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Data Battle Tower MkII (For all your Match-Seeking Needs!) [SEE POST #6786]

Discussion in 'Network Center' started by Its_A_Random, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random A distant memory
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 19, 2010
    Welcome to the Battle Tower MkII. This is where you can arrange matches between your friends and rivals. Here are the rules about battles:


    Each Trainer may be in a maximum of three (3) concurrent battles at once.

    Types of Battle:

    Open Battle: This is a general challenge to anyone quick enough to answer your match request.

    Challenge: Throwing down the gauntlet to a specific opponent.

    Beginner Battle (Updated May 27, 2011): This is a type of battle that allows trainers to avoid conflict with the more stronger trainers. The following rules apply to beginner battles and the Pokemon able to be used in them.

    1. Pokemon must be able to evolve
    2. Pokemon with 4 rarity cannot be used.
    3. Rarity Cost of Pokemon on one side of the field cannot exceed # of Pokemon + 3
    4. 1 Rarity is added to the rarity of a 2nd stage Pokemon in a 3 stage line.
    5. A Pokemon with full EC or full DC cannot be used in a Beginner Battle.
    6. Trainers must have played less than 6 matches, and must have joined ASB less than 1 month ago.

    Refs for Beginner Battles are expected to be prompt and include flavour.

    Training Battle: A variation of a battle that is the same as a normal battle, except the match does not count towards W/L/T.


    Each Trainer should PM the referee 3 Pokemon for all matches that are 3vs3 or lower unless specified otherwise. For longer matches, send Pokemon up to that match's maximum (e.g. 4 for a 4vs4, 5 for a 5vs5 etc.). If 3 Pokemon are not supplied but there are enough Pokemon for the match, you may either VM the trainer asking them to fill out their squad or ref using the more limited list as an assumption.

    Whenever you post a challenge you may also request a specific referee. When doing Challenges or requesting referees, send them a courtesy VM linking to your challenge post.

    There are at least two trainers in a match. The trainer who initiates a match is a Match Seeker, and a trainer who accepts a match is a Match Challenger.

    Match Seeker: The person who puts up a battle request in the Battle Tower.
    Match Challenger: A person responding to that person's original battle request.

    Match Seeker:

    Chooses Number of Pokemon per side
    Chooses Match Type (Singles/Doubles/Triples)
    Chooses Disqualification (DQ) Time
    Chooses Number of Permitted Substitutions
    Chooses Restricted Moves
    Chooses Arena
    Sends Out Pokemon First

    Number of Pokemon and Match Type: The Standard Battling format of ASB is considered 3vs3 Singles; however, any battle format can be selected, including multi-trainer melees.

    Disqualification (DQ) Time: The time expected between the posting of attacks and the ref's interpretation of the battle. Refs are expected to post within the DQ period. Opponents who do not post within the DQ period are disqualified and the match goes to whichever player posted last. If extenuating circumstances come up, PM the ref and your opponent for a suspension. The standard DQ time is usually between 3-7 days to account for the ref and battlers schedules.

    Restricted Moves: Standard restrictions are Two uses of recovery moves and 5 chills. The following moves are considered recovery moves for the purposes of such restrictions:
    • Recover and its clones
    • Roost
    • Moonlight, Morning Sun and Synthesis
    • Swallow
    • Rest
    • Aqua Ring
    • Ingrain
    • Heal Pulse (this goes against the user's recovery move limit)
    • Wish (this goes against the user's recovery move limit)
    • Any move that activates the user's Poison Heal

    Other moves may be restricted at the Seeker's discretion however, or mutually agreed upon by both sides.

    Arenas: The Match Seeker is expected to provide an Arena for battle; however, they may forfeit this right to the opponent in exchange for posting second. Arenas have the most far-reaching consequences for a match and can have any attribute the designer wishes, including structural move restrictions. It is assumed that when a Challenger accepts a Seeker's challenge, they agree to the Arena and any of its inherent traits/restrictions/effects. Arenas can be simple or complex.

    Match Challenger:

    Chooses the switch method (Switch = OK or Switch = KO)
    Chooses the ability method (No Abilities, One Ability, All Abilities)
    Chooses the item method (Items Off, Items On, Training Items On)
    Attacks First

    Switch Methods:

    Switch = KO Pokemon cannot be switched out during battle or they will be KOed. Moves that would initiate a switch effect on either side do not activate that effect. Instead they have been given descriptions for what they do in a non-switching battle on each Attack.

    Switch = OK: At the end of each round, a trainer may switch their Pokémon. If they do, the Pokémon they send out must issue attacks first if their opponent does not switch in response. The same trainer cannot initiate a switch phase on consecutive rounds unless an Attack like U-turn, Volt Switch, or Teleport is used. Trainers whose Pokémon are returned through the effects of moves like Dragon Tail, Circle Throw, Roar, and Whirlwind do not have to move first the next round.

    Voluntary switches occur only during a switching phase.

    A Switching phase may only be initiated by the trainer moving first that round. Instead of issuing commands, the trainer may instead initiate a switch and offer their opponent a chance to switch their Pokémon. If the opposing trainer accepts and switches their Pokémon, that trainer forfeits the advantage of moving second that round. During a Switch Phase, if a trainer switches out a Pokémon with the Shadow Tag/Arena Trap Ability, or switches out a Pokémon that has trapped another Pokémon through the use of Block/Mean Look/Bind/Clamp/Fire Spin/Magma Storm/Sand Tomb/Whirlpool/Wrap, then the opponent will not be able to switch that Pokémon out of battle. If all active Pokémon your opponent controls is trapped in this manner, then the offer to Counterswitch is automatically declined. Should the opposing trainer have no living Pokémon in the bench, then the offer to Counterswitch is automatically declined.

    A Switching phase has only two possible outcomes:

    1. Player A Switch > Player B Declines Switch > Player A Orders > Player B Orders.

    2. Player A Switch > Player B Counterswitch and Orders > Player A Orders.

    Tag Team Battles operate the same with both team members on the same team switching their Pokémon first. The team which performs the most switches in the switch phase moves first. (e.g. if both trainers on a two person tag team switch, but only one of their opponents does, their opponents still move second)

    Melee battles go through each trainer next in the order. Attack Order is then determined in the reverse order of trainers who switched. (eg. Trainer A initiates switch phase. Trainer B makes a switch, Trainer C declines to switch, then Trainer D makes a switch. The attack order would now be D > B > A > C. Because D was able to see the decisions of all other players, D is punished the most for deciding to switch after B switched and C declined.

    Any Battle large enough to require orders via PM will automatically be set to Switch=KO

    Ability Methods:

    No Abilities: No Abilities will be active in a match. Note that this does not prevent Pokemon who naturally Levitate from doing so; common physics still apply.

    One Ability: The trainers select one Ability that their Pokemon will use for the entirety of the match upon release.

    All Abilities: All of the Pokemon's Abilities are active at once.

    Item Methods:

    Items Off: Hold Items will not be allowed in battle.

    Items On: Pokemon are equipped with Hold Items upon release.

    Training Items On: Pokemon are equipped with "Training" Hold Items upon release (An Item that raises a Counter when a Pokemon holds it).

    How to Release a Pokemon:

    When you first release a Pokemon into battle, give its Pokemon Species (with a Sprite or the name of the Species), its Nickname, its Gender (Optional), and its Nature (Optional).


    Sandshrew(*) Terrato (M)
    Nature: Jolly

    Attacks and Commands:

    An Attack is any of the official Pokemon Attacks on the Attack List. A Command is slightly different. Commands can be issued as actions in any battle that might take a sufficient amount of time or focus to accomplish. Commands can be anything from "hide behind rocks" to "create some distance from the opponent" to interactions with specific arenas like "pick an Oran Berry from the bushes." Depending on the complexity of the command it can cost from 2-4% of the Pokemon's Energy. Commands like "block an attack" or "dodge an attack" can be used, but are generally not effective and frowned upon. Attacks take priority over simple Commands, and their higher energy costs mean Pokemon put more energy into making them hit.

    Actions: These are orders given by the trainers in a match. They will always be three orders per Pokemon, unless it is a Triple Battle or larger, in which case it will become two orders.

    Combination Attacks: A player can combo moves together into one move for a greater effect at the cost of more energy. These combos will generally have a lower priority, due to the execution of the combo taking more time to perform. They must make sure that the moves can actually combine with each other effectively (e.g. Tackle + Psychic will not work, but Double-Edge + Wild Charge has merits). This move will take up one action, but the user must rest the following action. Combos cannot be used on the third action.

    More expansive combination rules can be found in the DAT.

    Hidden Power: Hidden Power can be any type and Attack Power of the player’s choosing (between 4 and 7); however, once Hidden Power’s type and Attack Power is chosen, it can never be changed. Hidden Power's Energy Cost is equal to Base Attack Power minus two (2).

    Chills: A "Chill" is the only command that can restore Energy in ASB. Chills restore 12 Energy each and are usually limited to 5 per Pokemon per match.


    Substitutions are a mechanism to remove various advantages and disadvantages to going first or second. The number of permitted substitutions in a match is decided by the Match Seeker.

    Substitution Types

    Substitutions are allowed in battles to deal with various luck-based elements and the general disadvantage of attacking first. Here are the different kinds of substitutions and when they can be used.

    Attack Substitution (open)
    Attack Substitution:

    For each of their Pokemon, a Player acting first may create a Substitution based on one or more specific Attack or Command the opponent can issue and Substitute their called Actions. This conditional can only be triggered by one of the opponent's Actions, however it may apply to multiple consecutive Actions for the trainer's Pokemon in that round. Battlers may also use "Substitution Classes" to have the same effect but cover a wider breadth of moves:
    • Protective Moves: Protect, Detect
    • Evasive Moves: Agility (Evasive), Teleport (Evasive)
    • Damaging Evasive Moves: Dig, Fly, Dive, Bounce, Shadow Force
    • Damaging Priority Moves: Aqua Jet, Bullet Punch, Extremespeed, Fake Out, Feint, Ice Shard, Mach Punch, Quick Attack, Shadow Sneak, Sucker Punch, Vacuum Wave.
    • Damaging TYPE Moves: Covers all of Flamethrower, Lava Plume, Fire Blast, Ember, etc. under the umbrella of "Damaging Fire-type Move." Covers all of Psychic, Psyshock, Confusion, Dream Eater, etc. under the umbrella of "Damaging Psychic-type Move." Etc. NOTE: This Substitution applies to all attacks of a certain type that have a BAP, so moves like Knock Off, Incinerate, and Rapid Spin will trigger this Substitution.
    • Paralysis-Inflicting Moves: Thunder Wave, Glare, Stun Spore
    • Poison-Inflicting Moves: Poison Gas, Poisonpowder, Toxic
    • Sleep-Inflicting Moves: Spore, Hypnosis, Sleep Powder, Sing, Grasswhistle, Lovely Kiss, Dark Void, Yawn
    • Confusion-Inflicting Moves: Confuse Ray, Supersonic, Sweet Kiss, Teeter Dance, Swagger
    • Switch-Preventing Moves (Only allowed during Switch = OK): Block, Mean Look, Spider Web
    • Trapping Moves: Fire Spin, Sand Tomb, Whirlpool, Magma Storm, Bind, Wrap, Clamp
    • Switch-Forcing Moves: Whirlwind, Roar, Circle Throw, Dragon Tail
    • Self-Switching Moves: U-Turn, Volt Switch, Teleport (Switch)
    • Healing Moves: Roost, Slack Off, Recover, Moonlight, Synthesis, Morning Sun, Softboiled, Heal Order, Milk Drink, Swallow
    • Status-Healing Moves: Aromatherapy, Heal Bell, Refresh
    • Lock-On Moves: Lock-On, Mind Reader
    • Attack-Reducing Moves: Growl, Charm, Featherdance, Memento
    • Defense-Reducing Moves: Leer, Tail Whip, Screech
    • Special Attack-Reducing Moves: Captivate, Memento
    • Special Defense-Reducing Moves: Fake Tears, Metal Sound
    • Speed-Reducing Moves: String Shot, Cotton Spore, Scary Face, Bulldoze, Icy Wind, Mud Shot, Rock Tomb, Electroweb, Glaciate, Low Sweep
    • Accuracy-Reducing Moves: Flash, Kinesis, Sand-Attack, Smokescreen
    Only one substitution class may be used in one substitution, with the following exception: protective moves and evasive moves may be combined into a single class called protective/evasive moves.
    Chance Substitution (open)
    Chance Substitution:

    Battlers may also create Substitutions based on the success or failure of a previously ordered Attack or Attack effect. This conditional can only be triggered by the success or failure of a previous Action, and as such cannot be applied to the first action of a Round. Ex: IF Body Slam Paralyzes the opponent, THEN use Bounce on the following Action. This Substitution can be made by either Player (or both) when issuing Actions, but it will still count toward the total number of Substitutions allowed.
    KO Substitution (open)
    KO Substitution:

    For each of their Pokemon, either player in a multiple battle (Doubles or more) may order an alternative set of actions based on a specific opponent fainting. KO Substitutions do not stack with Attack or Chance Substitutions in terms of Substitution limits, although only one is allowed per Round.

    Substitution Rules:

    1. Substitutions exist in a vacuum. In matches with multiple substitutions, they may not reference one another.
    2. Substitutions must be legal. Illegal substitutions are treated as nonexistent, and Referees are to ignore illegal substitutions when reffing (unlike Actions, which must be fixed before reffing can occur).
    3. A single Pokemon may not activate two different Substitutions in the same action. If its first substitution activates, the second substitution is ignored. If the first substitution does NOT activate, the second substitution acts as normal.

    Mid-battle Evolution (Updated September 3, 2013):

    If a Pokemon's Evolution Counter (or EC) is high enough for it to evolve (see Battle Rewards below) at the start of the battle, it may opt to evolve during the battle. This is done by initiating a switch phase as described in the Switch = OK switch method, except instead of swapping the Pokemon out for one on the player's bench, the Pokemon expends 40 energy to evolve into its next stage. The Pokemon swaps its stats, typing and abilities for those of its evolved form, but does not learn any new moves until after the battle. The Pokemon retains its current HP when it evolves unless its current HP exceeds its new max HP, in which case the Pokemon's HP is reduced to this new max value.

    As with initiating a switch phase, this may only be done by the player ordering first, and the opponent has the opportunity to counterswitch in exchange for taking the first order.

    A Pokemon may not use the EC or KO reward for participating in a battle to evolve in that same battle. A Pokemon may not evolve beyond the evolutionary stage specified in the battle rules. For example, a Charmander can evolve into a Charmeleon in a NFE battle, but not in a LC battle, and a Murkrow cannot evolve into a Honchkrow in a NFE or LC battle.

    Battle Rewards:

    There are 4 different rewards that can be received in battle. Three are Pokemon specific (they track with each Pokemon), the fourth follows the trainer. Most Battle Rewards must be claimed at the end of a battle.

    The KO Bonus:

    Every time one of your Pokemon knocks out one of your opponent's Pokemon, you get a one point KO Bonus that you can apply to any of the four counters described below. It doesn't matter if this KO was obtained by taking out 100% of your Opponent's Pokemon's HP or the 20% they had remaining when they KOed your first Pokemon. A KO Counter will be added either way. A Pokemon can only apply a KO counter to their stats if they made the KO. These counters can be applied either after a KO or held in reserve until the end of the battle.

    If a Pokemon uses Explosion or any other self-KO move, the opponent will get the KO Bonus while your Pokemon will get the KO Bonus if it was able to successfully faint the opponent. In a double battle or higher, each Pokemon on the opponent's side will get the KO Bonus.

    Pokemon Specific Bonuses:

    Evolution Counter: Each time a Pokemon enters battle, their Evolution Counter goes up by one (1). For 3 Stage Pokemon, they can evolve to their second form once their Evolution Counter reaches four (4) and then their final evolution when it reaches nine (9). For 2 Stage Pokemon, They can evolve to their higher form once their Evolution Counter reaches six (6). (There are some exceptions, which are noted in the Registration Tower.) Non-evolving Pokemon do not have Evolution Counters, and they do not have any points redistributed because of it. Regardless of how high the Evolution Counter needs to reach, a Pokemon must complete a battle at one stage before it can evolve into the next stage.

    Move Counter: Each time a Pokemon enters battle, their Move Counter goes up by two (2). Pokemon that have a full Evolution Counter and Dream Counter increase their Move Counter by an additional one (1). Move Counters are used to add new moves to your Pokemon. Here are the costs associated with Move Counters:

    1 MC: Level-Up Moves from any Pokemon at or below the current Evolution stage, Pledge Moves.
    2 MC: BW TMs, BW Tutors.
    3 MC: Egg Moves, Event Moves, Past Gen TMs, Past Gen Tutors, Manga-only Moves, Anime-only Moves

    Each Pokemon starts with their Level-up moves from every generation up through Level 25, 5 Egg Moves, and 5 BW TMs. When Pokemon evolve, they retain all moves learned by their previous form in addition to any of their own, differing level-up moves (ex. Magneton has Tri-Attack as a Level 0 move, and will have all of Magnemite's moves up to level 25 plus any it learned in the battles it fought before evolving into Magneton. Likewise Magnezone keeps Tri Attack but also adds its Level 0 moves of Barrier and Mirror Coat.)

    Dream Counter: Each Pokemon's Dream World Ability is sealed to start with. Each time a Pokemon enters battle, its Dream Counter goes up by one (1). Once they have reached 5, they may voluntarily unlock their Dream World ability. If a Pokemon has no Dream World Ability or has already unlocked it, no extra points can be distributed. Once a Dream World ability is unlocked, it will be unlocked even if the Pokemon evolves.

    Trainer Specific Bonus:

    Currency Counter: Each time you enter a battle, your Currency Counter goes up by a certain amount. Currency Counters are the primary "currency" of the ASB, and can be used to capture Pokemon or purchase items. Once you get Currency Counters equivalent to a Pokemon's Rarity Rating you can catch that Pokemon at the end of a battle. Rarities will be applied to each first stage Pokemon in amounts from 1 to 4. Similarly, once you get Currency Counters equivalent to an Item's cost, you can purchase that item. Currency Counters may be sold for Universal Counters at a rate of 8 CC-->1 UC.

    Currency Counters will be awarded for battles as follows:

    1 CC: 1v1 Anything, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Triples
    2 CC: 2v2 Singles, 3v3 Singles / Doubles, 4v4 Triples+, Melees
    3 CC: 4v4 Singles / Doubles, 5v5 Triples+, Triples+ with 6 to 9 Pokemon per side, Melees with 8+ Pokemon total
    4 CC: 5v5 Singles / Doubles, 6v6 Singles / Doubles / Triples, Melees with 15+ Pokemon total
    5 CC: Singles / Doubles / Triples with 7+ Pokemon per side, Triples+ with 10+ Pokemon per side, Melees with 24+ Pokemon total

    Note that Brawls fall under the category of "Triples+" since they are two player matches.

    In addition, if a Pokemon participating has its EC and DC maxed out and knows every move it can possibly learn, you get additional CC equal to FLOOR (Total moves / 15), with a minimum bonus of 0 CC. Commands such as Dodge, Levitate, Chill and Intimidate do not count towards the Pokemon's total moves.

    Battler Prizes in Disqualifications:
    Unreleased Pokemon will receive their basic EC/MC/DC from a disqualified match only for the player that is not DQ'd. (e.g. if Player 2 DQ's Player 1 in a 4v4 that is after player 2's second Pokemon is released, Player 2 will get their usual bonus, any training item bonus on their released Pokemon, and the EC/MC/DC only on their unreleased Pokemon, even if they have additional training items. The Disqualified battler will receive no rewards.)

    Final Notes:

    If you enter a battle, once the thread is up make sure to post its link in your trainer registration post in the Registration Tower.

    Remember that each match needs a Seeker, a Challenger, and a Ref. Once you find a Challenger and a Referee, PM the Referee your team choices for the battle. Select 3 Pokemon for Battles that are 3vs3 or lower. For longer matches send Pokemon up to that match's maximum (e.g. 4 for a 4vs4, 5 for a 5vs5 etc.)

    The ref will post up the thread and tell the Match Seeker to send out their first Pokemon. Then the battle commences. Always link back to your trainer profile post was seeking or accepting a challenge. The ref should always check these links to make sure the Pokemon being used are legitimate and up to date.

    Here is how a match starts up:

    Condensed flow to start a match:

    1. Seeker posts up a match
    2. Challenger responds
    3. Ref accepts a match and PMs both opponents to send their squads to that ref.
    4. After receiving the Squad information from both trainers, the ref posts the OP, and asks the Match Challenger to determine the Ability, Switch, and Item clauses. (If both trainers agree to this set of rules beforehand, the Ref should post them in the OP and proceed to Step 5.)
    5. The Match Seeker posts their first Pokemon with its abilities/item if applicable.
    6. The Match Challenger sends their actions for the round.
    7. The Match Seeker sends their actions for the round.
    8. The Round is reffed and the order of 6 and 7 alternate each round until completion.

    Previous Threads
    Battle Tower MkI
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  2. TheWolfe


    Sep 26, 2008
    Thanks for the new thread IAR! Now, time to make first post in here...

    Open Challenge!
    Match type: 3v3 FE Triples
    DQ time: 3 Days
    Recoveries: 1 Recoveries / 2 Chills
    Substitutions: 2
    Arena: ASB Arena

    I think I got all the essentials down. I think. ^^
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  3. Madotsuki


    Apr 5, 2011
    King Serperior and I still need a ref.
    Jus' sayin'.
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  4. AOPSUser


    Dec 3, 2011
    Open challenge:
    4v4 LC Doubles
    DQ: 2 Days
    Arena: ASB Arena

    IDC what else.
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  5. Dogfish44

    Dogfish44 ^_^
    is a Forum Moderator

    Jan 1, 2009
    Please repost any old battles here to make sure they aren't ignored
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  6. Faylion


    Nov 24, 2011
    I am revoking my challenge, sorry. They won't be LC anymore when I turn in my points.
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  7. Madotsuki


    Apr 5, 2011

    2v2 Middlemon DOUBLES
    1 recovery/3 chills
    1 day DQ
    All abilities
    Training items
    1 sub (!)
    Muckraker Swamp (open)
    Arena: Muckraker Swamp
    Field Type: Ground/Water/Poison
    Complexity: Moderate
    Format: All

    Restrictions: None


    This old bayou is the home of the lowest scum on earth: paparazzi and attack journalists. Don't be surprised if the next candidate for the Edward R. Murrow Award shows up with his flash camera. Deep in this scummy pond, the Kingfisher scuttles about doing his dirty deeds and everyone follows. But enough about the history, Muckraker Swamp is used for a reason: it has the ideal topography for finding sleaze.

    The bayou is about 2 feet deep in swampy muck. The muddy material is interspersed with trees whose roots delve below the floor. Their leaves provide a kind of canopy for the arena, but the actual spacing between each tree is fairly large, about 15 feet each at the bases. Although the arena is moist, the ground underneath the muck is solid enough for seismic attacks to work. The muck disgusts Pokemon that aren't used to it, and will inflict Toxic Poisoning on any Pokemon that doesn't learn Mud Sport, Mud-Slap, Mud Shot, Mud Bomb, or Muddy Water in its Level-Up movepool. The only other alternative is flying or floating above it, or otherwise being immune to Poison. Be careful though, as if the Pokemon is knocked in the swamp, it will be inflicted with Toxic poisoning.

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  8. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
  9. Madotsuki


    Apr 5, 2011
    I'm putting out an open challenge!

    2v2 singles
    1 recovery/3 chills
    1 day DQ
    All abilities
    Training item
    1 sub (!)
    You choose switch

    Arena: Not ASB Arena or Unown Soup
  10. DFrog


    Aug 1, 2009
    First Circle of Hell~Limbo (open)

    First Circle of Hell ~ Limbo​

    Field Type: Neutral
    Complexity: High
    Format: All
    Field Description: Essentially the ASB arena, however the sky is blood red–preventing weather from being used. Minos/the Referee presiding over the battle ready to pass judgment on the pokemon/loosing trainer
    • No Weather
    • If a pokemon is in the arena for 3 cumulative rounds, the pokemon will be judged at the end of the third round it's in. Then the pokemon is categorised into one of the lower circles of hell. This is decided by a RNG roll between 1 and 8 (the eight remaining circles of hell). A pokemon can only be judged once and the judging remains permanent.
    • If the battle is shorter (i.e. an 1v1) or too many pokemon have fainted before reaching the third round to be judged the referee may reduce the time it takes to be judged or judge a pokemon instantly

    The Circles of Hell:
    1. Lust - Contact moves heal 50% of damage dealt. When contacted by the opponent there is a 30% chance of infatuation regardless of the opponents gender, egg group or etc.
    2. Gluttony - 'Bite', 'Crunch' and any move with 'Fang' have base power increased by 2 to them before calculations. The user will be Sluggish the next action after use.
    3. Greed - The move 'Payday' is learnt by the pokemon for the battle (if Payday is already learnt the damage multiplied by 1.5). Payday will have -6 priority when used.
    4. Anger - The move Rage is learnt and both attacking stats are raised one rank. The accuracy of all attacking moves are lowered by 10%
    5. Heresy - The moves 'Taunt', 'Torment' and 'Nasty Plot' have their energy costs halved and are learned if not so already. The duration of these moves are doubled (Nasty Plot's boosts decay slower). Sound based moves will cause this pokemon to loose focus, making them confused for six actions.
    6. Violence - Close Combat, Beat Up (will always hit six times) and three random moves affected by Iron Fist (that it does not already know) are learnt. Moxie and Iron Fist become the pokemon's only abilities. The pokemon is slowed (-1 Speed) permanently.
    7. Fraud - All entry hazards (Spikes, Toxic Spikes & Stealth Rock), Mimic and Copy Cat are learnt by this pokemon. Due to its fraudulence the pokemon's highest attack rank is dropped by one rank.
    8. Treachery - The pokemon is covered in a veil of thick ice, reducing damage of incoming attacks by 3. However there is a 50% chance that the pokemon will be immobilised each action, this does not decay.

    Instant judging on!
    Switch = ON
  11. Faylion


    Nov 24, 2011
    I'll ref mado and king. It sounds like fun.

    I'll also take mado and dfrog.

    Send me yall's pokes.
  12. Dare234


    Aug 26, 2011
    Need a ref for this.

    I'll be using

    Fury the Meditite (open)

    Meditite [Fury] (F)
    Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpA)
    Fighting: Fighting STAB; ignore weight restrictions on Circle Throw, Seismic Toss, Sky Drop, Storm Throw, Submission, and Vital Throw. Superior reaction time in close quarters.
    Psychic: Psychic STAB; less susceptible to blinding, more susceptible to sound-based assaults as far as locking on with Psychic attacks, can lift and throw opponents with Psychic regardless of Special Attack Rank. Psychic-type attacks are not godlike and cannot be used as a catchall for Disabling, Binding, and redirecting opposing attacks.

    Pure Power: (Trait) This Pokemon has immense inner strength that grows with its development, raising its Attack by 1 Rank for each evolution level (Baby = 1, Basic = 2, Stage 1 = 3). If Skill Swapped, the swapped Pokemon's Attack is only raised by one Rank.
    Telepathy (DW-Locked): (Innate) This Pokemon has a mental link with its allies in multiple battles, which allows it to avoid taking damage from allied attacks that damage each foe or the entire field like Blizzard and Earthquake. They are still affected by an opponents spread damage attacks.

    HP: 90
    Atk: Rank 3 [5 Pure Power] (+)
    Def: Rank 2
    SpA: Rank 1 (-)
    SpD: Rank 2
    Spe: 60
    Size Class: 1
    Weight Class: 2
    Base Rank Total: 14

    EC: 3/6
    MC: 2
    DC: 3/5


    Hidden Power (Rock, 7)
    Mind Reader
    Calm Mind
    Hi Jump Kick
    Force Palm

    Drain Punch
    Psycho Cut
    Bullet Punch

    Rock Slide
    Poison Jab
    Low Sweep
  13. Complications


    Aug 20, 2011
    1 K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok since I already have 3 battles up I'll be reffing something special for my 1K. Here are the rules:
    4vs4 FE Team Doubles (4 Trainers will bring 2 Pokemon each. The trainers must be teammates with another of the trainers. Each trainer will send out one Pokemon and order by roll of RNG. When a Pokemon faints, if he/she still has Pokemon to use, only the trainer who's Pokemon fainted may send out another Pokemon.)
    2 Day DQ (3 for Ref)
    2 Recoveries/3 Chills per mon
    2 Subs per mon
    Arena: Euphoria
    Euphoria (open)

    (It looks like the bridge on this album.)
    Complications loves music. Loves. LOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!! As such, it's not surprising that this arena is influenced by it, with Complications' favorite bands and music thumping around unceasingly. Because the loud music drowns out most noise, the BAP of all sound-based attacks is reduced by 2. Floating through the space near Earth, Euphoria is a massive, multicolored bridge made of an unknown material spanning a distance of many miles through space. Floating around the path is a tunnel of hexagonal tiles in all colors of the rainbow. Somehow these tiles generate an atmosphere akin to Earth's field within Euphoria, allowing the Pokemon to survive, and when attacks that require external sources are ordered, they appear from the tiles. (If a Pokemon uses a move such as dig, they jump into a tile below them and reappear for the attack.) At the beginning of each round, the tiles flash and a new song begins to play (Via Complications rolling an RNG). This song will remain for the rest of the round. The music empowers the Pokemon, and they learn a move for that round based on the song playing. (Complications chooses the move based on the lyrics or music.) If at least one Pokemon on a team doesn't use the given move each round, both teammates will lose 20 HP and energy! (None of the given moves will be completely detrimental to the user.) These attacks are not affected by any negative status effects on the user. THINK YOU CAN HANDLE EUPHORIA? GOOD LUCK!
    Damaging sound-based moves have their BAP reduced by 2.
    All attacks allowed.
    If the weather is not sunny, the room is dimly lit.
    At the beginning of each round, a new song is played and each team has to use a move given to them based on the song playing at least once, or they will lose 20 HP and energy each.
    Attacks summoned from the tiles are not affected by the users negative statuses. (ie. Stat Drops, Burns, Taunt, Torment, Disable, etc.) However, a Pokemon can still be fully paralyzed when using these attacks and Substitutes still block the statuses that they normally do.

    Any takers? Come'on, we only need four!!!
    Team 1:
    Texas Cloverleaf
    Elevator Music

    Team 2:
    Madotsuki (?)
  14. Matezoide


    Jul 4, 2012

    We need a ref :D
  15. akela


    Mar 22, 2012
    Open Challenge
    2v2 Doubles; No FEs
    1 recovery/3 chills
    1 day DQ
    All abilities
    Training item
    1 sub (!)

    Whoever accepts or referees this match decides the arena.
  16. TheWolfe


    Sep 26, 2008
    Dropping my challenge to take the match above! And we'll duke it out at this fancy place:

    Mr.Heefloot's Magical Type Shop (open)

    Field Type = Neutral
    Complexity = Moderate
    Format = Eh, whatever
    No Restrictions on anything

    Here at the magical type shop, Mr.Heefloot sells many strange and mystical devices. Within these seemingly ordinary devices, a great power is contained, so great that it is even capable of changing the types of Pokemon! For a meager price of less than nothing, Mr.Heefloot is glad to rent these items out to budding trainers for the duration of a battle in his yard. He just loves seeing small creatures crushed by Shieldons! His yard is rather regular, covered in grass and with a small pond nearby, so there are no move restrictions.

    The arena is nothing special, but Mr.Heefloot will gladly give one of his precious seventeen items away to a Pokemon at the start of a battle, adding an additional type to them! For example, if the Fairy Wings are given to a Shieldon, then it would be counted for purposes of STAB, type resistances, etc. as a Rock/Steel/Flying type! Just to clear some stuff up, Mr.Heefloot says a Rock/Steel/Dark type is considered 8x weak to Fighting attacks (for an ASB modifier of 3.0), and a Water/Ice/Fire type is 8x resistant to Ice attacks (for an ASB modifier of .29). In addition, a Pokemon may take an item of a type they already are. For example Conkeldurr can go ahead and grab a Super Karate Black Belt to gain double the STAB bonus on fighting-attacks, but also doubling his weaknesses! Only one of each item can be attached per battle, and they do not take up the regular hold item a Pokemon usually has. Here is the list of items, have fun incorporating them into your flavor refs!

    Exceptionally Ordinary Something-or-other: This something-or-other has a habit of somewhat normalizing the Pokemon that somehow manages to wear or use it or something like that. Nobody really knows, its just kind of really ordinary and regular and stuff.
    Super Karate Black Belt: This black belt is extremely empowering, and instantly gives any Pokemon that wears it the fighting prowess of Jet Lee, Chuck Norris, Yip-man, and Sawk combined! "Be wary of flying feet and fists," it says on the genuine label.
    Fairy Wings: Though these wings may just look like they were ripped off of some five-year old's Halloween costume, they are genuine fairy wings. Easily super-glued on to even the most resistant of Pokemon, it grants them the ability to soar around like the average flying-type.
    Hive Mind: A small and insectoid brain in a jar, the trainer applies this item by deftly lobotomizing their Pokemon and replacing their frontal lobes with this. The Pokemon is then conquered by a strange alien hive race, and begins acting far more buggy than usual.
    Rotten Flower: With on whiff of this disgusting flower, any Pokemon becomes capable of spewing out toxic, poisonous goop like no other. It really is that disgusting. Trainers are suggested to wear gas masks around this item.
    Prickly Rose: To apply the powers of this item, the trainer simply slaps their Pokemon silly with it. Eventually, the thorny flower will cause a puncture wound, and its grassy juices with enter the Pokemon's bloodstream. Often, the Pokemon will have a habit of lying around inactively in the sun shortly after being Roseified. Studies are inconclusive on whether this is due to photosynthesis or blood loss.
    Scuba Flippers: Just stick these finely-crafted flippers onto any Pokemon's feet, and they'll be swiftly swimming through any drizzle! Instantly gain access to water sources like never before! Note: not proven to work on Pokemon without feet; Mr.Heefloot suggests jamming the flippers on the Pokemon's head.
    Torch: Light up your favorite pal, and voila! Instant fire-type!
    Mad Scientist Goggles: Equip these stereotypical goggles to a Pokemon, and watch as their fur/hair/scales/shield-faces becomes instantly frazzled by electricity! Soon, they'll be conducting dangerous experiments with Frankensteins and Tesla coils! They grow up so fast...
    Refrigerator: Often used in haikus, fridges apparently have another use! Stick this smaller version on top of a Pokemon's head, and they'll be calling Blizzards down upon the battle. It's a wonder what a little bit of chilled ice can do for someone!
    Bastiodon Skeleton: Unfortunately, not all Bastiodon fossils were in a good enough condition to resurrect. So, Mr.Heefloot hoarded them, and will gladly preform a rough full skeleton transplant with any brave Pokemon. The sturdy bones of the tough Bastiodon imbue the the patient with rock-hard skin.
    Model Train (1:2 scale): When a Pokemon conducts this half-size train, they barely even need their own powers anymore! Honestly, do they really need to use wimpy Pokemon moves when they can just crush their opponent beneath a steel train?
    Shovel: As Diglett and Dugtrio show, all you need to be a ground-type is live halfway underground! The shovel makes this unusually tough change much easier.
    Gypsy Tent: A Pokemon walks into this gypsy tent a simple Pokemon, and out comes a mystical psychic mind-reader, fully equipped with spoons, crystal globes, and tarot reading skills.
    Rusty Ghostbuster: Even Mr.Heefloot doesn't know he managed to acquire this antique, but he does know how it works. Just give it a little kick, and out comes a wicked ghost, eager to posses the nearest Pokemon!
    Ominous Hood: When hiding behind this dark, shrouded hood, a Pokemon seems to become evil and wicked, no matter how nice it usually is. It just seems to bring out the worst in everyone. Extended exposure is not suggested.
    Master Ball: Everybody knows that legendary dragons belong in Master Balls! So, Mr.Heefloot will gladly allow your Pokemon to sit in this legendary pokeball for a couple minutes, giving them the power of the dragons that used to call it home! Note: Mr.Heefloot does not guarantee the release of your Pokemon, especially if they are a well-trained strongmon.
  17. Texas Cloverleaf

    Texas Cloverleaf meh
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    Oct 23, 2009
    Alright so we're playing the Quagsires is insane game

    I challenge jas61292 to to a 20v20 brawl (you're nuts quags)

    ASB Arena
    2 day dq battler / 3 day dq for quags
    1 chill / 1 recovery
    Standard everything else
  18. jas61292

    jas61292 used substitute
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    Sep 30, 2010
    Lets do this.
  19. Quagsires


    May 23, 2010
    reffing above pm mons
  20. Texas Cloverleaf

    Texas Cloverleaf meh
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    Oct 23, 2009
    Challenging rediamond to a 3v3 triples

    ASB Arena

    Standard unless Red has any changes
  21. Elevator Music

    Elevator Music 63194
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    Jan 25, 2008
    challenging matezoide to a 2v2 doubles

    here are my pkmn:
    (Mollux) (open)

    Mollux [] (F)
    Nature: Timid (+15% Spe, +9% Acc, -1 Atk)
    Fire: Fire STAB; immune to burn, emit a low glow in dark places, takes additional damage if active open flames are exposed to a water attack. Superior senses in volcanic or brushfire areas.
    Poison: Poison STAB; immunity to Poison/Toxic, see and breath through smog/smokescreens/haze uninhibited. Able to use Wrap and Bind without losing focus. Superior senses in urban settings.

    Dry Skin: (Innate) This Pokemon has spongy, yet sensitive skin, causing it to burn in bright sunlight for damage but absorb water and heal damaged tissues in rain. This effect results in dealing two (2) damage/action to this Pokemon in sunlight and recovering two (2) HP/action in rain. In addition, the dry skin is very vulnerable to flames and the Base Attack Power of incoming Fire attacks is increased by two (2). The Pokemon absorbs the damage of water attacks and recovers 25% of HP the damage that would have been inflicted.
    Illuminate (DW): (Can be Enabled) This Pokemon emits a continuous light that brightens the environment and makes it easier for all Pokemon to see. While this ability is active, any darkened or twilight state in the battle is negated and all moves used by any Pokemon (friend or foe, or itself) have their accuracy increased by 10% (flat). Boosts from multiple Illuminates do not stack.

    HP: 100
    Atk: Rank 1 (-)
    Def: Rank 3
    SpA: Rank 5
    SpD: Rank 4
    Spe: 88 (76 *1.15) (+) (9% Accuracy boost)
    Size Class: 3
    Weight Class: 3
    Base Rank Total: 20
    Total Moves: 67 [Movepool Complete]

    MC: 0
    DC: 5/5

    Acid Armor
    Acid Spray
    Aqua Ring
    Bug Bite
    Calm Mind
    Clear Smog
    Confuse Ray
    Double Team
    Final Gambit
    Fire Blast
    Fire Spin
    Flame Charge
    Gastro Acid
    Giga Impact
    Gunk Shot
    Heal Bell
    Heal Pulse
    Heat Wave
    Helping Hand
    Hidden Power (Ice, 7)
    Hyper Beam
    Iron Defense
    Knock Off
    Lava Plume
    Light Screen
    Rain Dance
    Rapid Spin
    Sleep Talk
    Sludge Bomb
    Sludge Wave
    Stealth Rock
    Sunny Day
    Thunder Wave
    Toxic Spikes
    Meganiumu (Megainum) (open)

    Megainum [Megainumu] (F)
    Nature: Brave (+1 SpA, -15% Spe, -10% Eva)
    Grass: Grass STAB; immunity to Leech Seed and Worry Seed. 50% reduction in status effect chance of oncoming "powder" attacks. More mobile in areas with strong natural light sources. Superior senses in tall grass and forest areas. Able to use Wrap and Bind without losing focus.

    Overgrow: (Innate) When this Pokemon’s HP is lower than 33% (flat), the Base Attack Power of any grass attack is increased by two (2). (eg Giga Drain goes from 8 to 10, Solarbeam from 12 to 14)
    Leaf Guard (DW): (Innate) In bright sunlight, the Pokemon is surrounded by a faint green glow. The glow protects it from all permanent and temporary status conditions.

    HP: 100
    Atk: Rank 4 (+)
    Def: Rank 4
    SpA: Rank 3
    SpD: Rank 4
    Spe: 69 (80 /1.15) (-)
    Size Class: 4
    Weight Class: 5
    Base Rank Total: 20
    Total Moves: 42

    EC: 9/9
    MC: 0
    DC: 5/5

    Body Slam
    Light Screen
    Magical Leaf
    Natural Gift
    Petal Dance
    Razor Leaf
    Sweet Scent

    Heal Pulse
    Leech Seed
    Vine Whip
    Wring Out

    Bullet Seed
    Dragon Tail
    Energy Ball
    Giga Impact
    Hidden Power (Fire, 7)
    Sunny Day

    Frenzy Plant
    Giga Drain
    Iron Tail
    Magic Coat
    Seed Bomb
    Worry Seed
  22. Matezoide


    Jul 4, 2012
    Dropping my match with DFrog to accept it.

    ASB Arena
    1 Sub per mon
    Training Items
    0 Recovers, 5 Chills

    Will be using:

    Tara (open)

    <Magcargo> [Tara] (F)
    Nature: Modest (+ Sp.Attack, - Attack)

    Type: Fire/Rock

    Fire STAB; immune to burn, emit a low glow in dark places, takes additional damage if active open flames are exposed to a water attack. Superior senses in volcanic or brushfire areas.
    Rock STAB; reduce damage from all special attacks by two (2) Base Attack Power during Sandstorm. Able to use Sand Tomb without losing focus.

    About: A Magcargo caught during Athenodoros's many travels and later traded to Matezoide, Tara is extremely mature and mother-like to the younger members of the team. She gets along extremely well with Alice, due to their ''live by the day'' phylosofies, wich she learned from a life-time of being slow.

    Magma Armor: (Innate) This Pokemon has a strong, heated armor that makes it incapable of being frozen. The armor also reduces the Base Attack Power of all incoming attacks by one (1).
    Flame Body: (Innate) This Pokemon’s external temperature is kept at such a high level that any contact attack used on this Pokemon has a 30% chance of burning the opponent.
    Weak Armor (DW LOCKED, Can Be Enabled): The Pokemon can loosen its worn defensive armor so that it will break off when an opponent uses a contact attack, reducing the Pokemon's Defense and increasing their Speed by one (1) stage for each hit.

    HP: 90
    Att: Rank 1 (-)
    Def: Rank 5
    SpA: Rank 4 (+)
    SpD: Rank 3
    Spd: 30
    Size Class: 2
    Weight Class: 4

    EC: 6/6
    MC: 0
    DC: 2/5

    Yawn (*)
    Smog (*)
    Ember (*)
    Rock Throw (*)
    Harden (*)
    Recover (*)
    Flame Burst (*)
    Shell Smash
    Earth Power

    Solar Beam (*)
    Light Screen (*)
    Double Team (*)
    Stealth Rock
    Hidden Power Ice (7)

    Acid Armor (*)
    Memento (*)
    Heat Wave (*)


    Johnny Bravo (open)
    <Pansage> [Johnny Bravo] (Male)
    Nature: Hasty (+ Speed, - Def, + 16% accuracy)

    Type: Grass
    Summary:Grass STAB; immunity to Leech Seed and Worry Seed. 50% reduction in status effect chance of oncoming "powder" attacks. More mobile in areas with strong natural light sources. Superior senses in tall grass and forest areas. Able to use Wrap and Bind without losing focus.

    About: Johnny posses an incredibly high level of swag and can easily get the heart of almost any lady he desires....that is, until he starts talking. Johnny met the group during a training section, becoming infatulated by Twilight (and to a lesser extent, Fiona),but she didnt feel attracted to him at all (Unlike Fiona, who blushed a bit), leading him to try and prove his power to impress her, Johnny fought Bosco, but was quickly and easly defeated (In part, due to his constant winking at Twilight), being captured shorty after.


    Gluttony (Innate):

    This Pokemon devours healing and stat increasing berries at 50% health (flat) instead of 25% health (flat).

    Overgrow (DW UNLOCKED,Innate):

    When this Pokemon’s HP is lower than 33% (flat), the Base Attack Power of any grass attack is increased by two (2). (eg Giga Drain goes from 8 to 10, Solarbeam from 12 to 14)

    HP: 100
    Atk: Rank 4
    Def: Rank 2 (-)
    SpA: Rank 4
    SpD: Rank 3
    Spe: 117 (+)
    Size Class: 2
    Weight Class: 3

    EC: 6/6
    MC: 0
    DC: 5/5


    Vine Whip(*)
    Seed Bomb(*)

    Hidden-Power Ice (7 BP)
    Solar Beam
    Sunny Day
    Focus Blast
    Gunk Shot


  23. Dare234


    Aug 26, 2011
    Still need a ref.
  24. Pallas Athena

    Pallas Athena

    Aug 9, 2010
    Nope. Sounds good, Texas.
  25. Ragnarokalex


    Jan 7, 2011
    LF a quick match:

    2v2 NFE Training Doubles (Preferably freshmons like mine)
    1 sub
    1 Day DQ
    0 recovers/2 Chills

    accepter can pick the rest, although please no Unown Soup :(

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