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Balance Beam (Peaked #2)

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by DittoCrow, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. DittoCrow

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    Mar 15, 2010


    Hey guys, welcome to my RMT. I just recently started playing RU in late-December, when someone suggested that I play a lower tier to have a better chance of getting on an SPL team. I chose RU because my friend ShakeItUp played it and said it was a fun tier. I was immediately captivated by the metagame and loved how so many different Pokemon and creative sets could be used. I loved the variety in the metagame, it was a nice break from OU. I eventually joined #rarelyused on IRC and met tons of cool people there. I learned about the metagame by joining teambats and posting in the DST forum, which was really fun and made the game more enjoyable. Since December, I’ve been living and breathing RU. I made it my goal to get on the council and get a checkmark. I eventually met that goal and got on the final RU council. Part of the reason why I got on was this team, so I would like to share it with the rest of the community! Unfortunately, I didn’t make the RU Senate. This didn’t even bother me, because I enjoy RU so much that I will definitely continue playing it.

    Part of my motivation for making this team was my tutor, Limitless. He helped me with balanced teams in OU, and that became my strongest playstyle (thanks, if you’re reading this!). I decided to apply my knowledge in OU to RU, and started building my balanced team. I had to teach myself the tier from scratch, so building a solid team was really hard. I started to create a threat list based on what I saw on the ladder and stuff being discussed on IRC. I had to make sure my core covered most of the popular Pokemon, so this really helped. This team got me to #2, going 35-0 before a loss, but that isn’t much of an accomplishment when half of the people on the ladder are not seriously competitive. Anyways, here’s the team. I hope you enjoy it and that some of you will start playing RU!

    Teambuilding (open)

    Sweepers: Sceptile, Feraligatr
    The first step was pretty simple. I took the two best sweepers in RU and stuck them on. Feraligatr is a beast. Few things can take his boosted attacks. Aqua Jet also gives me some great priority. Sceptile was important because it gave me some speed and hits very hard with Leaf Storm/Focus Blast. It is also an important Feraligatr check.

    Physical Walls: Steelix, Poliwrath
    No, I wasn’t over preparing for Durant. Steelix just checks so many strong physical attackers that I immediately made it part of the core. Stuff like Honchkrow, Aggron, Klinklang and Linoone were becoming popular, and Steelix counters all of those. It also provides the team with SR. Poliwrath was added to counter whatever Steelix couldn’t, like Entei and Sharpedo. These two make an amazing physically defensive core.

    Special Walls: Mandibuzz, Cryogonal
    Mandibuzz was on my first ever RU team. It is definitely one of the best defensive RU mons out there. The amount of special (and physical) attackers this counters is unreal. Sceptile, Accelgor, Cofagrigus and many more are all destroyed by Mandibuzz. It also gives my team a force against Fighting types, and Taunt to break stall teams. Cryogonal was the last mon I added since zdrup15 suggested it. It made sense to use this since it worked well with Mandibuzz, beating stuff like Manectric, Rotom-C and other Electric types. It also gave the team Rapid Spin, which is really helpful since this team does a lot of switching.

    Steelix (M) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Sturdy
    EVs: 252 HP / 96 Def / 160 SDef
    Relaxed Nature (+Def, -Spd)
    - Stealth Rock
    - Earthquake
    - Gyro Ball
    - Rest

    Steelix is a pretty awesome Pokemon. I’m using 252 HP / 160 SDef in order to deal with Heat Wave/HP Ground Honchkrow who is a major threat in RU. At the time, Trick Room teams were becoming popular, and Steelix gave me a solid switch-in to Aggron and Druddigon. Earthquake and Gyro Ball are very important moves and hit most physical attackers hard such as EQ OHKOing Aggron and Gyro Ball 2HKOing Linoone. Stealth Rock is extremely important for this team. Since I have four 100% counters to the most common Pokemon, the opposing team is going to do a lot of switching. SR damage will allow Sceptile and Feraligatr to get necessary KOs and forces the opponent to make crucial decisions, giving me the momentum. Rest may seem like an odd choice for Steelix. I chose it because since it normally doesn’t have recovery, Steelix will fall quickly to well built Heavy Offense teams. Since most of the physical attackers cannot touch Steelix (Klinklang, Scolipede, etc.) he’ll get an extra turn to wake up. This helps him stay alive throughout the game, and get SR up again if they have a spinner. Ground/Steel is also excellent typing. Steelix provides the team with a much needed Electric resist and helps the team synergy. Steelix counters most of the physical attackers in RU, and Poliwrath checks the other half.

    Poliwrath (F) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Water Absorb
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
    Relaxed Nature (+Def, -Spd)
    - Circle Throw
    - Scald
    - Rest
    - Sleep Talk

    At first glance, Poliwrath may seem like a crappy defensive mon since it has so much offensive potential. However, with 90/95/90 defenses, Water/Fighting typing, and the ability Water Absorb, Poliwrath is an amazing Pokemon. Poliwrath checks so many RU Pokemon. Just to name a few important ones: Entei, Sharpedo, Aggron, Feraligatr, Jynx, Golurk, Absol, and Drapion. Circle Throw is great for forcing switches against a Pokemon with Swords Dance or Dragon Dance, and hits stuff super-effectively like Clefable and Magnetons that might switch in. Scald is the most important move on this set. Suggested by Luck>Skill, it is now my favorite move on Poliwrath :D Scald only does a little less to some things than Waterfall, and actually does more in some cases. It hits Aggron, Steelix, and Klinklang harder due to their lower SDef. The chance for a burn is also extremely helpful for facing stuff like Hitmonchan, Drapion, Qwilfish and Dusknoir. For example, if I burn Qwilfish, Cryogonal is free to spin on it without having to worry about being 2HKO’d. RestTalk also provides some semi-decent recovery, something that the physical core needs.

    Cryogonal @ Leftovers
    Trait: Levitate
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SDef
    Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
    - Rapid Spin
    - Ice Beam
    - Toxic
    - Recover

    Cryogonal is a very important member to the team. Rapid Spin is a must because this team is going to do a lot of switches, and Mandibuzz needs to stay at full HP if they have a strong Fighting type. Cryogonal is THE BEST Rapid Spinner in RU. It beats most of the common ghosts. Rotom, Cofagrigus (even TR + NP), and Golurk take a ton from Ice Beam and the former two can’t touch Cryogonal. (+2 Cofag does 45.93 – 54.65%). I originally had Hidden Power [Rock] instead of Toxic to deal with Moltres and Jynx, but found that Moltres sucks and Jynx is never used (literally). Besides, Poliwrath can handle Jynx and it’s not hard to revenge kill. It counters the things that Mandibuzz can’t handle, mainly Electric types such as Rotom-C and Manectric. Anyways, Toxic helps me a lot in dealing with Slowing + Tangrowth cores and killing Ghosts. Toxic also works great with Mandibuzz, who can Taunt to prevent the recovery (Slack Off or Heal Bell). Ice Beam is really good combined with base 95 SpA and STAB; it even kills stuff like Magneton. Recover is a boss recovery move, and allows Cryogonal to spin throughout the match. No special hit is going to be taking this snowflake down anytime soon. Also thanks to zdrup15 for suggesting it :)

    Mandibuzz (F) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Big Pecks
    EVs: 248 HP / 244 SDef / 16 Spd
    Careful Nature (+SDef, -SAtk)
    - Taunt
    - Roost
    - Brave Bird
    - Whirlwind

    Mandibuzz: The Best. Ahhh how I love Mandibuzz. It’s the best wall in RU ^_^ It counters the most common special threats: Sceptile and NP Cofagrigus as well as many others. Taunt destroys opposing stall teams by preventing hazards, recovery, Leech Seed, etc. Roost is very reliable and the best choice of recovery for Mandibuzz. Slower Electric types such as Lanturn will try to hit me with a super-effective Volt Switch, only to do neutral damage. Whirlwind is great for phasing set up sweepers. Since Mandibuzz also has base 105 Def, it is also a secondary check to physical set up sweepers like Gallade. Brave Bird is the most important move on the set. Since I don’t have any Fighting resists, Mandibuzz is going to need to handle Hitmonchan, Hariyama, and more. It’s also going to hit Grass types such as Sawsbuck, which can be tough to deal with if Steelix or Sceptile are down. Even with only base 65 Atk, Brave Bird hits hard enough. Taunt stuff like Clefable so they can’t Wish, and Brave Bird will take them out. Base 80 speed is also very good for a wall, it allows Mandibuzz to outspeed other walls in the tier. Mandibuzz holds the special core of the team together and is definitely one of the most important members.

    Feraligatr (M) @ Life Orb
    Trait: Torrent
    EVs: 52 HP / 252 Atk / 204 Spd
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Swords Dance
    - Waterfall
    - Aqua Jet
    - Return

    A.K.A. Gatr Time! Feraligatr is one of the best sweepers in RU. It is very bulky for such a powerful sweeper, allowing it to take hits from Pokemon like Sharpedo and OHKO. 204 Speed EVs are to outrun the other Feraligatrs that run 200 speed. 208 is also an option but I’m not going too high because the rest of the team can handle opposing Feraligatrs. Anyways, Swords Dance for maximum sweeping potential. After a Swords Dance, Feraligatr gets 678 attack. If something is not OHKO’d, it will be severely damaged and easy for Sceptile to clean up. Aqua Jet is the most important move. Priority is a must in RU. Just to name a few, Aqua Jet lets Feraligatr KO Hitmonlee, Moltres, Entei, Honchkrow, Aerodactyl, and most weakened Pokemon. Once Feraligatr gets into Torrent range, Aqua Jet/Waterfall is going to do an enormous amount of damage to anything. Return is there to hit stuff neutrally such as other bulky waters, mainly Qwilfish and Poliwrath. Feraligatr doesn’t have that many counters in RU, so it is definitely one of the best sweepers. Its main counters are Poliwrath and Grass types, which are all handled by Sceptile.

    Sceptile (M) @ Life Orb
    Trait: Overgrow
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Giga Drain
    - Focus Blast
    - Hidden Power [Rock]
    - Leaf Storm

    Sceptile is a boss. He is quickly turning into my favorite RU Pokemon. He doesn’t have that many counters and hits extremely hard. Sceptile plays a very important role on the team. He checks Feraligatr and revenge kills stuff like unboosted Omastar, Jynx, Hitmonchan, and so much more. He works great with Feraligatr, type wise and attack wise. He is able to KO stuff like Ferroseed, Tangrowth, Rotom-C, Sawsbuck, Poliwrath, and anything else that gives Feraligatr trouble. His base 120 speed is very important to have on a generally slow team. Sceptile is able to outspeed some threatening Pokemon like LO Moltres and OHKO due to base 105 SpA. Giga Drain is a solid STAB move that gives Sceptile more HP allowing him to do damage early in the game and reenter later in the game. Focus Blast is a great move for Steel types and also does great against Clefable and Tangrowth, 2HKOing both. HP Rock is mainly for the birds and Scyther. Leaf Storm just decimates anything, especially if Overgrow is activated. Sceptile is one of the best special sweepers in RU and this team could not function without it.

    Threatlist (open)

    [​IMG]Sub CM Uxie- Can’t do shit against it unless the opponent misplays and switches it in to Feraligatr or Sceptile. It’s very rare anyways.
    [​IMG]Choice Scarf Medicham- Mandibuzz can take a hit at full HP and OHKO it. Poliwrath can get a burn, but these are both pretty unreliable.
    [​IMG]Unburden Hitmonlee- Can pretty much sweep me if Feraligatr can’t Aqua Jet.
    [​IMG]Choice Scarf Gallade- Another big threat since I don’t have a fighting resist. Just have to sac something to it for Mandibuzz to come in >_<
    [​IMG]Moltres- Not really a threat but I figured someone would bring it up. SR destroys it, Feraligatr destroys it. Sceptile OHKOs with HP Rock. It’s not that hard to handle.
    [​IMG]Omastar- Omastar isn't that big of a threat, but I usually need to lose one Pokemon to deal with it. Cryogonal is my main way to deal with it. If I get a Toxic off, I can switch around until it gets low enough for Feraligatr to KO with Aqua Jet.

    As you can see, I don’t have a fighting resist lol. However, most of the fighting types I am weak to are pretty uncommon. Stuff like Primeape and Hariyama can’t 2HKO Poliwrath, and Mandibuzz wrecks them with Brave Bird.

    So, that’s the team. I hope it was kind of enjoyable to read (I’m not that great of a writer xD). Maybe I’ve even encouraged some of the readers to start playing RU. Anyways, I’d like to thank everyone in #ru for giving me a warm welcome when I joined and helping me familiarize myself with the tier. You guys are all really cool :p This would have to be my favorite team that I’ve ever created. I love it and each Pokemon on it (and their cool backsprites)! I put thought into each EV, move and ability, and it really paid off. Also, if any of you guys want to use it, just know that it requires good prediction. You can’t just go in there every match and play obvious with this team. Double switching to Feraligatr or Sceptile will give you the advantage over many Pokemon in the tier. This team is really solid, but at the same time requires good prediction in order to succeed. I’m a little sore over not being able to get a checkmark, but RU is so fun that I completely forgot about it. I’ll still probably use this team in the future, unless someone counterteams :p Thanks for reading!
  2. D4RR3N


    Apr 7, 2011

    edit: ok, here i go.

    This team simply sucks and i hate you with all my heart and more.

    Nah Just kidding, but yeah. Definitely a great team bro, (at least it looks great to me). But still, you ain't gonna be fuckin with my team xP

    Here, have a fuckin Alomomola to the face
  3. Honus

    Honus with them
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    Mar 23, 2011
    RESERVING :kongler:

    Um, I don't know RU well enough to give a full rate, but I'd definitely give Cryogonal 248 HP EVs and put the other 8 into speed so you're outspeeding other 0/4 Speed Cryogonal and taking less from Stealth Rock each time you switch in. As for Scarfed Fighting Types and stuff, perhaps you could run a Claydol as your rapid spinner? It's shit compared to Cryogonal but at least it resists Fighting attacks!

    Yeah that rate was trash, but sexy team man, really like it!
  4. Double01

    Double01 Hate it or love it the under dog's on top

    Sep 5, 2011
    Hey DC glad that you finally released this RMT even though I only read half of it :P

    All kidding a side you have a great team that checks a ton of threats. My only suggestion is using Haze over Toxic on Cryo. Yes toxic correlates well with mandibuzz but with haze you can beat sub cm uxie a long with stopping pokes like lilligant and other stuff from setting up to much. Overall fantastic team using very underrated mons (mandibuzz, cryo

  5. SilentVerse

    SilentVerse Into the New World
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    Dec 12, 2009
    Yeah, this is phenomenal team, and really deserves that luvdisc 22 seconds after you posted this team lol. It's a really solid balanced team that's not really weak to a lot, and I found that it was a pain to face on the ladder. Anyway, I do have one suggestion for you, since you did note that you're somewhat weak to random Fighting-types and special attacking Fire-types, so: why not try Slowking over Poliwrath? I know this would put a ton of pressure on Steelix to wall those troublesome physical attackers like Aggron and such, but Steelix is a boss and should usually take them on well enough on his own, from my experience anyway. Slowking just gives you a solid check to those CS Gallade and Medicham, as well as Moltres, who still seems somewhat of an issue, and he still checks stuff like Jynx and Feraligatr somewhat effectively. I guess this would make you somewhat weaker to Sharpedo though, but according to my calcs Mandibuzz isn't 2HKOed by Ice Beam if Stealth Rock isn't on the field, so you can kind of deal with it that way I guess. It's probably not really a necessary change since those Pokemon are relatively rare, but it's something that'd be good to try imo. But yeah, amazing team, and congrats on getting onto the last RU council.
  6. DittoCrow

    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Past SPL Champion

    Mar 15, 2010
    Thanks guys for rating!

    Karpman: I'll change the EVs on Cryogonal, thanks :p Claydol > Cryogonal would be a bad move, since it doesn't beat most of the Ghost types like Cryogonal does. Therefore, I wouldn't be able to get the rapid spin off every time :3

    Double01: Toxic is a must on Cryogonal for dealing with annoying Slowking + Tangrowth cores. Otherwise, I'd have to sit around for 50 extra turns to beat it xD. Also, Sub CM Uxie's Psyshock 2HKO's at +0, so it doesn't even need to set up vs the team lol. Thanks for the rate!

    SilentVerse: Slowking is a pretty good suggestion. I'll try out 252 HP / 252 Def Bold or something. Slack Off and Regenerator is going to give the core nice recovery. I could also run HP Grass for Omastar or something. I'll test it out, thanks :)
  7. complete legitimacy

    complete legitimacy Honko's Happy Funtime With Men
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    Nov 18, 2011
    So this is the 5 pages? I'm only kidding, this is a great team and clearly deserves a Luvdisc.
  8. Cherub Agent

    Cherub Agent
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    Jul 6, 2009
    What can I say DC, this is brilliant. Just throwing this out, but how about trying Alomomola over Poliwrath? It really helps this teams weakness to stuff like Scarf Medicham, and can pass those giant wishes around to the rest of your team. It remains a 100% counter to Sharpedo and Entei as well, and takes a lot of pressure off of Steelix for other physical attackers. Wish support also means that you can keep healing Sceptile, which can switch into Alomomola's weaknesses. You can also take Rest off Steelix for something like Toxic or Roar/Dragon Tail. The con would be that you would end up with two pure Water-types. Anyway, very solid team, and Luvdic'd :)
  9. DittoCrow

    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Past SPL Champion

    Mar 15, 2010
    Thanks guys

    Cherub Agent: Alomomola definitely sounds like a good idea. Having two pure Water types isn't that big of a deal. Wish support would be really good for the team and having another Toxic user would also be nice. I'll try that and Slowking, thanks!
  10. Godsend


    Oct 1, 2009
    I don't know much about RU, but I do like this team and the Poliwrath set on it. Congrats on the peak.
  11. spuds4ever


    Oct 4, 2011
    Nice team, I've been giving balance a spin in RU and this team definetely capitalizes on how effective it is. The only issue I see in taking slowking over poliwrath is that an aggron with magnet rise *cough* *cough* texas *cough* could beat steelix and then smash everything else on the team (I'm speaking from unfortunate experience here :L), I would therefore go for aloma over slowking myself.
  12. Texas Cloverleaf

    Texas Cloverleaf meh
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    Oct 23, 2009

    bs no shoutouts >:(

    Great team though
  13. ebeast

    ebeast she's probably sexting nprtprt
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    Aug 21, 2011
    I'm going to get this out of the way first: I love that Poliwrath set! I've had a peak at your team earlier and only really noticed your Poliwrath set. Made a team with it and ended up looking similar to yours. Poliwrath + Steelix is great and all, but I noticed your team has nothing to reliably take Fighting-type attacks, something like a Scarf Medicham can destroy your team.

    I've been using Steelix + Cofagrigus to beat most of the metagame, but with Poliwrath(Was using Lanturn before, but Poliwrath is more self-sufficient) this really seals the deal, beating things like Kabutops and Entei, no problem. If you can find a spot for it on your team, I recommend Cofagrigus highly. It hard-counters threats like Gallade, Sigilyph and every Fighting-type pokemon in the tier.
  14. DittoCrow

    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Past SPL Champion

    Mar 15, 2010
    Thanks EBeast! I'll definitely test out Cofagrigus, but it still leaves me weak to Sharpedo.

    I tested Alomomola over Poliwrath a bit. It helped me vs Fighting types and Wish support was pretty good but its Scald is just really weak (can't even KO Klinklang's sub). It also leaves me a little more weak to Jynx. It's still pretty good, but I think replacing parts of the core will leave me weak to more things than before. Thanks for the rates everyone!

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