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Battle of the Week: Season Four

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Welcome to the fourth season of Battle of the Week!

Battle of the Week is a program designed to allow the users of Smogon to pick and choose which battles they want to see. If you've been unable to watch battles between top players because they choose to play on a deserted server or at the wrong times, this is your chance to watch an elite battle as it is played. If you still can't be on, you will get to watch the battlers go head to head at a later date by watching it on the Smogon YouTube Channel, because all battles in this program will be recorded and uploaded there. Additionally, The Smog plans to deliver insightful and interesting information about the battle and the battlers themselves.

How the Battle of the Week will work

This season there are three stages to the process.

Metagame Selection Stage: Users will be able to post whichever metagames they would like to see played, and the most popular choice after 24 hours is the one that will be used. Example metagames: DPP OU, ADV OU, RBY UU, VGC 2011.

Nominations Stage: Users will be able to submit nominations by posting up to three other Smogoners in the thread. Note that this means you cannot nominate yourself. To be eligible, the nominee must meet the following simple criteria:

  1. Must have an account on Smogon that has been online sometime during the last week.
  2. Must not be on the list of users that don't want to or can't participate in the Battle of the Week.
  3. Must not be banned from the forums.
If one of these conditions are not met but you think a nomination should be permitted, PM or otherwise contact me with reasons why. This stage will also last 24 hours.

Final Poll: The nominations will be counted, and the top ten most nominated players will be placed into a poll where everyone will be able to vote for any number of players in the pool. The two players that receives the most votes after 24 hours will be the battlers in the battle of the week. You may vote for yourself in this stage, unlike last year.

The battle will be scheduled, completed and recorded, and then the process will be repeated, with the program lasting for around ten 'weeks'.

Users that don't want to / can't participate - Private message Bloo if you don't want to / can't participate.
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So heres an idea and its a revolutionary one I know but stick with me: Let's stop being dodrios and voting to have dodrio-like players no one gives 3 dodrios about, play a metagame they don't know. PS vote for blarajan he's my hero <3

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Hi, here is a better revolutionary idea: Let's vote for players who actually are interesting. Everyone and their mother has seen the standard McMeghan (see most Open finals) and Eo's already played this BotW and if he wins, he will almost certainly bring stall. blarajan is... well blarajan.

I have yet to see a player be quite so remarkable as sogeking. If you have ever seen a match with sogeking, then you know that he is an extremely entertaining player. We want to see an entertaining match, and nobody is more entertaining than sogeking. Hell, anyone who saw NatGeo vs sogeking knows that he can take a serious match for WCoP and make it quite enjoyable to watch. His sheer randomness combined with his personality makes him one of the most unpredictable players. If you haven't seen him play, that makes it all the more reason to vote for [yan]sogeking as I guarantee you his performance in this BotW will be one of the most entertaining matches Smogon has seen.

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