... To keep a balance team going one must keep the team alive to take advantages all the team has to offer. To keep everyone tip top Umbreon was chosen. Because of great defenses and a move pool that gets the job done Umbreon was the best man for the job. Wish is for healing himself and the team. Heal Bell rids of status. Payback gives her and attack to do some damage. The final move is either curse or protect. I have not decided on one yet. Curse turns umbreon into a tank who hit hard. While protect allows for scouting and turns wish into an instant recovery move. Protect also also umbreon to stall out rain. The Evs maximize taking specail hits as Weezing has phyisical hits taken care of.​

    Team Work... Takes the specail hits for the team while healing status and health. When protect is used also can be a scout and staller. ​

    CFC - Physical Wall


    Weezing @ Leftovers​


    Nature: Bold​

    Evs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 6 SpD ​





    Pain Split​

    What they do... This gas bag ain't no push over. Packing Flamethrower and Thunderbolt for some damage. Weezing's more important task is protecting. This is aided by his ability to burn poke through WoW. With Pain Split Weezing can almost act like he has a recovery move. Evs are simple to maximize the amount of damage taken on the physical side. The moves are just for filler.​

    Team Work... Being able to prevent toxic while dodging Earthquake is no skill that should be put down. With the ability to wall physical attackers all day while hindering them with Will-O-Wisp; Weezing protects the team. Granted does enjoy wishes from Umbreon as recovery is a bit shakey. Takes fighting hits for umbreon.​

    Well that is the team rate/hate/steal
    Tell me if I missed any thing
    Gauntlets Gen 1 and 2 team
  2. frogbandit


    Aug 11, 2009

    Nice team. All I have is a nitpick: I'd go Toxic over Hidden Power Grass on Arcanine for a few reasons. One, you'll really like Toxic it can hit a potentially dangerous physical wall like Milotic switching in to Arcanine, in my opinion much more useful. Two, you already have Leafeon to deal with water types. And third, you're making the Morning Sun set much less efficient with that Naughty nature, because almost all of the water attacks coming at you will be special, and by lowering your Special Defense with a Naughty nature, Morning Sun won't be as useful.

    By switching HP Grass with Toxic, I suggest an Adamant Nature, because you'll have no other special moves and you still want max attack, while not compromising defense or HP in any way.
  3. Bluewind

    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 28, 2009
    Ok I got your PM, and even though I'm not realy good at this, I'll try to be as helpful as possible.
    First of all I'd recommend Assurance and Rapid Spin on your Donphan. My reasoning for that is pretty simple: you got 1 poké weak to SR and 5 pokés vulnerable to Spikes. Added to these facts, Froslass, Cloyster and Omastar seem to be the most common spikers in the tier, and there are some leads Donphan can't stop at all, meaning you'll be faced with some layers of spikes quite frequently and will need to guarantee your spinning throughout the game.
    About Leafeon, I believe you'd benefit more from Baton Pass over Quick Attack. Leafeon has some great natural bulk and decent Speed, meaning the need of priority won't make itself present constantly, whereas you could use Baton Pass to pass SDs away, abusing the great synergy you got on that Water-Grass-Fire combo, which is completely physical and will give your opponent a very hard time once they are under +2 Attack status.
    Regarding the Toxic over HP Grass matter, I think frogbandit summed it up perfectly and I back him up on his suggestion.
    I think that's it. Hope I've been helpful and good luck with the team =)
    PS: You might want to fix Leafeon's description, as Return is not used for STAB, but for coverage.
  4. BurtonEarny


    Apr 22, 2009
    Hey, got your pm... here are some thoughts. My initial response to the team was that it was weak to several of the suspects and then I remembered that this team was for when they are gone. So, I will be looking the team as though were are going to be in a gallade/ froslass/ honchkrow/ raikou -less uu.
    While Donphan is a good sturdy lead, there are several pokes that can really cause you problems like Moltress that your team really struggles against. Overall there isn't much to fix as Moltress isn't the most common lead right now and donphan does okay against the majority of leads that will likely become standard in the absence of froslass. I would say go with this moveset-
    SR/ EQ/ Rapid Spin/ Assurance
    *I might try roar over assurance as umbreon will beat the ghosts that donphan cannot, but assurance is always nice to have. It basically comes down to how bad you want a phazer on the team. Either move will have its uses.
    IF you notice lead moltress problems you can easily slap a sash on donphan and pack stone edge, but honestly I dont think that its a common enough poke to take such extreme measures against.

    Lefeon is more of a support sweeper and imo, it really needs baton pass to help set it apart from sceptile/ venusaur because it can then give its attack boosts to another team member to counter a switch and gain an upper hand. I might try a set like this:
    SD/ BP/ Quick Attack/ Leaf Blade
    Also, I dont know how you feel about it, but there is a bulky leafeon build that is a much sturdier passer that you may want to give a shot. A spread like Jolly; 132 HP / 160 Atk / 216 Spe (you could go bulkier even) with Synthesis/ Leaf Blade/ Baton Pass/ Swords Dance can make for a bulky grass type that can easily help set up a sweeper in a way that few other pokemon in the tier can... I would say a bulky leafeon is worth a shot if you dont miss the priority too much.

    Imo, arcanine never needs max speed. A spread of 120 Hp/ 252 Atk./ 136 Spe. is enough speed to outrun all +spe base 80 and below which is plenty for a heavy hitter that can also serve as a bulky fire type in a pinch. The extra Hp also helps with LO recoil and Flare Blitz. Also I want to suggest Toxic over Hp grass. It cripples milotic, blastoise, lanturn, regirock, other arcanine and a ton of other common switch-ins that lake rest and covers Arcanine's weak spots better than hp grass in most cases where its not hitting x4 effective imo.

    I wont lie... Im not crazy about kabutops and admittedly haven't used him much ever outside of rain. My thing about your spread is its not jolly. It is a base 80 speed and really should run max speed if you want it to function as a sweeper. Between it and Leafeon you should have little trouble getting him a swords dance and potentially a couple and in that case jolly will easily be the preferred nature.

    Needs to have protect... Curse just doesn't have room if you are using wish support.

    standard.... fine.... I like Sludge bomb though
    Overall nice job. I tend to run much slower, bulkier spreads than most people, so if you notice speed being an issue then feel free to make your pokes faster. However, I LOVE a bulky fire/ water/ grass core that can switch in several times and be okay so I highly recommend you trying the bulky spreads of leafeon and arcanine. Hope I helped a little...

    Watch out for swellow... Get used to it koing a poke or two before it is in kill range unless you start carrying ice shard on donphan which isn't as useful as assurance imo. The best thing I can tell you is get up rocks, keep up rocks, and limit its chances to switch in.

    Blaziken can be a terror. This is another reason I would make Kabutops max speed (if for no other reason than a speed tie).

    Moltress is a very real threat for you team. If it gets past umbreon you could be in some very real trouble as nothing on your team, expect for kabutops, can hit it hard enough to ko it without some significant prior damage... Most teams are weak to Moltress, and imo he is a poke that is too good for uu that we have just learned to live with.
  5. franky

    is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Apr 12, 2009
    hello Brass,

    Got your pm. I work around this similar yet effective core for many of my teams "Grass/Fire/Water" is really a good combo. Teams like this really need a consistent way to come into hits. I have played around with this core for quite sometime Arcanine / Leafeon / Azumarill and I found Leafeon to be rather weak. I think you would benefit best with Venusaur at the moment thanks to its ability to sleep induce / threaten many bulky waters. Further, Venusaur provides a nice Fighting-type resist as well and a way to absorb Toxic Spikes - a move that will trouble you the entire match I can guarantee you. The set would be Sleep Powder / Power Whip / Earthquake / Synthesis with a Jolly nature and EVs of 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe. Venusaur doesn't need Swords Dance to be effective I believe, as you need Synthesis to constantly heal off stuff like CB Waterfall from Azumarill, and even an unboosted Close Combat from Gallade. Venusaur still packs a punch without Swords Dance so don't worry, I feel like dishing damage and sleep inducing would favor your team more.

    As for Arcanine, I'd leave Hidden Power Grass to prevent Rhyperior from having an easy Rock Polish boost. With your current spread you can OHKO 4 HP / 0 SpD versions all the time. Bulky waters will never pose a problem with Venusaur around (if you take my suggestion). Rhyperior will pose serious threat to this team with Donphan damaged and the lack of recovery move will trouble Donphan.

    For my last suggestion, Slowbro over Weezing is probably the best idea at the moment. Slowbro can do many things Weezing can but much better thanks to its reliable recovery move and part Water-type. Weezing cannot touch Rhyperior, especially if it is running a sub set. Slowbro can check many Rhyperior sets and OHKO back with Surf. Slowbro also checks Arcanine quite well - a major threat to this team if it comes in on Weezing's Will-O-Wisp. Slowbro with a Bold nature and 252 HP / 252 Def / 6 SpA should do just fine with Slack Off / Thunder Wave / Surf / Psychics as the moves.

    As for other options, Jolly Nature on Kabutops might work out for you. You can try that out. Last thing you want is getting 'out-prioritied' by Honchkrow or getting outprioritied by Vacumm Wave Blaziken. Added Speed reduces the prediction/thinking for your part. I'm going to have to agree with BW here, Assurace over Rapid Spin is the best choice. Rapid Spin is not needed that much for this team. overall gl.
  6. Brass


    Aug 11, 2009

    I actually haven’t had trouble with any of the suspects. With gallade owned by Weezing. Froslass and Raikou can’t do much to umbreon. While Honckrow is killed by priority, or be burned, and is outsped by my sweepers.

    Frog Bandit and Bluewind I will not be changing HP grass to toxic as it claims so many Kos. Many not expecting it stay in and it is the perfect opportunity to use it. I can never say I wish I had toxic at the moment. As in the cases with toxic another pokemon does the job better then toxic. Furthermore usually to toxic the counters that come in will usually take a hit on arcanine.

    This is probably the suggestion that runs through all the posts. People just don’t feel that leafeon has what it takes to hang. I will definitely try him out. I am disappointed to lose the speed and power though

    Leaves huge grass weakness. However does help with Arcanines as you mentioned. The grass weakness is too big as it opens up the team to a venusaur rape.

  7. Erazor

    Erazor ✓ Just Doug It
    is a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Oct 27, 2008
    Got your PM.
    Moltres is probably the biggest threat to this team. With some Honchkrow support it can easily KO the whole team - Arcanine can't hurt it too much.

    Blaziken is another scary mon, especially if Arcanine is weakened or KOed.

    Another threat is SubPunch Magmortar. So it comes in on say, Donphan(not on EQ obviously) or Weezing. It sets up a sub as you switch. You're now at its mercy.

    I feel that this team could really benefit with a Milotic to at least check Moltres and Blaziken, however, it would have to go over Kabutops. And Kabutops is one of the only things keeping you from being destroyed by Rain Dance.

    However, the others have made great suggestions, I recommend trying them out.

    Good luck!
  8. A.P.


    Jul 14, 2008
    I would suggest running Double-Edge over Return on Leafeon, as it really would help you with its 'lack of attack'. You could also consider Synthesis over QA, if you did so.

    Sorry I haven't helped more, but I'm running short on time. Good luck with the team.

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