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little gk

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reusing this one
I won't be using anything too powerful here, hopefully my opponent is cool with nothing being fully evolved

2 Day DQ
2 Uses Recover/Rest, 5 Chills
Arena: A vast Jungle arena with several waterfalls and pools of water. A large quantity of brush and undergrowth fill the vast amounts of land with lots of trees filling the canopy. So basically, it should look like this:

I'll ref GK vs Charmander. Should be an interesting first reffing.

PM teams, and I'll try and get the OP up this afternoon.

Oh, and can one of you tell me whatever else you guys decide on IRC? I don't have access to it...


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Can ginga and I have a ref? It is a 3v3 triples so it will be 5 quick ref tokens.

And yes, -Charmander-, who's =/= whose, but I used the right one. Don't know what you're talking about.
Yeah, Charmander, Athen used the right word. who's = who is, and he asked 'who is game'. (Not who owns the game, LOL 'whose')

Anyway, uhhh..... I can try to ref that for you, Athenodoros, but I am a slooooow ref for battles that aren't singles... If this is acceptable then PM me your teams, Athenodoros and ginganinja.

EDIT: ROFL Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy references. v


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OK, who wants a 4 vs 4? ME!

1 day DQ, 5 day DQ for the ref.

No bans on chills/recovery.

Arena: Improbability vortex. An arena in a space simulation dome, with 0 gravity, but plenty of oxygen. The room is sealed from weather, and the outside of the wall is indestructable and impassible by ALL means, including teleportation. Inside the room is a suspended Sperm Whale still identifying several body parts, and 42 bowls of petunias which don't move, and can be used as launch pads, or points to catch a breath.


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Open challenge time.

2 day DQ
2 recovery/5 chill
Arena: The 2fort map from Team Fortress 2.

Also, I may be using evolved pokemon, so don't be surprised about it.
Issuing an open Challenge!

4v4 Doubles
3 Day DÄ time
2 Recovers/5 Chills
Arena: A typical Arby's fast food restaurant. The patrons have all fled, leaving the entire complex free of distractions and usable.

(DarkAmber is already reffing this.)


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There has been an unfortunate dominance of singles matches recently. To remedy this, I propose:

3v3 Triples
2 Day DQ
One Recover etc. / Unlimited Chills
The Lake of Rage, in Johto. There are no real restrictions on moves, but there will be rain on every day except Wednesdays (determined by what day the ref refs) unless the players choose something different, and there are Gyarados in the lake. If the players disturb the Red Gyarados in the middle he will use Dragon Rage against everyone. It is also surrounded by trees, which Pokemon can hide in or use for whatever they want. You could even set them on fire :)

So then. Who's game? I have Pokemon of varying levels, so whoever is interested in triples is welcome.

No items
All abilities
I will ref this, PM me your teams.
Open Challenge
3v3 singles
DQ 4 days, with the qualifier that I'm in a show this weekend, so I might take a little longer until next Monday.
No recovers/3 chills

Arena: The Dartmouth Green,_crop_1.jpg

It is spring, so there is a warmth in the air. The surface is diggable, however, the large number of historic buildings (not to mention ongoing classes!) prevent the use of Earthquake or other moves that would permanently affect areas outside of the green. (Ex: Blizzard is fine, because it'll melt eventually, but Hurricane is unacceptable.)

Slight edit because I can't spell.
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